Capturing Magic From a Child’s Eyes

Every time we take a trip to Disney World, when we return, I take the time to carefully select the photos that I feel best represent our trip. I take those photos, put them together into a layout or pocket album, and then share my memories of the trip. I have always felt like I was doing the right thing by my family. The thing was, I was doing all the work. I was picking the photos that I liked, and recording the memories that I had. It's a pretty one sided deal. Recently, I sat down with my two girls and asked them to pick their top three favorite photos from our last trip, and tell me why they liked them. Boy was I surprised with the results! Read on to see the pictures my girls chose, why I did or didn't choose them too, and what tips you can learn from my experience!


Have you asked kids or other members of your traveling party what their favorite photos are? You just might be surprised!