Creating your own planning spreadsheet

Our 180 day mark passed a couple weeks ago, and while trying to figure out timing for dining I created a spreadsheet I wanted to share for those planning a trip. I am including two different ways to download – as an excel file as well as a PDF (for those who just want to print it out and write it in by hand).

Disney planning/documenting worksheet

This spreadsheet would also work great for those who just want to take quick notes about their day, while at the parks.  Include details about photos you took or something someone said as well as where you might have been at that time.

Disney planning/documenting worksheet

I plan on taking a copy with us  1) so we know where to be and when and 2) so I can add additional notes onto the spreadsheet of what we liked at those places, other things that we did etc.  This is in addition to the Walt Disney World Passporter that we have as well.  I will probably type the things set in stone in and then use pencil while we are there to lay things out day to day and update with what we actually did.

Here is a screenshot about how to add an arrow into your spreadsheet (if you have downloaded the excel file).  Simple to to the Insert Tab, then touch Symbol, then choose the arrow down and insert.

Adding arrows to your Disney planning/documenting worksheet

And here is a look at a couple days of the arrows in action…

Adding arrows to your Disney planning/documenting worksheet

Here is a look at a sample week laid out – this is just a portion of our trip plans so it isn't very balanced but ours uses 3 sheets. (I am getting so excited!)

Handwritten Disney planning/documenting worksheet

Some other ideas to use the worksheets for besides you planning and documenting your trip – have your kids fill in a day how they would want to tour the park (let them use a couple squares as one day if needed to see what they think is the most important things to be doing.  You might find something really fun on theirs that you want to include in the master plan.

Download your copy of the spreadsheet HERE or the PDF copy HERE.

We would love to see what you create – link us up to your plans!

Krisi is a memory keeper and Disney enthusiast, planning her first trip to
Walt Disney World after 40+ trips to Disneyland. She can be found
at Krisi’s Kreations, on Facebook, and Instagram.