Creating a Custom Disney Photobook Using Any Digital Scrapbooking Supplies with No Experience or Software Necessary

Using digital scrapbooking supplies to create a photo book. No software or skills required

What if I told you that you could create a photo book using any Digital Scrapbooking supplies you want, but not have to use Photoshop, or any other software? What if I told you that it was possible to create a whole Disney photo book, using any digital scrabook supplies you want, in an evening without learning software? It is possible!

AdoramaPix photo books allow you to upload your own jpeg and png digital scrapbooking products that you can then use in your photo book. If you are a digital scrapbooker, you know that digital scrapbooking supplies come in png and jpeg file formats.  If you aren't a digital scrapbooker, you might be familiar wtih jpegs because it's the file format the your photo are usually in when they come off your camera.  A png file is a file that has parts that are transparent, so it can be layered on top of other images and the image behind it will show through.

Some posts you might want to check out before building a book are:


Once all of your photos are sorted and you know what you are going to use on which page (as described in my Creating a Photo Book Tutorial), you will want to decide which digital scrapbooking supplies, park maps, and autographs you are going to use and add them to a folder next to all of your photos:

Here's a look at part of the inside of that folder:

I used “In Real Life” by Bella Gypsy for this photo book:

The camera doodle is from “Winter With You” by CD Muckosky (it was included in The Digi Files at The Daily Digi dudring Jan 2013, if you were a member):

Making the Book

Let's start with the beginning of making the book with AdoramaPix. After navigating to their site, click on Photo Book:

Then click on Create a Book:

Next, you will need to decide on your cover, I always like to do custom cover, so I can put a photo or other images I want on there:

I like square books (but you can choose another option, if you prefer):

I also like the 8×8 size and use that size for all of my photo books. It's just right!

Then, you will see a confirmation screen that will point out all of your choices so you can verify them (you can add more pages later if you need them, but only in the incremental amounts listed):

After, that screen, you will want to select, “Build Your Own” which will allow you to select layouts the exact number of photo spots you need for each story you want to tell:

Now, we can start uploading!  We'll select “Upload from computer”:

This is when all of that organizing pays off! Just CTRL+A and all of the photos will be uploaded. While, those are uploading, click on “Browse” under the progress window, and go into the supplies folder, select all of those and upload.

After everything is done uploading, just click on “Proceed to Next Step”

You will be taken to the photo book designer area, where you can begin building your book. It will look something like this at first:

All of the jpeg images will fall into the “Images” tab:

And the png files (decorations, word art, etc.), will fall into the “Decorations” drop-down in the images tab:

Building pages in the book

Let's start by going to our first page spread (pages 1-2) in the book and select a layout by clicking on the layout tab:

There are two layout options: Page and Spread.  Page layouts are just that: one single page (a left side or right side). A spread takes up both the left side and the right side.  I went back and forth between them depending on my needs and looking for something I like.

For the first one, I went into Page and I sorted the layouts by the number of photos I was going to include on that page. The left page will have three and the right page will have two.

If you don't find anything that fits your needs exactly, you can change the sizes of the photo spots, delete them, and add more if you want. When you find a layout you like, just click and drag it where you want it placed on the photo book. It will automatically fit and fill that spot:

When working in Photoshop, on a digital scrapbook page, we would start with the bottom and build up, adding the paper next. In the photo book, we need to add our png's BEFORE we add the background paper, so we will save the paper for last.

I recommend placing all of the photos first. There are a couple of ways to do this:

Option 1) Decide on all of the layouts you need for each page and place them, THEN click on “Auto-Fill” and the photos will all be added chronologically (you may need to move a few things around here and there if the times on the cameras that were taking photos were different).

or Option 2) Decide on the layouts and manually drag and drop the photos yourself.

I didn't realize the “Auto-Fill” option would work with a custom book like this and didn't use it. If I had it to do over again, I would try the Auto-Fill option. No matter what, there is always a handy UNDO button if you need it:

When a photo is placed, you can move it around within the frame (“Pan”) or zoom in on it to crop it:

Once all of the photos are placed, you can start adding png files or “Decorations” by dragging them onto the white canvas. If you drag them onto a photo spot, nothing happens, the decoration just disappears. The same thing will happen if the decoration is dropped onto a page with a background paper on it.  Resize and move the decoration as necessary, then add your background papers last.

To add the background papers, drag them to a page (drop on the white canvas), then click on “Fit/Fill” and “Fill to page”:

The background will cover your photos, so change the order by sending it to the back by clicking on “To Back”:

You can also add borders to your photos and shadows in the top menu:

I added a white frame to one of my photos and then in the floating tool bar, I selected “Copy style”:

I clicked on each photo and selected “Use last style” to apply the same white border on all photos:

I don't really care for any of the preset shadows, so I decided not to use them and I'm okay with it that way. I've sent a request to have some different shadow settings added. 😉

I was able to create this book in an evening, not including the QR codes (the QR codes are linked to videos from the trip that can be pulled up by scanning them with a QR code scanner on a smartphone or iDevice). I had to troubleshoot the QR codes a bit to get them to work in the book and thanks to Adorama's great team, we got it figured out and AdoramaPix has an amazing solution for all of us! I will have a tutorial up in a couple of days sharing the steps you can take to add video to your photo books.

I love my book and the most important part for me (far more important than the drop shadows being right), is that I have these memories put down and put together in a way that they can easily be shared. It is a beautiful book that I am proud of!  I can't wait to visit my sisters and parents in a couple of weeks and share this book with them. My kids have enjoyed looking at it (and there have been lots of comments about how it's not fair that I got to see Woody and Jessy…lol).

The magic is captured and lives on, each time I look at my book!

The folks at AdoramPix wanted to send something special over for our readers here at and The Daily Digi and boy did they ever! They came through in a BIG BIG way! I'm really excited to share with you a 40% off 8×8 photo book coupon code. You can use for as many books as you would like, as many times as you want until it expires on November 30th! Here's the code: pxmagic40

 Finding Disney-ish Digital Scrapbooking Supplies

If you want ideas for great digital scrapbooking supplies to use in a photo book like this, check out our Pinterest Board for Disney related scrapbooking products (if you are in email or a reader, you may need to click over to the site to view the pins below):