Create Fun Videos Quickly with Hyperlapse!


I know if has been out for a while now, but I am still obsessed with the Hyperlapse by Instagram app!  It makes those super fun fast motion videos and is so simple to use!

1.  Choose your subject.  While hyperlaspse videos can be videos of anything you wish, I have found they are more pleasing to the eye (and less likely to make you feel motion sickness, LOL) if you chose a more scenery driven subject instead of a person or group of people.

TIP:  You will get a more effective video if you hold the camera stationary.  Try not to move it from side to side.  This is especially true if you are choosing to hyperlapse people.

2.  Open up the app and hit the record button!  For every approx 10 sec of footage you record, it is equivalent to 1 sec of hyperlapse footage so you are gonna want to record for at least a minute!  You can see under the record button that 22 sec of footage is gonna be 3 sec of hyperlapse footage!

TIP:  I chose to record a ride on the Omnibus!  I just propped my phone and let it do its thing.  I didn't move the camera at all since the turning of the bus looks fun in fast motion!

3.  Once you are done recording, just hit the record button again to stop the video.  You will be prompted to the preview/speed options.  The speed defaults to 6x, but you can slow this down or speed it up depending on what you recorded.  I usually keep it at 6x unless I am filming something that is very slow moving.  Then i speed it up a bit!  Once you are done just hit the check mark!

4.  That is it!  You are done!  Now you can create a new video or post it straight to FB or Instagram!

I usually post them to Instagram, but when I get home and have time, I open each video up in iMovie to add music and then add them to my YouTube channel!

Here is my Omnibus Hyperlapse:


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