Capturing Magic in between trips – part 2

in my last post I talked about some fun ways to keep the Disney magic alive in between trips. In that post I talked about quizzes created by Disney fans.

This time I want to share with you some fun quizzes created by Disney. And some of them even come with “prizes”!

Do you think you are a fan of Frozen? So did I until I took “The Ultimate Frozen Trivia Quiz”! They do warn you that it's tough – but still I only scored 18 out of 31 … I think I need to watch the movie a few more times!

Frozen themed birthday parties are very popular at the moment. Wouldn't this be a fun activity to do at a party? The guest with the highest score could win her own Elsa crown … or Olaf cupcake maybe?!

There is also “The Ultimate Mulan Trivia Quiz“. Now I've only seen Mulan once and don't pretend to be an expert, so I wasn't surprised when I only scored 18 out of 31 on this quiz.

Imagine doing this quiz as a pre-trip family activity. Different family members could do the quiz one at a time to see who the family winner is!

These quizzes would also be fun to do as part of your family's next movie night. You could do the quiz and check your score. Then watch the movie … then do the quiz again and see if your score improved!

Now, early on, I mentioned that some of the quizzes have “prizes” if you get all the answers correct. One of these is “Thingamabobs? We've got 20 for you to Identify“. This quiz features lots of interesting images for you to examine and see if you can figure out which animated film they come from. Some of the images are:


















Do you know where these three come from??

The spooky looking apple is from Snow White, the stone face is from The Little Mermaid and the pendant is from The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

My knowledge on these was pretty good and I managed to score 20 out of 20 and got this cool wallpaper as my prize!

Along those same lines is the “20 Pixar Thingamabobs for you to Identify“. Some of the images given are:



















The family crest in the first picture comes from Brave, the shoe and plant comes from Wall-E and the cheese comes from everyone's favourite rat movie, Ratatouille.

Once again, I scored 20 out of 20 and got some more wallpaper:

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Doing these quizzes brings back so many fond memories of seeing the movies and having fun with family and friends.

I challenge you to a high score in Frozen!

Gab has been a Disney fan and scrapbooker of sorts ever since she can remember. She lives in Hong Kong with her husband Anthony and 11 year old son Conor and has a Magic Access Pass to Hong Kong Disneyland. She can be found on Facebook and Instagram (as gabmc) where she shares Disney (and other) memories.