Capturing Magic “minnie” His Trip Report

This is our second Capturing Magic “minnie” Trip Report and it's by Wes Joyce and is “HIS” version of his first trip to Disneyland with his wife, Heather Joyce. See “HER” version from a couple of days ago here.

Cars Land

How it was captured: I took many photos of Cars Land, Cars happens to be my favorite Pixar movie and being virtually on the set of this movie blew my mind. I felt like the biggest kid yelling out “Oh wow its Flo's,” and “Look, the light is blinking yellow!” I made sure to capture this area at both day and night, the neon at night made it so magical.

What Worked: I captured many photos of Cars Land including the shops and food area.

What Didn't Work: We definitely forgot to take our photo in front of the Cars Land postcard or get a good photo of us with Cars Land behind us. I was way too preoccupied being a big child to remember these shots.

Radiator Springs Racers

How it was captured: I captured some photos during the wait in line of the the surrounding elements. There was a grey sense of being in the movie while waiting in line. We also grabbed some shots while in the ride but only near the end.

What Worked: There were a few times while on the ride where the ride was slow or stopped and we are sure to grab some photos in these parts.

What Didn't Work: It was pretty dark in the ride, and of course we didn't use a flash, so a lot of the photos we took are blurry.

Photo Walk

How it was captured: I used my iPhone to take part in the photo walk we participated in. Unfortunately Heather didn't tell me there was going to be one so I didn't bring any other camera. I still had a blast and used my phone to the fullest, opening my mind to take different photos when I next visit a Disney Park.

What Worked: I used the camera on my phone as well as Instagram to crop and apply filters to my images to make quick work of my photos.

What Didn't Work: I definitely would have brought a much better camera and lens set to the photo walk had I known it was happening. Had I done this I would have an entirely different set of images, the constrain of the iPhone made it difficult to choose the correct frame.

Seeing the Castle

How it was captured: As always this is a big memory in the Disney world, and seeing this castle was a great experience for me. I photographed the castle from a few angles, as well as the standard photo of the Walt Disney statue with the castle in the background.

What Worked: There was phenomenal lighting during the whole day, mostly the evening glow gave a magical look to the castle.

What Didn't Work: Everything work out great, I mean I'll probably never get a shot of no one in front of the castle but I'll live without that shot.