Capturing Magic at the Movies: Disney’s “Frozen”

Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, I took three of my kids to the movies to see Disney’s Frozen. I was quite eager to see it as I had read great reviews, plus going to the movies over the holidays is a must-do activity. After reading Katie’s article awhile back about documenting your movie-going experiences, I was inspired to take advantage of the holidays and the hype that surrounded Frozen. I looked at the different activities and printables that were circulating online, and I came up with some easy ideas to go along with the movie's visual elements, characters, and themes. (Be sure to check out the Capturing Magic Pinterest Frozen Board for a collection of ideas found online. Click HERE to take a peek.) 

1) Dress It Up – I saw some nail polish at the store and it reminded me of the cool blue and white tones in all the images for the movie. Although my daughter opted for a brighter color, I had fun painting my nails the night before our movie day (something I rarely take the time to do). I also realized that I had a winter scarf that had the same colors, too, so I added it to my outfit. Call it a mini-Disney Bounding! Check out this Frozen Pinterest Board for more wardrobe ideas if you feel like dressing up for your movie outing!

2) Special Snacks – We have both a Starbucks and a Cold Stone in the same plaza as the movie theater, so we had some good options for something sweet after the movie. I was going to go with my favorite Starbucks, but thanks to the kids we took a detour into Cold Stone, and emerged with cool treats. In the movie, there are some cute references to chocolate (which scored points with me!), so I picked out a chocolate ice cream with York patties and crushed peppermint mixed in. Yum! Another option would be to have some ice cream or hot chocolate ready to enjoy before or after the movie at home. Anything with chocolate, peppermint, and/or marshmallows will work perfectly!

3) Fun Photos – As Katie recommended in her article, take advantage of the promotional materials that are on display at the theater. I knew ahead of time that there would likely be an Olaf character display based on postings I had seen on Instagram and the internet. Since the lighting was not great in the lobby where Olaf was located, my photos are not high quality but they are enough. My favorite was a “character selfie” I took with my youngest son, and I was nowhere near a Disney Park! I then shared it on Instagram. (See the inspiration for my photo in this article by Tanya.)

4) Magnetic Olaf for the Fridge – We love Olaf the snowman! So when I saw the oh-so-cute printable of this loveable character, I needed a way for the kids to use the pieces without creating more clutter around the house. Adhering the paper pieces to magnetic sheeting for use on the fridge could be the perfect solution! I found some unused magnetic photo frames (the kind that is backed with magnetic sheets), adhered the cut paper pieces to the magnet sheets using double-sided tape, cut out around the shapes, added some snowy glitter (why not?), and had my five-year old test him out. It worked great, and now we have an Olaf to pose on the refrigerator!

5) Frozen Travel Posters – These are six beautifully designed posters that capture both the grand setting (inspired by Norway) and some of the quirky characters of the movie. This is a free pdf download (zero points value) via the Disney Movie Rewards program. Membership is required, but it is free to join. Click HERE to access the site.

6) Scrapbook Layout Ideas – Below is a pocket-style scrapbook page I created using the photos I took at the movie theater, plus prints of the free travel posters sized to fit. Because I purchased our tickets via the Fandango app on my iPhone, I took a screen shot of our digital tickets since we didn’t have paper ticket stubs, and printed it out for a 3×4 pocket. I took the same free Olaf printable and shrunk it down to a 3×4 inch format, which gave me a mini-Olaf to cut out and use as a paper piece on the page. I also used three of the free wallpaper downloads from Disney’s Frozen website to print a 3×4 of Sven the reindeer, which I then cut out as an embellishment for my journaling block; to print the blue snowy backdrop for my Olaf embellishment; and to show the main characters for another pocket filler. The journaling card base is a free download from Becky Higgins' Digital Project Life website printed on light blue cardstock. I turned the photo of my kids with Olaf into black and white because the color was off when I would print it out. I used a color focus filter in Picasa on the photo to make Olaf's carrot nose pop in orange. All other embellishments came from my long-neglected stash of supplies. Any of these ideas can be adapted for a Project Life album, for a regular full page layout, and for a digital layout. It would be fun to use these same resources and supplies for Frozen character meet and greet photos from the parks. 


 Seeing the different ways movie-goers and Disney fans enjoy going to the theater can inspire magic-making at home, even if you are hundreds of miles and endless days away from your next visit to the parks. With Frozen and other big-name flicks coming out from Disney in the coming months, there is plenty of magic to capture with your family and friends at the movies. 

Have you tried or seen any super cool ideas centered around Disney’s Frozen? Feel free to share in the comments below, we would love to hear from you!