Create Your Own Haunted Mansion Death Certificate!

For years I have been hearing stories about people who have asked Haunted Mansion Cast Members for a Death Certificate after a ride on the Haunted Mansion.  Some people have managed to get one, others have not.  They seem to be very hit or miss.  Some people say they don't do this anymore, some people say they do.  So, instead of getting your hopes up for a Death Certificate just to be denied, just print one yourself! is a awesome site dedicated to all things Haunted Mansion.  One of the awesome features they provide you with is being able to create your own Death Certificate!

It's super simple.  Pick your park and fill in the rest.

One of my favorite features is the part where you get to choose a witness and their signature is on the certificate!

Once you have everything filled in and picked, go ahead and hit the Create my Death Certificate button and they will create your certificate.

And here is the final product!

Fun right??  How awesome would it be to print these out before or after your trip for your whole family! Such a fun and cheap souvenir =)


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