Create Your Own Minnie Ear Bows!

Since I have gotten a bit more into taking photos with characters lately, I find myself thinking about what I should wear to match what characters I plan on meeting that day.  One super easy way to do this is to change out the bow on your Minnie ears!  I knew I was going to make custom bows when I went back to WDW a couple years ago and I planned each bow and each outfit with what park we were going to be at each day.

So, how did I go about doing this you ask?  Easy peasy!  I got the black sequin Minnie ears from Disneyland, but you can use any ears you like!  I bought some fabric, made my own bows and a couple of Velcro pieces later I have a new set of ears!  There are obviously a ton of different ways to go about making and attaching the bows.  For me, I chose smaller bows and Velcro.  Here are some photos of the ones I made:

At Easter time this year when I found out that Roger Rabbit would be out in the parks, I just KNEW I had to make a Roger bow for my ears!  It was super last minute and I knew it would be hard to find a turquoise blue fabric with yellow polka dots.  I ran to Micheal's to see if I could find a ribbon that would work instead.  I came across a whole section of pre-made bows that were PERFECT!!  After I got those I put the dots on myself with a little puffy paint and I was good to go!

I love how this boy turned out soo much that I went back and bought the same bow in every color they have!

Susan, a lovely friend of mine and a reader of this blog loves to make matching bows for her and her daughter when they go to WDW.  She was gracious enough to send me some photos AND instructions on the way she makes her bows!

Cute right??  I love her bows because they are BIG!!  You can never go wrong with a over-sized bow =)

Here is how she makes them:

1 – Sew rectangle with right sides together leaving an opening on one side.  Clip corners and turn right sides out.  It basically looks like a small rectangular pillow that hasn't been stuffed.  Tack opening together.  Press with iron.  Sew a long strip of two pieces of the same material.  You could also use a ribbon that matches.  Sew one side of a velcro square on one end and the matching piece on the end of the opposite side.

2 – Accordian-fold the bow and wrap the strip w/velcro around the bow in the middle of the ears and fasten.

3 – Closeup view of the back where the velcro strip meets. Note:  I'm usually I sew much neater, but I was in a hurry and did all of our ear bows in one sitting.  Messy and didn't use matching thread on all fabrics.  However, you really can't see the strips so I didn't stress too much.

4 – I'm storing all of the bows as rectangles.  I'll need to press them before our next trip.

5 – This is how we traveled with our bows.  The two ears and all of the rectangles and strips all fit in one gallon ziploc. I took out the bows we needed as we needed them.

Perfect right?  There are so many different patterns and ways to do this so get creative and have fun!  If you have any photos pf bows you have made for your ears, show us!  I LOVE seeing how people get all crafty and stuff =)


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