Capturing the Details

As many Disney fans know, it's the details within the parks that make them special (and make them more than just amusement parks). A fun way to document your Disney trip is to try and capture some of these details. Just looking around, up and down more will help you notice these little things.

While waiting to get on Jungle Cruise on my last trip I noticed that the yellow danger/warning tape in Adventureland was not the traditional black and yellow diagonal stripe, but an animal print. Of course I had to snap a few photos of this.

To get to Tarzan's Treehouse at Hong Kong Disneyland, you need to catch a raft across a “river” to an island. The dock at the raft uses the same animal print warning tape.

This next detail is something my 11 year old son noticed and now it's something I point out to everyone I take to the park. We all know how good the popcorn is at a Disney Park. Did you know that there is something slightly different about each popcorn cart? And that it depends on where in the park the cart is located? Take a look at these pictures and see if you can see what I'm talking about:

Yes, it's the little person/creature/animal that turns the popcorn around. In Tomorrowland (first pic) it's a robot. At the end of Main Street, it's a turn of the century man and in Grizzly Gulch it's a bear.

The last detail I'll talk about in this post is the Mickey face at the front of the park. Each time I go, the face is different. In autumn, it's pumpkins:

For Chinese New Year there are lots of yellow chrysanthemums:

In April there were some pretty white flowers:

And in May there was more greenery

What are your favourite details to capture?




Gab has been a Disney fan and scrapbooker of sorts ever since she can remember. She lives in Hong Kong with her husband Anthony and 11 year old son Conor and has a Magic Access Pass to Hong Kong Disneyland. She can be found on Facebook and Instagram (as gabmc) where she shares Disney (and other) memories.