Countdown to Disney via Email – Perfect for Teens and Grown Ups

In the podcast we released yesterday, I admitted that I haven't ever actually done an official count down for any of my Disney vacations. I've always wanted to, but the last couple of weeks before Disney vacations can get really crazy, and a count down is the first thing to fall off my list. As I was thinking about count downs and what I could do for my upcoming sisters trip, I thought it would be really fun to get a count down in my inbox each day. I know my sisters check their email almost as much as I do, (or at least once a day) and thought it would be the perfect fit!

The best part about this email count down, is that it can be done really far ahead of time and scheduled to be delivered on the corresponding day. It can even be scheduled a year or more in advance! So, when you have time, you can set it all up and then be surprised as you and your friends/family that will be on the trip with you get the emails delivered to your inbox to count down to the big day. Here's what you need to do:


On day 2 of our count down, both of my sisters mentioned that they LOVE the email count down, it was getting them so excited and they were feeling the magic. I have really enjoyed it as well (because I added my own email address to the list when I scheduled the messages). It's been the perfect count down for a grown up only trip! I'm excited to do the same thing later in the year for my husband and for my teenagers on our next family trip!

Here are the video tutorials, if you are in a reader or email (which many of you are), you will need to click over to the site to see the videos:

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