Capturing Magic with Minnie Me in Disneyland

We had a lot of correct guesses on “Where's Minnie Me” for last week! Minnie was hanging out at Big Thunder Ranch BBQ with, if I had to guess, the scarecrow version of Tex Tumbleweed (thanks to Heidi's comment):

The random winner from the correct guesses was Cindy deRosier and the winner that Raffle Copter selected was Sarah Sharp for her Tweet about the contest. Sarah and Cindy each received $25 via PayPal!

Capturing Magic Memories of Big Thunder Ranch BBQ

I want to hear about your memories of Big Thunder Ranch BBQ in Frontierland, Disneyland! If you don't have any memories at this exact location, what about dreams?

If this bit of magic  has been captured on a blog, on Facebook, on YouTube, in a photo, in a scrapbook page (digital or paper), instagram, Twitter;  link us up in the comments. If you haven’t captured those memories yet, then just share them here in the comments OR somewhere else right now (be sure to link us up if you post them somewhere else), then they’re captured.

We want to see you Capturing Magic in the way that is easy, comfortable, and most familiar to you!

Here’s my memory from this photo…

This was actually my first time checking out Big Thunder Ranch BBQ! I had always just walked right on by on my way to or from Fantasyland. After walking through there and stopping to take photos, I can't wait to go back and eat and watch some shows. I'm excited to see and know first hand everything that happens back in that corner of the park!