Disney Downloads for Devices

One of my favorite resources for Disney downloads can be found on the Disney Insider site. There are free downloadable wallpapers, buddy icons, and even some posters and printables. When I went looking for a new desktop wallpaper the other day, I found this beautiful one that makes me excited for our next Disney trip!

I even used it as a background for a virtual birthday card to send to Steph! All I had to do was open it in Photoshop Elements and add some text. I saved it as a new image and attached it to an email for her. The font I used is a free one called Lobster. 

When you wan to find new downloads, all you need to do is use the drop down menu bars on the site to choose the character or movie you want to access.

Many of the downloads are only sized for web, device, and computer usage. The wallpapers will look best when displayed on your computer and won't be high enough quality to use for most printing projects. For more tips on using desktop wallpapers, check out this post over at The Daily Digi. It's so much fun to be able to “decorate” your phone or devices in Disney style! Wouldn't you just love being able to see these guys every time you turn on your computer?

Have you found any fun downloads on the Insider site? We'd love to know about them!