Art Journaling the Magic: Free Printable for You!

Hello to each of you wonderful Capturing Magic blog readers. It's Tangie Baxter, I'm so excited that I get to start sharing more with you about Disney art journaling here at Capturing Magic in the coming months. I'll be sharing some ideas, prompts, sample journal pages, mini-lessons and more. Today I even have a free printable for you but, first I want to ask if you've heard the news? has a brand new online class called “A Walk in the Park“!

You can watch a video about the class [here]

If you would LOVE to capture the magic of Disneyland but aren't able to come to one of our retreats anytime soon, this new class is a virtual online tour & sketchbook adventure encompassing the entire original Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California. We will start our magical adventure in front of the Disneyland Railroad, famous for the Mickey Mouse shaped flower garden. Then we will enter Main Street via the tunnel on the left, and for the next 9 weeks we will go around the park visiting each attraction with journaling prompts, Disney history, art journal & sketchbook samples, ideas, our favorite attraction videos from YouTube, and so much more. We'll also share activities encouraging you to think about your dreams, goals and ideas for your life or business. There is so much that can be learned, so many ways to be inspired by the original Disneyland Park that we can apply to our own lives to make our own dreams come true, just like Uncle Walt did.  

Whether you are a huge Disney fan, just want to learn more about travel sketching and watercolor, or you're on a mission to make your dreams come true, we hope you'll join the adventure with us (absolutely NO prior drawing experience necessary)! The sign that hangs over the tunnels at Disneyland says it best: “Here you leave Today and enter the World of Tomorrow, Yesterday and Fantasy“.

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Look at some of the amazing pages students are creating already, some of them have never water-colored before, ever (YOU can do this too)!

(by Kayla)

(by Melissa)

(by Merrick)

(by Denni)

(by Inthia)

 Today I'm sharing with you a FREE printable for you to use in your own (personal use) journals, collages, scrapbooks.

If you would like to try your hand a journal page today try using one of these prompts:

  • What is one characteristic of Walt Disney that you admire?
  • What Disney magic captivated me as a child? Do I still feel that same sense of awe about something in my own life?
  • What animated character am I most like?
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See you again real soon!

Tangie Baxter is an online workshop instructor, artist and maker of fine digital art journaling supplies. You can find her online at