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Disneyland has many spectacular ways to celebrate their 60th anniversary. A new parade, new fireworks, new World of Color show, fancy new costumes for Mickey & Friends, and a dazzling overlay of Sleeping Beauty Castle are the biggest and most well known additions. But a really fun addition for the anniversary are special Diamond Celebration Photo Spots found in both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure!

Each photo spot has a Photopass photographer, and they will also take the picture on your own camera or phone. The photo spots accommodate one person or several people, though they seem like more fun when there's more than one person involved! There are 6 photo spots, 3 in each park. When I visited during a busy week in August, there was never a wait for any of these photo spots. In fact, only 2 of the photo spots had anyone waiting when I walked up, and one was only because the photographer was having issues with her camera. So I think getting pictures at all of these spots should be pretty easy when you visit the parks!

All photo spots have this Diamond Celebration Photo Spot Sign, as well as a picture of what the finished picture will look like

Diamond Celebration Photo Spots Sign

The photo spots only have Photopass photographers during the day. They are still around at night, so you can take your own picture with them, but they probably won't show up well. Now let's take a look at all the photo spots, starting in Disneyland!

Matterhorn: This photo spot is found behind the Matterhorn, towards Small World. Of all the photo spots, it's the most hidden, especially if you are trying to find it by walking from Fantasyland, because it's back towards the kiosk with the artwork where they paint your name. The picture they take looks like this

Diamond Celebration Photo Spots Matterhorn

Then, you rotate it 90 degrees clockwise before posting it online or in your scrapbook, so it looks like this

Diamond Celebration Photo Spots Matterhorn

I also noticed that the Photopass picture usually cut off the border around the photo spots, but the one using my camera included the border. They probably look better without the border, but I like how this one is so well themed to the Matterhorn.

Diamond Celebration Photo Spots Matterhorn

The photographer took a bunch of different poses, including ones where we pointed, leaned back so it looked like we had a hard time climbing up the mountain, waving, and pointing at the castle.
Big Thunder Mountain: This photo spot is found in Frontierland, on the path where you are walking from Fantasyland, before the Big Thunder Ranch. They also had us do a few poses, including waving and having the rider in the back act scared.

Diamond Celebration Photo Spots Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Haunted Mansion: This photo spot is found by the Haunted Mansion, as you are walking towards Critter Country. It's the only photo spot that had an actual queue set up, and I've heard that it's the most popular and sometimes has a long line. But I walked up both times that I took a picture at this photo spot, so maybe the crowds have died (haha) down. More than any of the others, I was dying (haha again) to take this photo spot, but the photographer using my camera didn't really line it up perfectly. There's room for four (not 1000…sorry with all the Haunted Mansion humor!) people to become the busts, but if there's less than that, you should see ghosts that are painted on the background in that spot. If it's not lined up correctly, it looks like this:

Diamond Celebration Photo Spots

Thankfully, the Photopass camera is on a tripod (as it is for all the photo spots), so those pictures came out correctly.

Diamond Celebration Photo Spots

Now let's move onto Disney California Adventure for the other 3 photo spots.
California Screamin': This photo spot is found back by California Screamin', though, like the Matterhorn photo spot, it's not right on the Pier, so you have to walk back towards the ride to find it. Also like the Matterhorn photo spot, they take the picture one way:

Diamond Celebration Photo Spots Screamin

And then you rotate it 180 degrees so it looks like you're riding upside down!

Diamond Celebration Photo Spots Screamin

Screamin' is one of the last rides at either park I haven't conquered yet, so this was the closest I've gotten to being on the ride! Also, like the Haunted Mansion photo spot, the photographer didn't line up my camera correctly, so the text reads “Head over He” on 2 of the 4 pictures taken on my camera, though the text is complete on the Photopass pictures. So make sure if you are relying only on your own camera pictures to take a look at your pictures after each photo spot, just in case they need to be taken again!
Grizzly Peak: This photo spot is found as you are walking from The Little Mermaid ride towards Grizzly Peak. It was probably my least favorite of the photo spots, since the others just seem more fun. They also had us do a bunch of poses here, including pointing up, pointing down, yelling, growling, and hugging each other in fear. They only took a normal pose on my camera, though.

Diamond Celebration Photo Spots Grizzly Peak
Bug's Land: This photo spot is found on the path as you are leaving Bug's Land, towards Cars Land. The line is actually right next to Mater's Junkyard Jamboree. This is the newest, and last, photo spot added. It was only a few days old when I took a picture here, and I don't know if the newness is why, but the photographer took a long time setting up each picture she was taking. This photo spot works the best with at least 2 people, since one person is in the front, and another person (or more) is in the back as the bug. As with a few of the other photo spots, it didn't always line up well on my own camera. When we both did regular poses, it worked fine.

Diamond Celebration Photo Spots Bugs Land

But when the one in front was supposed to be “picking up” the bug, it just didn't really line up correctly on my camera.

Diamond Celebration Photo Spots Bugs Land

Once again, the Photopass picture was correct and looks adorable. It took a while to get it right, but I love the result!

Diamond Celebration Photo Spots Bugs Land

I've also heard they sometimes have some props with this photo spot, such as a fly swatter for the person in front, but they didn't while we were there.

With each Photo Spot taken on Photopass, when you check your Photopass account, you'll also see a picture that looks like a postcard for the area (though the Screamin one has a postcard for Carthay Circle for some reason.) It's a fun addition that would be great in scrapbooks!






So, next time you're at Disneyland, make sure to get all these fun Diamond Celebration Photo Spots!
Photopass Extra:

One more Photopass note, even the Photopass card during the Diamond Celebration is extra sparkly!

Photopass Card

I used Photopass Plus, but I was given a Photopass card while we were waiting for the parade. This also seems to be a fun extra thing during the Diamond Celebration. While waiting for Paint the Night and Pixar Play Parade (if there's a Soundsational one, I did not see it…and I saw that parade 5 times during this trip), one or more Photopass photographs walk along the route with a round sign for the parade. Since it's sometimes rushed if they photograph you just before the parade, they will just give you a Photopass card they have and can scan quickly.

Paint the Night Card

Hope you enjoyed some of the Photopass additions for the 60th!

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