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Heather is just back from a Disney Cruise and is telling us all about Shutters (the Cruise photo package), how it works, pricing, and if it's worth it. Plus some must-do photo op spots and more!

Disney Cruise - Shutters - Bookcase

Disney Cruise – Shutters Bookcase with your photo prints

Disney Cruise - Shutters - Bookcase Keycard

Disney Cruise – Shutters – Using Key to the World card on side of Bookcase to find your photo prints

Disney Cruise - Shutters - Folder

Disney Cruise – Shutters Folders with your photo prints

Disney Cruise - Shutters - Folder

Disney Cruise – Shutters Inside the folder with your photo prints

Disney Cruise - Shutters - Digital Kiosk Room

Disney Cruise – Shutters – Digital Kiosk Room

Disney Cruise - Shutters - Digital Kiosk

Disney Cruise – Shutters – Digital Kiosk

Disney Cruise - Shutters - Digital Kiosk Screen

Disney Cruise – Shutters – Digital Kiosk Screen

Disney Cruise - Shutters - Backdrop Sign

Disney Cruise – Shutters – Backdrop Sign in front of another backdrop

Disney Cruise - Shutters - Backdrop

Disney Cruise – Shutters – Ship Backdrop

Disney Cruise - Shutters - Backdrop Sign

Disney Cruise – Shutters – Backdrop Sign

Disney Cruise - Shutters - Backdrop

Disney Cruise – Shutters – Halloween Backdrop

Disney Cruise - Shutters - Stairs

Disney Cruise – Shutters – Stairs on Formal Night

Disney Cruise - Shutters - Character

Disney Cruise – Shutters – Character and border example

Disney Cruise - Shutters - Character on Castaway Cay

Disney Cruise – Shutters – Character on Castaway Cay

Steph: Hey, everyone. Welcome to Capturing Magic. I am Steph from capturingmagic.me. I'm here today with Tanya Hickman, who can be found at everymagicmoment.com. Hi Tanya.


Tanya: Hi.


Steph: We also have Heather Winfield who can be found at Heatherw.com/character. Hi, Heather.


Heather: Hi.


Steph: Thanks for being here girls.


Heather: Thanks for having us.


Steph: I'm really excited to hear today all about how to capture a cruise. Heather just got back from a cruise, and she's so excited. I made her stop talking before we hit record because we needed to save it all for the show. I’m really excited to hear about … because I've had lots of questions over the past couple of years about the differences between, there's the PhotoPass and then the crew stuff, and it's all different and confusing, because people aren’t familiar with it. I can't wait to learn. Tell me what the PhotoPass product on the cruises is called.


Heather: It's called Shutters. The first thing I want to say, other than it being pictures, it's really nothing like PhotoPass.


Steph: Okay, good to know.


Heather: I want to say it in a good way. I don't want to say anything bad about the PhotoPass photographers, because some of them are great, but sometimes they're not. I think we all know, you can get blurry pictures, or overexposed, underexposed. You just never know what you're going to get. With this, they're not Disney employees. They're not cast members. I'm sure they have some kind of thing where they're also Disney, but they're not just Disney, because there are certain people on the ship where they're not just Disney cast members, and you can tell by their name tags. They don't have anything Disney on their name tag,


  There was one photographer that I was talking with, and she's actually leaving scene, but she says still with whatever this company is. I don't know if it's just … I'm assuming it's just Shutters on the Disney Cruise, but they do all different cruises, because even when you go to pre-order, it lists several different cruise companies. This other one was talking about, she had been on this cruise where they cruise all around the world for 100 days and everything. It's pretty cool.


  They're professional, because you can tell when you're taking pictures. They’re professional photographers, and this company is just … they're on the Disney ship, but they're not just Disney. That makes sense?


Steph: Yeah, so it's a little bit similar to how the Run Disney photographers used to be because that was independent, not Disney kind of a thing?


Heather: Right. Except they weren’t usually good. These guys are good. You could tell they were pros.


Steph: Okay, that's good. Good to know. How much does it cost? Let’s get that right out of the way, right at the top of the show.


Heather: This is also not like most of PhotoPass because you need to be sitting down. Obviously I was going to get it, you know I was going to get it, but it still took me a while to actually do it, because it was a lot. If you're not going to pre-order it … there's all different packages, but let's say the 2 main ones. You can get all digital pictures. At the end of the cruise, you get all your pictures digitally, or you can get it where you get all your pictures as prints, or you can get digital and print.


Steph: What size are the prints? What size are they printing them? 4 by 6, 8 by 10?


Heather: They are both … It depends. They are either … Most of them were 8 by 10s, but there's also 6 by 8s. The thing is you can pick what you wanted to be. The other thing is, they all have borders on them. It doesn't matter if you can digitally or as prints, they have borders.


Steph: Really?


Heather: Yes, even going in I knew that, but it was kind of … You know me, I didn’t really … I wish I had both. Sometimes the borders are these little thin ones like for example for Halloween they had just a little thing with bats and it said, Halloween. Then other times, they're the same kind of things like you see on PhotoPass. The thick border for Daisy, it was a thick pink order with flowers. Sometimes you might think like, “Oh no. It cuts off her shoe.”


  That's probably like the only negative I have about it because I just don’t like this borders. I think most of the time, I should be able to crop that stuff out, but that is for all the pictures. Although, we also have photobooks, and I don't think any of us will get the photo book because we can do or own thing, but apparently they're very popular on the ship. I think if you get a photo book, you can have it without the border in the book.


  I was watching somebody because I knew I'd be talking about this. I was watching what they were doing, and I could see there weren’t borders on them.


Steph: Interesting.


Heather: Yeah. Back to the price.


Steph: You’re beating around the bush.


Heather: Like I said, I got all the digital pictures. There also there's a pre-order thing, and it’s … I’m pretty sure it's mycruisephotos.com. If it's not, I will put something in the show notes. When you sign up for the cruise, they send you that information, and you can also I think Google it or whatever. That's the site where you have to pre-order. If you pre-order … mine was $50 off, and it was 15% off. I don't know if they're all 15% off or they're also $50.


  I don't know exactly because I only did the one thing I did. If you pre-order it, and then when you're on the ship, you decide you're not taking pictures, you can get your money back before the last night. I would recommend to reorder it.


Steph: That’s nice.


Heather: It's like anything with Disney. You’re standing in line, so you’re chatting with them. You become friends especially being the character person. you are always in the same lines. I talked to a couple people who didn't know that either, and they got the package and they said, because I wasn't sure, and I said, “Well you can do that,” because I did triple check that in a couple places. I would say, definitely pre-order it.


  If you could talk about my 15% thing before the secret was … The digital or print package, it's not pre-ordered. It's $349.95 so it's a lot. Like I said, I got to pre-order it, so it was $300 because it was $50 off. It's hard, it seems like a lot, it is a lot, but I think if you're a picture person like me, and especially because I found the quality to be so good, I think it's worth it, and especially if you’re taking a lot of pictures, you're taking a lot of character pictures. I think it's worth it although it's a lot to handle, but it's that.


  Then they also have, if you want the digital and prints, that's $100 in order, so that’s $449.95, and then they had other things, you could have, like your 20 pictures or prints, and that was … Oh my goodness, that’s a lot, don’t do that. For 20 pictures. I’m looking at the thing now, I didn’t even pay attention. For 20 pictures or 20 digital things, it's $250.


Tanya: Oh my God.


Heather: Don’t do that because just buy all your pictures. I don't know. I don't want to say I can't imagine someone that will do that.  Then they also have one for 10 prints or 10 digital files, and that's $150. The photobook is $150, so that's different kinds of things you can get.


Steph: Let me ask you. Can you get just the photobook if you wanted to? Can you just pay the $150 for just the photobook?


Heather: Yeah. Those things are separate. You can get the photo book, and says create a personalized storybook of your Disney Cruise, and that's $150.


Steph: Are they printing there on the ship or do they send it to you?


Heather: No, it's printed there, so that's why you have to do that stuff. For the photo book, it says you have to order prior at [10:30] on the last night of the cruise. You have to … Do you want me to explain how you get the pictures now or?


Steph: Yeah, sure.


Heather: Okay, because I don’t know. There’s so much to talk about. I don’t know if I should jump ahead. If you're ordering … You can also order just one picture. I know for some reason they don't have that list here or how much they are, but I saw people doing it constantly. You can get the picture or if you're getting all your pictures as prints, you can pick that up on your last night. If you're doing a digital, they give you a thumb drive and you have to come on the last day.


  Now, Shutters every store on the ship can't be opened when you're in port. Wherever you are, or on Castaway Cay or before you sail away, they're all closed. The only time they're open is on the last day when you're getting off the ship from [7:00] AM to [9:00] AM so you can pick up your prints or your pictures. On your last day, you have to go and pick up a thumb drive with all your pictures. I don't know why they don't just do it so they can email you, and you can download it.


  I think that would be so much easier, but you have to pick it up. The box at least is cute.


Steph: Is it?


Heather: It's like a see through thing instead of Disney Cruise Line, it's a magnetic box. I have to figure out something else I can use it for because it’s like … but that's what you do. You go and you pick that up on your last day and you have to get there early. I got there at [6:45] and there was already a line. I'm sure if you go later it's a crazy line, because that's the only time you can pick it up, and other people are picking up prints and that kind of thing.


  I guess your photobook would be probably be then also. That's how you have to do that. I’m trying to think, it's like there's so much to talk about. I don't know if I should just chant in about how you see your pictures.


Steph: Sure.


Tanya: We’re on your time, you're on your [crosstalk [00:10:56] you can just go.


Steph: Yeah, I don’t everything that you need to talk back so you just pick and go.


Tanya: You just go we’ll interject when we need to.


Steph: Yes.


Heather: Shutters it’s on the fourth deck, and the reason why I'm saying that is because that's the main place that I spent most of my time on deck 3 and 4. 3 is the atrium, and so it’s like when you come on the ship and that's where everything like the statue, mini statue, all that stuff is. Then on the fourth deck, there's a bunch of stuff that. For me I was there a lot, because on the balcony that’s where a lot of the characters met. I'll say now I had 65 character meets …


Steph: What?


Heather: … during the cruise. Yes. I met …


Steph: How many days were you gone?


Heather: 7 days.


Steph: Wow.


Heather: It was 55 different characters. Not different, but Mickey so many times, but 55. I met Mickey in all different kinds of outfits that was the whole point. It wasn’t like I met 55 different characters, but I met 55 in different outfits and such.


Steph: Any one new for you?


Heather: No new character. 43 new things.


Steph: Outfits?


Tanya: Outfits.


Heather: Outfits, yeah.


Steph: That’s cool.


Heather: That was the cool thing there. The way they did the characters is always different, and it depends on who's in charge of the characters. Like I said I looked into the one where they cut like the main reason why I went on the fantasy. They had this one outfit that she only wears on one night on that ship and they cut it like 3 weeks before I was on the ship, so I was devastated. I had told Tanya that's for weeks, I'm like, “If I don't meet her in this, I’m jumping off. I’m just jumping overboard if she is not there.”


  Usually she has 1 or 2 meets. I get on the cruise and I happen to run into these on tour, the character attendant and we're talking and it was great. Then I was saying like about that and she’s like, “No, she doesn't meet anyone.” I’m like “Hey” and then I couldn’t even talk. Then she’s, “Yeah.” I went to the bar after that. I was very devastated. Sometimes you will have a lot of roaming characters and there were hardly any in this time.


  It's a luck of the draw, but I still, like I said, I got 43 new ones and no one knew but it was Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, Chip and Dale and they were in 6 different outfits each I think. I have my list. I had a list of course, but I had to cross. I kept making sure I did that 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.  Yes, 6 different outfits almost all of them met in all those different outfits and a couple of other random ones like Stitch, My Emperor at Night. Peter Pan has a different outfit on the cruise. That's all.


Steph: That’s fun.


Heather: It was a blast. Sorry, I completely went off topic there sort of. That was on that same deck, so that is deck 4. They have 2 areas. The one area is like the picture part. That's the actual prints. What you do is they have on these bookshelves, and you take your key to the roll card which if you've been in Disney World before the Magic Bands you know what key roll card is. It's your everything. It’s how you get into your room. It's how you paid for stuff, so that you don't know how much you spend until the end and then you cry.


Tanya: Cruises are really good at that. Cruises are very good at that.


Heather: Also when you're taking your pictures at their Shutters, they always take your card and they put it in the thing on there. They don't scan it, it just … However it does, I don't know. That's how they [crosstalk [00:15:00].


Steph: RFID or something?


Heather: Probably, I don't know exactly what it was, but it was they stuck it in the thing, and it was held on there. I should have taken a picture that I thought for sure I had a picture and I’m skimming through my things of all photographs and I don’t think I have that, but I don't know, but … so you take your card and you just tap it to one of the sides of these bookshelves. All the bookshelves are labeled by characters, so there's like a Mickey, Pluto, Daisy, Donald. I think there were 5 or 6 something like that, I don't know.


  Then there's 4 rows of colors in the bookshelf. There's like brown and red and yellow and blue I think. Then they're all numbered. When you take your card and you tap it, it’ll say like Nikki Brown 47, do go to that bookshelf and the color and then thing and it matches your folder. It's an actual folder. You're holding it in your hand. Take it out and all your pictures are in there. Your hard copy pictures.


Steph: It’s crazy.


Heather: Yeah, totally heard it’s like, “What? You print the pictures?” That's one way that you can see all your pictures, and if you're someone who takes a lot of pictures like 305, like I do.


Steph: I was going to ask you how many pictures you've got.


Heather: The thing is too at first it doesn’t feel like a lot, but if you think about it for the characters, they don't really take candid pictures, because they say since they actually print everybody's picture, it would be so much. I think of all the characters I met, I have maybe 5 they're candid, it's like a hug or something. Most of those pictures are just post pictures and then all the other pictures which I'll mention however ways you can get your pictures.


  They're still way less than say when you're at Disney World that you can go in front of the castle, and then Main Street and then in Fantasyland, and here and there, you know what I mean?


Steph: Mm-hmm (affirmative).


Heather: It's a lot less opportunities. In fact I have 305, I think it’s pretty good.


Steph: 305 Shutter pictures or pictures by Shutter.


Heather: Yes. If you had a lot of pictures, they can't keep them all in the folder. They have a little note, so you have to go with the note to the desk. Remember there's just 2 of us, there’s just my mom and some people have 5 or more or whatever in the room. Not 5 in the room but you know what I mean. I thought that was a pretty good number. You can do that. They have lots of dash, they took pictures of everything, so I’ll put it in the post.


  Sometimes again, when there’s something like this and you've never done it, to be able to even try to picture it, it's hard so I took as many pictures as I could. They have tables and you can go through them and look, and that's how you see the 8 by 10s or 6 by 8s. They’re all there. That's the picture part of it. Then there's also a digital room, and it's like where I always met the characters on this atrium balcony and just keep walking straight.


  You walk past, they have a gallery, which is how they have it Disney Springs or Downtown Disney, D Street or … not D Street. Other place will be like wonderland gallery. Those kinds of things, so they have lots of those things up, so you just walk past those. They have a room that has all the kiosks. The same thing you just have to key the roll card and you have all your pictures on there. I always check that every day.


  Again I keep lists, so I kept track of all the pictures I took. Then I would go check each night to make sure they were all there. Sometimes they weren’t. One time I had with Donald it was several days, and so I finally went because I couldn’t find it, but they were able to find it on my last day, so that was good. Before you go on the ship when you're in the terminal, they have a character meeting there, and that was like the longest one I’ve ever stood in. It just didn't move.


  I don't know what the deal was, but it was from Mickey. They have a model of the ship. It's a thing I always wanted. Usually it's Mickey and Minnie and they switch out, and so I was in the line forever. We were the last ones to meet Mickey, and I was so happy because he switched out with Goofy. No offense to Goofy, because I like him, but that's not where I wanted to be. I would have taken Minnie, but I wanted Mickey, and that’s fine.


  That picture though takes several days because it's like you have your card but I don't know what the deal is you're not on the ship, so it takes longer, because I had asked because they didn't have it after 2 days, and she said, “Don't worry it will be there.” They were 4 days or so into the trip, but everything else they were all there, but I would definitely keep checking because then you could go to the desk and ask. Like I said, they are not there at the desk all the time. It’s only when they are open. If you’re in a port they are not open. It’s usually night hours, like [6:00] to [11:00] type of thing.


Steph: They are only open when you are at sea?


Heather: Yeah. They have like I said the kiosks and I think that’s how you can do your photo book. That’s why I was spying someone doing the photo book. That why I was looking at it. You can order your pictures, all that kind of stuff. You can order all the digital pictures if you want. Any of that kind of stuff is also on the kiosks. It was like I said every day I went and there was nobody there. There was maybe one other person.


  Then on the last night they actually had it closed off in the front so you had to come around because the line was so long. That’s why if you want to do it, make sure you keep making these things constantly and don’t wait until the last day because that’s when most normal people go and do it the last minute. I’m trying to think is there is anything else with that kind of thing. Do you have any questions about that so see if I could jog my memory of anything else?


Steph: No I don’t think so.


Tanya: I had no idea what you are talking about. What is even happening right now? I get it. I’ve been on a cruise. I haven’t been on the Disney Cruise but I have been on cruises before so I get the whole photo process but that’s a complicated photo process.


Steph: It’s super complicated.


Tanya: That’s a whole lot of stuff.


Heather: It’s an either or. You don’t have to do your pictures … you can just do the digital ones. The digital kiosk you don’t have to … I didn’t check my prints all the time. I checked … I just thought that was cool they were all there, but the digital one is the one I checked all the time just to make sure my pictures are all there and that’s how I knew how many pictures I had.


Steph: Can you check that from other places or just inside Shutters?


Heather: The only other place I saw was and I only found that on my last night was on deck 2. They had one of your rotational dining … You have three rotational dining places and your servers go with you and your tablemates go with you for better for worse [crosstalk [00:22:16].


Steph: That’s one of the things that keeps me from wanting to be on a cruise right there.


Heather: You want to hear my story if I can make it really quick?


Steph: Yeah.


Heather: Okay. I’m on a cruise …


Steph: It’s not about somebody that’s going to be maybe listening though, right?


Heather: They will most definitely not be listening. Trust me. There’s only two bad things for the whole cruise. We had really rough seas our first night. It was pretty bad. Even the crew members were holding on to brace themselves because it was much worse than normal. That wasn’t only a bad thing. The other bad thing was our tablemates, they hate Disney. They hate Disney.


  They are DBC members because they wanted a timeshare in Orlando and that’s what they saw was on sale 25 years ago and so that’s what they bought, but they hate Disney. We would come and … you do all this stuff and then you come to dinner and you want to talk about all the exciting stuff you did. You are just all hyped up and then you come to dinner and they just hate everything and rolling their eyes …


Steph: Complain a lot.


Heather: Oh my goodness complaining.


Steph: I am so sad.


Heather: They’re like all their medical issues. It was just so bad. The first night … Again, the first night, this is our first ever cruise. They’ve been on like a billion cruises. They originally they wanted to do a Panamanian cruise, but it was full and since they are DBC members, they can get on this cruise for free so that’s why they did it. That should have been our first sign. We should have run then. The restaurants were so gorgeous and they had all these different details that were Disney themed details.


  That first night it was the royal court and so everything was different princess stuff. They had princess mosaics and the bread bowl was her coach. Instead of being like, “Wow that’s so cool,” one was saying like. “You can just get a regular bread thing and just salter around these little circles and you can make it yourself.” That’s what we had with our tablemates.


Steph: How sad. See, that was such a bummer.


Heather: They just brought everything down and the thing was we actually skipped one night because we just couldn’t handle it and we also wanted to take pictures so we did that.


Steph: How did you eat then?


Heather: They have other places. They have a quick server thing. There is like adult dining that we had booked so I had Apollo dinner once so we went to be alone. That’s a whole another thing like you say one day we we’ll have a food show. We’ll discuss that. We ended up because you have the same server with this rotational dining thing and we ran into one of them on another night because they also do all the other kind of food places when you are not eating dinner.


  He’s like, “Is something wrong?” Because he could tell and they thought it was them and they were trying way too hard. They kept us for like 10 minutes afterwards asking all these … finally we were just like … he explained it and he felt so bad. I forget what he’s called, the head server guy. He was able to find us another table because the people were eating Apollo.


Steph: That’s good.


Heather: Then on the next night he got us … because there is two different sittings and so we were on the first sitting so he got us the second sitting. We hadn’t actually eaten because we didn’t think we were going to go. My mum didn’t go. She was also packing because you have to pack early, but I went by myself. It was great because it was this other … coming back to the reason why I started talking about this is that the enchanted garden is the restaurant. It’s one of the dining ones.


  We went, the first time we couldn’t enjoy at all because it’s so cool. They had … it would go from day to night and so it would be like to sunset and then everything would change and they had flowers, the lands and they bloomed over the course. Again, they were just like. This time I was famished enough. I was sitting in the center of the restaurant. Right outside then when I left, I saw they had kiosks for the Shutters, but it wasn’t working for me so I don’t know what the deal was.


  Also, that last night I think because everybody was checking, things were much slower so maybe earlier in the trip it worked. That was the only other place I saw a kiosk for it.


Steph: Okay.


Heather: 90% of the time other than on your last night, there is no wait for that area.


Steph: Oh that’s good.


Heather: Yeah, you are fine.


Steph: You can get in there and make sure everything is there?


Heather: Yeah. I told you I’d be all over the place with this.


Tanya: Is that where we were going with that story? Oh, we circled back, okay. That’s how it happens.


Heather: Okay, and took pictures. No, I do have another thing that had to do with pictures and dining. They sometimes have the photographers in there, so they will come around. I only saw them twice because there were 2 nights I guess we didn’t go, but there were still only 2 times, other times that I saw them come. I don’t know if it’s only on certain nights or whatever. They did come in there. They weren’t really my favorite pictures because they are like close-up, because they just stand there and take your picture when you are sitting.


  You don’t see the … The pictures don’t look bad. Obviously I’ll show you any of the pictures you want, but it’s just pictures of you. It’s not really …


Steph: You don’t see the scenery or anything.


Heather: Yeah, but they did do that. When we went to Apollo there was one there so she took a picture of us. I didn’t really like it that much either because it’s just like I’m standing and my mum is sitting and then it looks like … Tanya watches Gilmore Girls too and I could picture the portrait that they were …


Tanya: Yeah, one sitting in front and one sitting behind.


Heather: The formal.


Tanya: Yeah, the formal portrait.


Heather: I didn’t really … maybe I should move my chair around instead or something. They are at dinner sometimes with that, but they won’t make it about what we are talking.


Steph: Let me ask you this question that I just thought of. Are there any super iconic shots that people need to make sure that they get? When you go to Disney world, you need to make sure that you get the castle and all of the different icons and the parks and those kinds of things. Is there anything like that on a cruise?


Heather: With the Shutters people or just in general?


Steph: Yeah. With the Shutters people.


Heather: Along with obviously the characters, most of the time they are with the characters. There is a couple of times they are not. Like on the last day they have this see you real soon. I thought it was a show but what it is, is they just come out and they go around the area and you take pictures with them, which was great.


Steph: The characters?


Heather: The characters, yeah. There was Chip and Dale the meet in that outfit, so it was great I was able to catch that. It’s a really quick thing so there’s no photographers with that but otherwise, and if you find roaming characters which I only did maybe twice, they are not with them then, but otherwise they are always with them. Along with that, the other times you will see they have … on formal night they have … you have your atrium and then they have like a staircase, so they are by the staircase on formal night.


  They are also with … they are also there on semi-formal night. Then on formal night they are also with the statue. Each ship has … I don’t know if that’s what they call the statue, but it’s a statue I guess of each ship, the Disney ship. There is 4 Disney ships. I was on the Fantasy and so that is Minnie in her peacock dress, which is actually what she meets in on formal night. One of them is Donald. One is Mickey, maybe the other is Goofy. I’m not sure.


  Each one has that statue and so that would definitely be the iconic thing. The only time that I saw a photographer there was on formal night. Everybody takes pictures there of themselves. Also, I was on the Halloween cruise so they have this Halloween tree and it blooms into having [inaudible [00:31:06] on it on Halloween night and then it’s like that the rest of the cruise. On Halloween night they had a photographer there.


Steph: It’s like it’s “Halloween night.”


Heather: Yeah. It’s Halloween night. You mean like themed it’s not actual [crosstalk [00:31:23].


Steph: It’s not actually Halloween night. It’s not October 31st.


Heather: Right, because each night on the ship is a different theme so like on my cruise I had 7 so obviously there is cruises that are less. They have like the 4 nights or 3 nights or whatever, but on mine it was 7 nights. Our second night was formal night. The third night was the Halloween night. Like I said there was a semi-formal night. There was a pirates night. That was my favorite.


Steph: I’ve heard that’s fun.


Heather: Yeah, it is so much fun. Like I said because he’s talking about all the different things and I know you want me to just talk about this.


Steph: Yeah. We only have forever.


Heather: I know. Each one has that and that’s what I mean by the Halloween night. That’s themed to that. They also have … but I guess those are the only ones they would take, but then they also had … not on the first night, but each night afterwards they have backdrops and you would love that Steph because they have … I even took … I don’t know if I’m going to find those pictures because I was looking for all that.


  Along with the backdrop, they have a sign and it tells you who the photographer is and it has their picture and it gives you this set times, because most of them had like 3 times since you have an early dinner and a late dinner. They had an early one, and then the later one and then they have a late, late one usually so it was like 10 something.


Steph: That’s cool.


Heather: They had two on one side and then one on the other side generally. They would have backdrop of the ship and on Halloween night they had a Halloween themed backdrop and on pirate night they had the Pirates of the Caribbean logo. What else did they have? They had a couple of different ships because they had a ship when it was at night or sunset. Actually when you were coming … I didn’t mention that I don’t think.


  When we were getting on the ship, when you are first boarding, before you get on the ship, they have backdrops like that too. You can skip that if you want because the line is long, but I’m not going to skip that. It’s our first day. They had those backdrops with the ship and so that’s all included. I have a tip for that. If you see one line moving faster than the other line, it’s because one side had one backdrop and the other side had two backdrops. That’s why that … so guess which one I was in.


Tanya: The slow moving obviously.


Heather: Obviously. When you get on the ship they also have those backdrops. At night they have them. They put them up. They take them down. It’s the whole process. They set the whole thing up. That was one of the nice things too with having the pictures because you get all those. They also had the backdrops that were just plain. They had a white backdrop and a black backdrop. Like I said those photographers were great.


  It wasn’t just … like even like I was saying about with the steps and in front of the statue, it wasn’t like they said, “Okay go up there and take a picture,” and that’s it. They were posing you. They’d say stand like this, do this, that whole thing just to make sure you looked good. Then once they had the backdrops, they were doing all kinds of things. They were like get on the ground. They had chairs like you stand on a chair.


  One time the one in front of us and it was like 3 generations and so they were like oh yeah, get on the ground and she was like, “Yeah, no. I’m not getting on the ground. It’s cool.” She brought over a table and then the mother and grandma were sitting on it and then the kid would lay down on the ground so she was like sticking out under the … it was like … I can’t explain what the table was like, but it was really cute because she was there with her head on her hands with the one sitting on the table. It was so cute.


  It was those kinds of things that they were making sure everything looked good. They didn’t just say get up there take your picture and get out.


Tanya: Right. That’s good.


Heather: That’s another thing where they have them. I’m trying if there is … I don’t think there’s anywhere else that I saw them on the ship. I know like I said on semi-formal night they just had them on the stairs but they didn’t have them with the statue. The thing too on formal night they have a captain’s gala thing so they give you free drinks so it’s really crowded.


  Actually I’d gone downstairs first because I was going to get in line for the character and then I saw the crazy lines for the stairs and everything and that was one of the reasons why we decided to skip dinner that day because we wanted to get pictures with all these things. Later on I noticed that for most of the things, the late night sets of anything were less lines. If you want to wait, that’s a good time to go and get your pictures there.


Steph: That’s good to know.


Heather: I’m trying to think if there is … I’m pretty sure when you do the aqueduct you get a picture and that goes on your same thing. Not 100% but I’m pretty sure I read that because I didn’t get a chance to do it.


Steph: Oh you didn’t?


Heather: No, I was going to do it on the last day and then I just … I feel like … I don’t know. There’s still so much stuff I didn’t get a chance to do. That was one of the things I was going to and I didn’t so next time.


Steph: Right. That’s the thing about cruises. People always think they’ll get bored. You’re stuck on a boat for 7 days. There is so much to do and that you’ll leave with being like oh, I didn’t do that. Why didn’t see that. There is so much to do.


Heather: There was this thing that they had which was like the same vein as the sorcerers of the magic kingdom, but they had all different themes. They had a Muppet saloon and a couple other ones. I kept saying from the second we got on the ship and I’m yeah, I want to do that and I’m going to do that and I never got a chance to do it. There is constantly people going around doing it and every time I said yeah, I’ll do it.


  There was plenty of things I didn’t do that I wanted to do, but it is, there’s a lot of stuff. Again, if you are not me running around and getting characters all the time, there are more things to do. It was great.


Steph: I’m curious to know how much time did you just lay by the pool?


Heather: I don’t know.


Steph: You don’t do that?


Tanya: It’s cute Steph. See that’s why … it’s good to know for people that don’t like that. I had to talk her into even buying a bathing suit to go on the cruise. I was like you have to go do something Caribbean-ish. Did you even put the bathing suit on?


Heather: No. I was going to and then I didn’t. I was going to and then I didn’t, but it was … there were times like because I wanted to go and take pictures in a certain place. Like I go somewhere and there were all the people there are laying out getting sun and I’m like that’s not me. Then other people they would hear me talk about doing all this stuff I’m doing that and they’re like, “Why are you doing that? Go and just lay out.” You know what I mean?


Steph: You have everything you can do. Is there anything you would want to do you can do? I went one day and I ran because on the fourth deck it’s a running track. It’s there, but that’s what the running thing is for and there were lots of people doing it too. One day we went to port and it was me taking the other boat, the tender thing.


Tanya: Tender yeah. I forget what it’s called.


Heather: We had Apollo dinner that night and it felt like it was too much, we have to go because we didn’t have an excursion anyway, so instead we stayed on the ship. I went to the fitness center and then I went and I ran around the … I did a mile running which was seriously the best I've felt running since the beginning of the year with all my issues. It’s like the first time I had nothing bothering me. It felt great. I’m sure you talk to other people and be like, “You exercise while you're on the ship? Why would you do that?” Everyone has different thing


Steph: Yeah for sure. What about places to charge?


Heather: To charge?


Steph: Charge your phone for those of us, like if you’re out and about, did you ever need to charge your phone?


Heather: The thing is you don't really use your phone that much. You have in your room, there might have been plugs. I can honestly tell you like you know I always have my charger with me. I didn’t even bring it with me anywhere. When we went out I never needed it. The only time I really used it I was checking the time even though they tell you to wear a watch, because that's how … I had a watch on, but I still kept checking my phone.


  Every night they give you what’s called a navigator, and so that has all your schedule for the next day, and that most importantly has the box with all the characters schedule. I would have that, and I would write up what I wanted to see on my phone, but I would still keep checking the paper when I was out, but I also had it on my phone. There's also an app that has all the schedule on it. It has that plan. It has all that stuff in the app. I was great.


  The problem is with the app is that you can't really see that it has all that stuff until you're on the ship, because beforehand you only get the countdown. I took a bunch of screen caps too if that’s what happened afterwards. That's pretty much the only time you’re really using it. The app also has like a chat feature so you can communicate with other people instead of texting. They have the internet but you have to pay like $20 for a like 300 megabyte. When you first get on the ship, you can get 15 megabytes.


Steph: Which you would go through and checking the time?


Heather: Yeah. When you first get on the ship, as long as you do it that first day, you get 15 megabytes for free, and I couldn’t get it to work, the first time because I wanted to post pictures after we got on and nothing was working. It wasn’t until we went on deck for the sail away party that it started working, so I was like, “This is great.” I was able to tweet and I posted up and then it was gone. That went that quickly.


  I ended up about halfway through I decided to get the internet, so I got $20 worth. Just so I could do a couple of things, because I wanted to be able to track … because it's supposed to work on Castaway Cay. I wanted to track the run because they have a 5K, so I would have that in my run Keeper, like the map of running there. What happened was when I went to start tracking it, the Internet wasn't working, so I wasn't able to track it anyway.


  It worked the rest of the day but I don't know, because of that you're not really using your phone like you normally would, so there really isn't that much a reason to have to be charging your phone all the time. I know that’s strange especially for me because you know how going back to those dinner tablemates. Normally when you're at dinner and then it's like you have nothing else to do, I would just check my phone. I’d pull out my phone, but it’s like I can’t do anything.


Steph: Yeah, thankfully social lives.


Heather: That was the time when I missed it, but it was hard over the course of it. I had it a couple times. I think I checked 1 or 2 things but I never … I had gone into it thinking maybe if I get this package, I can post a collage or something each night, that didn’t happen. You don’t really need charging. We were worried in the room if we would have enough stuff to charge, because of cameras and the phones, but it wasn't a problem.


  I can say too this has nothing to do with what we're talking about. The size of the room and the storage was like way better than I expected. I had more storage in that room than I think in any hotel room I've been in. There is a ton.


Steph: Really?


Heather: Yeah, there was.


Steph: Wow.


Heather: Especially they had the room under the bed for your suitcases, so we had at that point 3 suitcases, so they all went under the bed. There was tons … there was like 2 closets, and there was so many drawers. There were drawers next to the bed. In fact even next to the bed they had the plug, so that if I didn’t have my phone that I could use it. I could have plugged it there, but instead I put my camera right there. I don't know it was great.


  The bathrooms were bigger than I expected. I expected this tiny little thing that you couldn’t even move. You had that but that has nothing to do with the pictures.


Tanya: It does if you took a picture of the bathroom.


Heather: I did.


  Tanya     There you go. Part of your memories.


Heather: First of all I took pictures, and then I thought like, “Oh I'm here for 7 days, so I'll take more pictures.” Then I realized when I’m scheming through my pictures, that I forgot to take closer pictures of … they put a pillow on your bed, and one side has like a cruise logo thing, and then they come back into your room at night and they clean everything again. That’s when they put the navigator in your bed. Every night … this just has something to do with capturing magic.


  Every night there's like a different towel animal or they have a blanket and they can make that into a different animals or something. They do that every night and [Crosstalk [00:46:24].


Tanya: I did a whole scrapbook on the towel animals one time.


Heather: Yeah, it was that. It’s amazing.


Tanya: That’s cool.


Heather: Then they turn the pillow around and then that says a dream is a wish your heart makes. I thought I had closer pictures of those sides of the pillows and I don’t. Scrapbook fail.


Tanya: Yeah.


Heather: You go on the ship and there are so many things to take pictures of. We were talking about the thing with the Shutters, I probably should finish that.


Steph: Okay.


Heather: When you're talking about we said about the race, but for on Castaway Cay, so they are apparently out there, but I really didn’t get any pictures with them because I did the 5K. The 5K is supposed to go off the ship a half hour before everyone else, but there was a delay so we ended up going at the same time, but because of that it took … it's really hot, so it took me even longer to do the 5K than normal.


  The characters are only out on the island until like most of them [10:30], [10:45], and the race ended up starting after [9:00]. I had to race afterwards to just try to get one character by the ship. Then I ran back on the ship and dried off of it and changed and grabbed my good camera and went back out to try to catch the other characters. In that time they had photographers out by the ship, so you could get your picture in front of the ship.


  Both times when I was going out to the 5K I saw them and I was thinking of stopping, but then I thought, “I don't know where I'm going.” I didn’t want to lose the group then that was it. Then when I came back like I said I was in a rush, I had to make sure I caught them before they left. Then we ate. Afterwards, I went back to sea and they were gone. I found out afterwards are only there until [11:00].


  If you want your iconic picture in front of the ship, like do it before [11:00], don’t be me and being upset the rest of the day because I don’t have a picture in front of the boat. The other thing was too when I was quickly going back and forth I saw photographers out in other places on the island, but again I couldn't stop, and then I didn't see them again. I was talking to the photographer afterwards and she said they were out there until [4:00].


  I don't know where they were, but you find them, apparently you can find them you could see you can get a lot of pictures there, but unfortunately I missed out. They were with the characters. Most of the characters that were out, so I got those at least. There's tons of places to take pictures there. The thing I felt really bad about with Castaway Cay is that it was really windy, and so they canceled almost every excursion and tour and anything that people were signed up for. Even the adult beach was closed. You couldn’t go in the water.


Steph: Probably you need to mention this was right after hurricane Matthew too right?


Tanya: Yeah.


Heather: Yeah, in the beginning that's why I think the first night was so rough, is that I think it was the remnants of the Nicole, because they had another one right afterwards. That was the one that … because Matthew had finished by then, but Nicole was there. I think that was the first day, but this time this was almost a week later. I don't know what that was a pretty … because it was even the night before that, they always said that either going into Castaway Cay and for those who don’t know, that’s Disney’s private island.


  That’s the thing that people look forward to the entire trip. Usually going into it or coming out of it is rough. When we were going into it, it was actually a lot rougher than they said is normal. This is our luck again. They were like, “Next night it will be fine,” but then the next night was also a little rough. We just luck into that kind of stuff. On Castaway Cay it was really windy. I wasn’t signed up for any of that stuff obviously, but a lot of other people were and I felt bad that they … I don’t know but that was.


Steph: Disney can’t control the weather.


Heather: I know. The funny thing …


Tanya: What?


Steph: Not outside.


Tanya: They should know. Just say close everything in a bubble and make it easier on us.


Heather: The thing was they give you a comment card at the end to fill out about everything, but one of the things they even list is about the weather and that kind of thing. I’m like why are they asking that? That’s not their fault.


Steph: It’s funny.


Heather: I’m trying to think if there is anything else. I did the 5K when you were done. You know how when we did about The Run Disney show and they said they have marathon photo used to have the person taking your picture right away and now they don’t have that? They have that. One of the photographers is there taking your picture with them all.


Steph: Right at the end.


Heather: Yeah, so I got that.


Steph: That’s good.


Heather: Yeah. They don’t have I think … I don’t know, because I didn’t go to meet any characters in a set meeting spot that night. That was the last night because like I said they had that other show, that thing so I was able to catch all those characters then. I don’t think they had the photographers out for those either. As I was saying when you are on this ship, you know all these people because there is only so many, especially if you are doing something a lot with pictures or with the characters you know them.


  We knew all these people and every time we’d be talking with them. I got a picture even with one of the photographers because we are like seeing him all the time. She was saying that because it’s that last night and they have to be working on printing the pictures, getting everything all together that kind of thing, they’re not taking any pictures. On that last night I’m not sure even the characters had photographers with them or not. That’s another thing to think about.


Steph: Think about as you are making your plans.


Heather: Yeah. Definitely the big tip is just keep checking your pictures throughout the whole thing. I don’t think I mentioned that. What we ended up doing is because you have the prints in the folder and you see them and they looked really nice. They were good quality. It wasn’t cheap like oh I printed it on this …


Steph: My home printer.


Heather: Yeah, they were high quality pictures. This is probably why they do it so then you want to go and buy them. I bought the digital thing as I said, but then we saw the pictures. My mum was like oh and I could show it to people because I don’t usually print the pictures unless I’m making a book or something. We ended up deciding to buy the pictures also.


Steph: Oh no.


Heather: Yes.


Tanya: Heather, you could have just taken those photos, slapped them in a book for your mum to take to work.


Steph: She wanted you to buy her a book. How much more did that cost you?


Heather: It’s an extra $100 so for all the pictures.


Tanya: I guess that’s the cost of our photo book though.


Heather: Yeah.


Tanya: It’s less than the photo book.


Heather: Yeah, because I was going to do it. If people they put pictures around the house or whatever. They are great pictures, but I was just going to get the digital but whatever. I had these pictures but the thing was thing as I said I would check the digital thing every day to make sure I had all my pictures, but I didn’t do that for the hard copy pictures. Like I said we had decided to do this maybe day 5 or so that we went and we purchased the extra $100 for the prints, but I hadn’t been checking the pictures.


  On the last night I went and I’m like, I wonder if I have all my pictures. I counted them and like I said I was supposed to have 305 and I only had about 220-ish. You think of all those pictures, I’m like how am I supposed to even figure out because they are not in any kind of order. At least in the kiosk digital thing they were pretty much in order so that’s why it was always easy for me to figure it out. I’m like I have no idea what I’m missing.


  You can go through and figure them out, but that was already like [11:00] at night. Late night. There was a couple … I knew that the Castaway Cay pictures weren’t there so they went and printed those. I just couldn’t go through and figure out what I had. I do not have all my prints, even though I paid for them. Obviously I can print them myself, but that’s a tip too. You want to get the prints, make sure you go through all those, or just don’t take a lot then it will be easier to figure what ….


Tanya: What kind of photo book is it? Is it a bound photo book or is it …?


Heather: That’s the thing because I am thinking you know how picky I am.


Tanya: Yeah, or is it a three ring binder and some T-sector?


Heather: What it looked like because they had them out there for you to look through. I’m trying to remember if I took a picture of them or not, but it looked to me like a shutter fly book. Hardcover …


Tanya: Thin pages.


Heather: Yeah, it was thin pages. It had the jacket that you could take off that said fantasy. Like I said, for us it’s not something we would get because we could easily do it ourselves and better.


Tanya: Then have Adorama pics printed for the same price or less.


Heather: Yeah. I think I opened it and looked at it. It looked fine. It did not look bad. I know we had another show where we were talking about the quality of things and you know I’ve gotten with it. I’ve been bad. It looked good, but it wasn’t Adorama quality. I don’t remember how many pages was in it either. It was … let me see if that picture I took had it. If not I will have to, I don’t know. No, it just say personalized. I don’t know if I can find that out somewhere, but it didn’t look that thick. I don’t think I could have fit all 305 pictures in it.


Tanya: No.


Heather: They also had gifts, mugs and that kind of thing that you could get your picture on like anything. I’m trying to think was there anything else important. The thing too like I said those photographers, they were just so great. I was so impressed by them and they were also nice and patient because when I’d be getting my character pictures, I’d be taking the pictures so it wasn’t like one snap picture and I’m done. That’s not me.


  They knew what they … It’s funny because the character attendance, I knew a lot of them too because they’re so much … they are also the ones that are in the shows. It’s like there wasn’t a show, I didn’t know them as much because there were so many of them, but otherwise they were as a couple. They would know if I was there by myself to get a picture I knew if it was the people that I had seen a lot they knew to take a lot, not just one picture.


  That’s definitely the thing. You become, I don’t want to say friends but you know these people because they are just … if you do one thing, you do it a couple times during the trip you are going to constantly see the same one over and over. It’s the same people. You go to the bar, it’s the same bartender the entire time. I think that’s a really interesting thing because they know you and they have such amazing memory.


  I just can’t believe that they will see something once and they will completely remember your name, where you are from. That’s like, “How do you know this?” I just think of how they have to do this. There’s thousands of people and then the next week there is new people.


Tanya: Do it all again.


Heather: It’s just amazing. I also say that since we were talking about the hurricane that because they had cancelled one cruise before ours and they also shortened another one. A lot of the people that were on those, they ended up rebooking onto our ship so we had 1,000 extra people that we weren’t supposed to have and it never felt crowded. I don’t often use to Disney where that’s crowded or what the deal was, but it never felt like oh my goodness there are so many people.


  There’s fireworks, so even for something like that where everybody would be out there or the deck party. The only time I felt there was people was on the Halloween night they had a little show thing, which was really cute in the atrium. They had two shows. The first one I happened to be upstairs right next to where they were doing it. I didn’t realize it, but I was waiting for the character of course. I got a really great video of the dancing because I was right there.


  Then I said okay, I need to watch the second show for where you’re supposed to. When I went down on the atrium, you couldn’t really see it because they were up on the balcony. When they were back you couldn’t see it. I was like, “It was much better up there,” but when I was down there, there was like a ton of people. That was the only time I felt there is a lot of people but I still didn’t feel like I was at a Disney park or something. It wasn’t overbearing amount of people.


Steph: That’s good. That’s really good. I am so glad that you had so much fun on your trip, Heather. It’s made me really want to go on a cruise now too.


Heather: I know. It sounds fun. I could talk for 20 more hours about it I’m sure.


Steph: Yeah, you probably would.


Tanya: Please don’t.


Steph: It sounds like a lot of fun. It is something that I definitely want to do. I think it’s something every Disney fan wants to do. I am a little nervous about it because I do get motion sickness so easy and then being stuck with these people that I might not like for a week.


Heather: Now that you know though if you did that, if you said something right away, they would move you. If we had some … I think I even said to my mum after the third night or something, we should say something. Maybe they can move us. She’s like “No, no,” so we didn’t and that’s what they said. They want you to be happy.


Tanya: They are very accommodating.


Heather: Yeah. We felt bad because our servers those two nights we weren’t with them they were like, we want you to be happy. This is your cruise. That’s when we were talking about and I said how I even … we booked this in March, but I said okay, we are going to go on the cruise in January. I’ve been thinking about doing this for years. I’ve been looking forward to it and all these kinds of things. When you are sitting at the dinner like in the restaurant where you’ve been dreaming about for years and then you are just like whatever.


Steph: They hate it. That would be so awful.


Heather: It’s a deflated balloon so they were like yeah, we understand. We want you to be happy. This is your vacation.


Tanya: You have to remember that Heather only had two people there with her too so there was like she was going too stuck at a table with other people. If you have more people in your group, like you Steph would have like 5 people. You could probably find a table that weren’t just you guys. Like you have …


Steph: How many do they put at a table?


Heather: It depends. There’s all different ones. We actually like I even asked my travel agent if we could have be like ourselves and he said, “Yeah, I’m going to try. You can ask for that.” I think it’s because they had to add so many people that it just wasn’t possible. I don’t even remember seeing any tables that had just two. There were tables, like we were at a table for four so if you had four, but there were bigger tables. There was all different sizes. I definitely think if you had 5 you’d probably not be someone …


Tanya: It might just be us.


Heather: If you have 2 or maybe even 3, maybe it would stick you with someone. Most of the people we were moved and I made us palate and I was watching the table next to us and I knew that they weren’t together because I had seen both of them in different groups around the ship in character lines. I could tell even when I was watching that they weren’t. It was a bigger table, but it was probably around like two groups of three maybe that were at the table.


  Like my mum said they should do some kind of thing where they put you together with people who are your same age, or something else like the table I was watching they both had little girls the same age so that made sense.


Steph: Maybe they did on some of them.


Heather: Yeah, but they were like, oh they love Disney and they hate Disney. That will be perfect.


Steph: Maybe the people that love Disney can convert them.


Tanya: That’s funny. Crew ships are different with the motion sickness thing too, Steph.


Steph: Are they?


Tanya: I get motion sickness, like I get car sick. I can barely go on star tours anymore.


Steph: You’re like me.


Tanya: I get super motion sickness and I’ve never got sick on a cruise.


Steph: Really? That’s good to know.


Heather: I can tell you that we were really worried about that. I don’t get motion sickness or anything really, but we got everything. We got their stands. There is the patch. There is like a Dramamine. We had ginger gum. We had all the stuff. Like I said that first … what happens is first night and I was just standing in line for Pluto. Everything goes back to character. All of a sudden I feel like I want to fall over because I looked outside and it was little after we had left.


  All of a sudden I just felt this had I had to turn around and not watch. I thought it was just me. I don’t know if it’s going to feel like this the whole cruise. I don’t know what I’m going to do. Then when we went to dinner, people were practically falling over. They couldn’t even stand up. It’s not funny, but they were just standing there. I knew it wasn’t just me. Actually, when we went to dinner the server said green apples helps with this so they gave me those green apples. I don’t think it helped.


Steph: I’ve never heard that.


Heather: I know. I never head it either, but I guess someone else said cracker, I knew crackers but not that. They just kept saying this is unusual. This is not … it’s usually the first night is a little because of where you are going or something, but it’s not usually this bad. We went into the store because again, the stores are closed when you first get on and so we were looking through the windows, I want that and that. As soon as it was open we were in the store.


  They were holding onto things and these are the ones who have been on the ship for years and they were like, “Yeah, this is not normal.” We went back to the room and it was… I’d always heard that the front end of the ship was worse for that, but then people said it didn’t matter, you wouldn’t feel it. We went back to the room and oh my goodness, we felt it because it was really bad that night and I just grabbed the bands and stuck them on and ran out of the room, went back to the middle of the shop.


  Bands, I don’t know if they helped or anything, but they said to keep it on the whole time so I slept with it. When I work up my hands were completely numb. This is why I took them off. That was fun most of the time.  It was I don’t think you have … I was really worried about that. My mum was really worried, but other than that first night … she actually took Dramamine later that night and then she was fine afterwards, but she never had to take it again.


Steph: That’s good.


Heather: A couple of times it was a little rougher, but it wasn’t like oh, I’m going to be sick. I never felt like I was going to be sick. I just felt a little dizzy.


Steph: That’s good. That gives me hope that I can handle a cruise.


Tanya: I think you would be fine. Take some Dramamine, you’re good. That’s what I always did.


Steph: All right. Let’s remind our listeners. Tanya, they can find you at … do you want to tell them actually?


Tanya: Yes. At everymagicmoment.com and on all social media at TanyaH666.


Steph: Perfect. Heather.


Heather: My character site is heatherw.com/character. I love characters. On Twitter and Instagram, and all those places I am HeatherW25. On Facebook it’s I love characters and I will probably be posting pictures from the cruise for the next five years so there is a lot.


Steph: That’s good. I wanted to mention on this podcast that I just launched a new website and stuff called Modern Photo Solutions. There’s a podcast there as well Modern Photo Solutions all dedicated to helping people find modern photo solutions that fit with their life right now. There is a free class all about Google photos which if you’ve been a long time listener of the podcast, you know John tried to turn us all into Google photo users a long time ago.


Tanya: We just scoffed at him.


Steph: Yeah, but that was really, that was before it was Google photos. That was when it was part of Google+ and I was not going to be using Google+ so it was really smart of Google to roll it out as an independent product. It’s pretty amazing. If you want to check that out you can text the word, one word all together Photofab to 44222 and you will get a direct link to it or just go to modernphotosolutions.com and there is a link on the homepage to the free class.


Heather: Fancy.


Steph: Yeah. Thanks for being here again girls. I appreciate it.


Tanya: Thanks for having us.


Steph: We’ll see you next time on Capturing Magic.