Capturing Magic with Sparkle Mickey Bokeh!

As regular listeners to the podcast are aware, we at CapturingMagic have been on the hunt for Mickey Mouse shaped Bokeh or sparkles (bokeh ads a nice sparkly effect to photos). Tanya came up with a great set of items to create some awesome DIY Mickey Bokeh on the computer! We continued to search for the illusive app that would allow us to create the nifty Mickey Bokeh on our phones, and now we have it!

I was looking through my Photo apps seeing what I needed to delete to free up some space and to purge what I don't need when I discovered that I had an app that had a sparkle Mickey Bokeh– Real Bokeh (Android version is here)! I guess in one of the most recent updates it added the shape to it's collection. I was so excited I had to let the rest of the team know about it. Steph has been having an awesome time adding the Bokeh to some great Instagram images.

Check it out …

First open up the app, see I told you I have too many apps, I have to put them into folders to keep track of all the ones I have!

Selecting the best Bokeh App for the job

Once you've imported the image you can apply some effects and lighting to help make your image pop! The most important thing to check out is the collection of shapes. It is a pretty impressive collection.

Shape selection

Now you can create even more magic by selecting the colors you want for the Bokeh.

Color selections

That's it, now save it and amaze your Instagram followers!

Ready to save

Stephanie is an avid paper crafter, scrapbooker, and lover of all things Disney. She also enjoys playing with geeky toys to create her paper creations! When not creating scrapbook pages about her husband and son, she can be found at making handmade paper crafts for parties and events.