Capturing Magic iPhone Apps for Disney World and Disneyland

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I'm sure you have heard by now that the Capturing Magic Disneyland iPhone app went live last Thursday night. Well, the Disney World version was approved after a very short review yesterday! Getting apps into iTunes can be a very emotionally draining experience! I have heard horror stories of 17 times in review and being rejected each time. I consider myself very fortunate! I have an amazing developer!

These apps were several months in the making and almost a year from idea conception.  They were so much work! Really though, they come from my own need and my passion to help people document their memories!  Magic Disney memories are some of the most fun to capture and document!  These apps will help ensure you are getting the photos and notes you need to be able to remember the details later if you decide to create a photo book, a scrapbook, a memory book, a video slideshow, no matter what you decide to do with them!

You can download on the app store:


Disney World

Here's the info from the app store:

Don’t miss any magic photos and memories you want to capture and document from your vacation to Disneyland OR Disney World (note: there are different versions of the app for DL and WDW)! Add locations to your list and when you are near them, your device will alert you to snap a photo. The location will automatically be marked as taken when the photo is snapped on your device.

Choose memories to capture from the planning of your trip through returning back home. Add the memories to your Photo List and manually mark them as taken as you snap the photos.

– add the people that will be on your vacation

– add the cameras you will be using on your vacation (your device and PhotoPass will be added automatically)

– select from ride, attraction, dining locations, and picture spots at Disneyland and Walt Disney World that you want to take a photo at and the app will alert you to take a picture when you are near that location

– select memories from a list of memory ops that will help you document your vacation starting with planning through returning home.

– select the people that you want to have in each photo op or memory op (or no people at all)

– photo ops and memories can be added more than once with different people

– take the photos for locations or memories in app with your iPhone and they will automatically be marked as taken and moved to the “taken” list

– take photos with other cameras you added when you set up your trip, as well as PhotoPass; mark them as taken and which camera they were taken with (so you don’t wonder where that special photo is).

– add a note to each photo taken with device

– any photos taken in app will have the location (park name, land name), date, names of people included in the photo, and the notes generated by you, added to the metadata of the photo.

– export the list of taken photos and email it to yourself or anyone else and use that information when you are ready to create a photobook or scrapbook of your vacation.