Capturing Magic While at Sea

As some of you may know, I am currently planning for my first magical trip aboard the Disney Dream! This summer we will embark on the 3 night Bahamian cruise, followed by 3 nights in WDW. As we have started planning for our cruise, it's become clear that there are some major differences in what we need to think about before our trip. One thing my wife and I have been talking a lot about is how we plan on capturing magic in such potentially wet surroundings. We've narrowed down our options, and I thought I'd share them with you today.
Option 1: Purchase a waterproof case for our Canon DSLR
Pros: We'd use that DSLR! I used it on our last trip to WDW, but not nearly as much as I thought I would. I often relied on my phone, or Photopass+ photos instead of carrying around the larger camera. This would be the cheapest option. Also, our DSLR undoubtedly takes better pictures.
 Cons: Well, the camera without the case can become cumbersome. I can only imagine the case would make it more so. Also, how easy it is really to take pictures with this case on the camera? The last thing I want to do on our cruise is lug around a camera that makes it more challenging to get good shots.
Option 2: Purchase as separate waterproof Point and Shoot camera
Pros: This camera is the most popular waterproof camera on Amazon. It is a dedicated waterproof item, as opposed to something that makes an item waterproof. Plus, it's small and looks easy to use.
 Cons: The cost of buying ANOTHER camera. If we were to purchase this, it would be our 5th camera (including our phones). It's affordable, but I'd still be purchasing another piece of equipment. Finally, how good are the pictures that this camera can take? Would using this camera sacrifice quality?
Option 3: Purchase waterproof cases for our iPhones and rely on them as our cameras
Pros: This is the most “multi-tasking” option. Having our phone protected while we were finding a waterproof camera source would be beneficial. Our iPhones are easy to carry and use, and take up little space in bags or pockets. I already use my iPhone for a good majority of the pictures I take, so I know it takes nice pictures and is easy to use.
 Cons: We'd be relying on our phones for pictures, as opposed to the DSLR that we purchased to capture our memories. Also, this is another pricey option (however, the price is tempered by the idea that it would protect my phone all around). My wife is also skeptical that these cases are completely waterproof, while I know a few friends who have them and love them.
The decision seems so hard to make. All the of the options have good pros and some cons that really make you think. If I was pushed at this moment, I would say that I am leaning towards the iPhone option and saving the DSLR for the parks (I'm coming for you Seven Dwarfs' Mine Train!). My wife seems to be leaning towards the waterproof point and shoot, however could be swayed by the price of the DSLR case or my convincing about the iPhones.
Which option would you choose?