Celebration buttons for other parts of your trip

We are down to 75 days until our first Walt Disney World trip.  I have so many things to get done and ready.  It is just hitting me that making our Fast Pass+ reservations is in 15 days … WooHoo!! Now that is exciting — and my girls are excited about the trip, fastpasses etc. but since this comes first my girls are both REALLY excited to take their first plane trip.  Besides stocking their backpacks with fun things to do while traveling or scavenger hunts to do around the airport I wanted to make them a button for them to wear.

Custom buttons for your trip

My youngest who just turned 7 last week has NEVER been on a plane before and my oldest who will be 10 when we travel went on a plane when she was 10 months old so she doesn't remember it (so I wrote that in small on hers).  Here is a close up of that button.

Don't laugh at my Disney ears!  Let me tell you how I made these –

I used a blank plastic button (you can find them at Amazon – two sizes, large or small – craft stores, and maybe even WalMart). The back of them look like this:

I used the big ones – they are closer to the size of the buttons that Disney gives out.  I took the diameter of the button and created it using Photoshop and a kit from mle Card called Big Sibling Adoption Add-on but I loved the plane that came in the kit!

I can't wait to pin these buttons on the girls as we get ready to go to the airport…. 74 days left (don't judge – I am up late and it is after midnight now!).  Have you created something special to wear to highlight a celebration about some part of your Disney trip? I have more button blanks I can do some other ones!

Krisi is a memory keeper and Disney enthusiast, planning her first trip to
Walt Disney World after 40+ trips to Disneyland. She can be found
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