YES! Send me magic!

Maybe you're like me and often think of really fun Disney themed crafts, games, and activities to do with your kids; but making the time to actually DO them is more difficult. It seems like something always comes up. There is always a lot of prep work involved PLUS I want things to be educational and it takes a lot of  TIME to research family-friendly YouTube videos, podcasts, and blog posts.

Maybe you're like my busy little sister who is working full-time, going to graduate school, and has two kids. She loves to do crafty things with her kids, but lacks ideas AND the time to search Pinterest for activities they can do in a short amount of time and be successful.

I decided that I needed to start implementing some of these really FUN ideas and put them together to help other's that have been where my sister and I have been! Once that decision was made, things fell together like magic (well, there was a whole lot of work in there too, but for sure, magic was involved).

I'm Doing The Work For You

I'm spending the time putting together Disney themed printable activities for YOU! I love coming up with fun and unique activities, crafts, and games and will include two each month. I will also include a themed treat recipe and some quote art posters. I will spend the time watching YouTube videos, reading blog posts, and listening to podcasts to ensure they are family friendly. Yes, of course, they too will be on our monthly theme! Plus you will get a sheet of additional themed crafts and activities, if you want more of a challenge

YES! I need this in my life!

Pinning lots of fun Disney things and never doing anything with them (or not getting similar results) can be pretty un-magical and discouraging.

I will do the hardest part for you! Then each month, you will receive download links OR a printed monthly pass in your mailbox (both are available) completed and ready to go! You will just need to supply a few tools to make the magic happen! The crafts come with step-by-step instructions and are designed to be easy enough for an elementary age child to create without too much help.

Once the projects are assembled, they will provide even more entertainment through play (with the games and activities) and learning (with the Magic Moments In History page).

Each Capturing Magic Monthly will include:

  • At least two art poster quotes related to the theme
  • Two themed activities/games
  • One treat/snack recipe that reflects the theme
  • One page of “Magic Moments in History” that include links/QR codes to various types of media that teach about the history of the theme
  • One page of “Creating Extra Magic” which will contain links/QR codes to additional crafts and activities centered on the theme.
  • Step-by-step directions where needed

  YES! Send me magic!