Cute Mickey Countdown Timer Widget for Android

Looking forward to your Disney Vacation?  Add a little countdown magic to your Android Device.

Disney Vacation Countdown is a widget that is cute as a button on your home screen.    My kids often want to play on my phone.  They know that something fun with Disney is in the future when they see this little guy.

Find it in Google Play and download.  Because this is a widget and not an app, set up is slightly different.  Walk with me as I set it up on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Go to the spot on your home screen where you want to place it, and long-press the screen. A long-press is generally a three second press in one spot that tells your phone you intend to do something in this particular spot.

Select Apps and Widgets from the Add to Home Screen Menu.  Make sure you are looking at Widgets and find the Mickey Countdown Timer, and select.

Select the Disney Vacation Countdown Widget.  When you do, you will be asked for the Date.  Update the date and select OK.

Now your cute little Mickey head is on your home screen.

I use this this countdown for all types of events, not just vacations.  Holidays, birthdays and other special events coming up.  And when my kids see the screen they always get excited it a new countdown has started.  They never know when we might say, “We are going to Disney!”

Do you have a special countdown app or utility that you like?  I would love to hear about it.