Creating a Mickey Photobook Cover

Want to create a photo book with your favorite Disney Character?  Here's how:

I created my cover in Photoshop, but you could create it in PSE as well.  

I printed my book with Adoramapix, so I used their layered (PSD) cover templates, found here:  (The dark gray around the edges in these screenshots is the bleed guidelines.)
1.  I started with a generic gray paper, but any solid would do. I filled the background with the light gray paper.  I had to duplicate (side by side) to fill the entire space.  (If you look super close you can see the seam on mine, but only because the paper texture doesn't quite match up.)
2.  I searched for a Clip Art Mickey head.  I used this Mickey Head:    I did not “complete the offer” for the vector version, but you could.  I just right-clicked and copied.  Then on my cover, I pasted.
3.  I changed the blending mode of the mickey head to darken or multiply and lowered the opacity of that layer until it looks just right.  Mine is about 50%.
4.  I enlarged the head until it looked like what I wanted.  (Enlarging loses some of the crispness of the edges, but I found it wasn't noticeable even on my 10×12.5 cover.)
5.  I typed the title on the front & the title on the spine (using the template guidelines) with a favorite font.  I used KG The Last Time, found here:
6.  I duplicated the gray paper and placed it on top of BOTH of the type layers, clipping it to them (Ctrl-G in PSE, Alt-Ctrl-G in PS)
5.  I saved the file & uploaded it to Adoramapix.
I think for my next trip I'll try a different character…or maybe a different color background.  They'll look great together on a shelf!