Capturing Great Water Ride Photos at Disney

Capturing Great Water Rides at Disney

Getting great Disney ride photos on water rides

I LOVE the expressions my kids make on the water rides, but capturing those expressions in a photo can be difficult. For starters, cameras and water are not friends. Here are a few tricks I use to capture the best shots:

  1. Sit across from your family. Usually we get loaded all on one side of the raft, but if we ask, we can sit across from each other. “Do you mind if we sit in those 4 spots? And you take these 4 spots?  That way we can each watch our family/friends get wet?” I’ve even sat alone across from the rest of the family.
  2. Use a waterproof case. This inexpensive JOTO case that Steph recommended is AWESOME! So quick and easy to get your phone in and out. Works perfectly and you can roll it up and tuck it in your bag or pocket for the rest of the day. (Note: when I was using my DSLR as my in-the-park camera, I used a cheap clear plastic raincoat and rubberbanded it tightly over the lens. That works great too)
  3. Shoot video AND still shots. I’ve tested this a few times and I prefer video. When I am shooting still shots, I hit the shutter button repeatedly hoping that I manage to catch the best expressions. And I did get some good ones.   Our second time on the ride, I just shot video and that enabled me to get the best ones.  Note:  The resolution on my video-based images is lower than the stills, but still ample for me to use in my project life app.
  4. Use a still capture app to get the best shots from your video. My favorite is SnapStill (iOS). An android alternative is Video2Photo. Snapstill will automatically look for the best face shots in your videos, but I prefer to use the video slider on the bottom of the screen to “get near the right spot” then swipe the large image in the middle to move frame by frame to get exactly the right image. Then tap the “download” icon and the image is added to your photos. Easy-peasy.

Getting great Disney ride photos on water rides with the SnapStill app

Here are the layouts I created in the Project Life app with my favorite images:

capturing great water ride photos at Disney project life layout



Credits:  Project Life App & Project Mouse #2 by Brittish Designs & Sahlin Studio

Capturing Great Water Ride Photos at Disney