Create a Disney countdown to share from your phone

Creating a Disney Countdown you can share with friends from your phone

One of my favorite easy Disney countdown to a vacation, is my email countdown I shared a while back. On my last two trips to Disney, I did everything for that countdown ON MY PHONE! No PhotoShop or other complicated programs were necessary. It's so easy, anyone can do it! Here's what you will need:

  • Download a PDF to Jpeg app. There are a lot of them in the app stores; after reading lots of reviews and problems being reported with multi page PDFs, I went with a paid app. I knew I would use it a lot in my Disney memory keeping, and I have.
  • On your phone, download the Disney Numbers PD

On my iPhone, I had to tap and hold the download link, then select “Open in New Tab”:


Then, when the PDF opened, I tapped on “Open in…”



Then, I selected the PDF to Jpeg app

Save a PDF to Jpeg converter

After opening the PDF in the PDF to Jpeg app, you will need to follow the directions for your app to convert the PDF to JPEG images and save them to your camera roll or photo stream. In the app I used, it was as simple as tapping the PDF and then tapping “convert”. I was then able to save each page as a JPEG to my Photo Album.

I selected the page with the 9 and 0 on it, and used the native photo editing app to crop the image so just the 9 was visible. Then, I tapped on the sharing icon and tapped email. I entered the email addresses I wanted to send the countdown to, along with a cute subject and sent it out.

Disney email countdown for friends from your phoneDisney email countdown for friends from your phoneCreate a Disney Countdown on your phone

Last, I went back to the 9 in my and tapped on edit and “restore to original”, so I could then use it for the 0, without exporting the whole JPEG image again.

I enjoyed doing this so much, I didn't need any reminders or alarms on my phone each day, but if you are worried that you might forget, just set up a daily reminder at the same time each day for 10 days. This would also be fun as a group text message instead of an email!

If you want to add additional text to the images, try using these apps:

  • Over
  • Phonto
  • LetterGlow

It's such a fun and simple countdown and my teens, friends, and family have always enjoyed receiving them!

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