Art Journaling the Magic Workshop – Online Options Now Available


This is a guest post by Tangie Baxter. You can hear Tangie talk about her passion for Disney and art journaling in the Capturing Magic episode “Art Journaling The Magic”. Tangie is such an amazing and inspiring person to me…and I don't consider myself an ‘art journaler'. If you will be in the area during her workshop, I encourage you to sign up! You won't regret it! – Steph

I am beyond giddy to be able to write a blog post for Capturing Magic! I confess I think it's something I've secretly wanted to do since Steph launched it ;). In just a few weeks I'll be off on the adventure of a lifetime and I wanted to share with you some of the NEW details of this upcoming workshop I'm hosting because we have just a few spots left and we'd love for YOU to be there!

You may have heard Steph, Stephanie and I talking about the “Art Journaling the Magic” workshop on a podcast back in episode 61 (where I explain that you do NOT have to be an artist or know how to draw to take part in this workshop *grin*). But what you might not know is that we changed the pricing structure dramatically so that more people could enjoy the workshop. We now have 3 different options, including offering the highly requested ONLINE version! Now you can be part of this journey from the comfort of your own home, on your own time, learning all the tips and techniques so that you can use them on your next trip to the park. You even get a downloadable copy of the workbook which will encourage you to make your own dreams come true through Uncle Walt's example!


I'm also thrilled to let you know that Mindy Lacefield will be joining me as a teacher! She has an amazing ability to simplify things and truly paint from her “eight year old self”. She inspires me in how she captures the essence of a moment. If you join us for the live retreat Mindy and I will also be treating you to lunch before the workshop starts, where you can ask us ANYTHING you want about how we got our start, our respective businesses or our creative passions.

I sure hope that you can join us in person or at least in the online class, I believe in magic, and I truly believe in making our dreams come true! Please feel free to contact me if you have ANY questions, I'll personally answer your email within 24 hours. Before I go, I'd like to just share with you  my original invitation and thoughts on this workshop and where my heart began on this journey:

I want to invite you to a retreat that focuses on the magic of Disney as a place born of determination and imagination. Many people have had huge dreams but Walt Disney took action and moved forward in his. We can learn many great lessons from the dreams he brought to life. Become a child again and enjoy Disney like you never have before, documenting the “magic”, art journaling style. Join me as we slow down, notice the small details and are swept up in the energy of innovation, invention and creativity. You may even find a huge boost of inspiration and encouragement to follow your own dreams.

I hope you always have magic in your life (and look I saved you a seat, and I'm happy to share my popcorn),