Disney Holiday Happenings – CM096

Disney Holiday Happenings


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Heather and Tanya are fresh back from a holiday Disney trip and here to share all of the new holiday stuff going on for Disneyland and Disney World. Tanya is also giving us an update on how her low light photo taking went with the new iPhone 7plus on Disney dark rides and at night.

Santa in California Adventure Disneyland

Christmas Magic Shot in California Adventure

News Boys performance Holidays in California Adventure

Holiday show Disney California Adventure

Disneyland holiday show Disney California Adventure


Steph: Hey, everyone. Welcome to Capturing Magic. I am Steph, and I am here today with Tanya Hickman, who can be found at EveryMagicMoment.com. Hey, Tanya.


Tanya: Hello.


Steph: Heather Winfield, who can be found at HeatherW.com/character. Hi, Heather.


Heather: Hi.


Steph: You girls just got back from a magical Christmas holiday trip to Disneyland


Tanya: Yes.


Steph: Yay. I'm so excited. I'm so excited to hear about it.


Tanya: It was a lot of fun. We should probably start with Disney World, though, whatever updates, because I have a lot to talk about for Disneyland.


Steph: Do you?


Tanya: Heather, get that out of the way now. Just get it out of the way.


Steph: Let's be fast, because Tanya has a lot apparently.


Tanya: Well, I talk fast so it's really not that much.


Steph: Okay, what we are today … We are talking about the new Christmas updates, holiday stuff, and then also just some new stuff in general that's been rolled out, I think, at Disney World. There's not new stuff in general at Disneyland is there?


Tanya: I don't think so.


Steph: Yeah. I saw holiday stuff. Yeah. Let's start that at Disney World. Let's start with the general stuff first before we jump into holiday, shall we Heather?


Heather: Okay. Well general wise, it's also at Disneyland, but Moana is meeting now.


Steph: Yay.


Heather: Yay, they didn't pull a Nick and Judy and not have them meet at Disney World. Although it's weird, they have her meeting at One Man's Dream at Hollywood Studios.


Steph: Oh, yeah?


Heather: Yeah. As typical-


Steph: Bad lighting.


Heather: -Disney, horrible lighting, a cheesy backdrop, but she's meeting so that's the important thing. At Disneyland-


Tanya: That backdrop is really cheesy. I mean, we'll take it, but it's cheesy.


Heather: At Disneyland, she's meeting in Adventureland. It's over near between the Jungle Cruise and Aladdin Oasis.


Steph: Nice.


Heather: Much better lighting there, so if you have a choice, go to Disneyland and meet her there. She's meeting, so that's the good thing. Elena's meeting, too. That's, I don't know if you'd say new. It's kind of with the holiday thing at Disneyland so I don't want to take away from Tanya's talking, but come on.


Steph: It's not very often that Tanya has a whole bunch to talk about.


Heather: At Disney World, she's in the Princess Fairytale Hall. She's kicked out Aurora. She's meeting there, so you can get her with the FastPass and everything, so that's good. I think that should be the only character updates. I was expecting to talk about general things, so I'm like trying to go through my brain.


Steph: There's a new show at Disney World that I wanted to talk about at Disney Springs that I'm really excited about because-


Heather: That's a holiday-


Steph: Oh, it's a holiday. I'm sorry, you're right.


Tanya: Gosh, Steph. Come on.


Steph: Dang it, I'm jumping the gun. What the heck?


Heather: I was all, “Wait a minute, I don't know about this one.”


Steph: You're right.


Tanya: There's the Moana Magic Shot, too.


Steph: Yes. I was going to say that, Moana Magic Shot.


Heather: Yeah. It's one of the ones where it's a thing that's before it type of thing, or it comes up and it's graphics from like Maui's tattoos things and then the music, and then your picture shows up.


Steph: That's cute.


Heather: Yeah, it's cute. I don't think there's any other Magic Shots or anything like that. I think all the Christmas Magic Shots are ones that they've had in the past also.


Steph: Okay. All right, then let's jump to Christmas.


Heather: Yay, Christmas. Do you want to start at Disney Springs since we-


Steph: Since we've already jumped the gun on that.


Tanya: Since you brought it up.


Steph: Right, yeah. Okay.


Heather: Do you want to talk about it?


Steph: Sure. I'll talk about it. I just saw a little thing on it that I was trying to pull up, and now I can't find it. I'm like, “I lost my thought.”


Heather: It's called … The official name is-


Steph: Yeah, I don't even know the actual name.


Heather: Yeah, I had to look it up. Since I looked it up, we're mentioning it. The official name is Starbright Holidays, but basically what it's known as is the drone show.


Steph: The drone show, yes.


Tanya: Oh, yeah. Now I know what you're talking about. I didn't know it had a name.


Steph: What's the name again, Heather?


Heather: It's called Starbright Holidays. Actually, it's called Starbright Holidays, an Intel Collaboration.


Steph: Oh.


Heather: If you need that specific for your information, there you go, but it's a drone show. If you're asking a cast member or somebody, she'll be like, “What's the … They won't know.


Steph: Yeah, for sure. Okay, so the drone show. What it is basically is a bunch of drones, so cool, quadcopters they have synchronized that they're flying, and they make … They have LED lights and stuff on them, and they make designs in the sky.


Tanya: That's pretty neat. The pictures I've seen look pretty cool.


Steph: Yeah. It does look-


Heather: Yeah, they're like Christmas tree and that kind of stuff.


Tanya: Yes, and they have music playing and stuff?


Steph: Yeah.


Tanya: Or is it just random drones in the sky? “What is that?”


Steph: It's accompanied by original Disney arrangement of classic holiday songs recorded by a full orchestra. Yes.


Tanya: Fun.


Steph: Yeah. It looks way cool. Way, way, way cool.


Heather: Yeah. The good thing with that, too, is it's into the first week of January. Some things only go to the end of the year, and then other things they go into January 8th, or 10th, or so. You have more of a chance to see. Since that's one of the things I know I can catch when I'm back, I haven't watched video and stuff it. I'm excited to see it in person, hopefully.


Steph: Yeah.


Heather: Apparently you have to … You can't see it everywhere in Disney Springs, so I think you have to be on the west side, not the marketplace area.


Steph: Right.


Heather: I've seen some people complaining about, I don't know, “I didn't see anything.”


Steph: Yeah. It says above the west side of Disney Springs waterfront, so there you go.


Tanya: People shouldn't complain because it written right there.


Steph: It's written right there, yes. Right there.


Tanya: Do people not check the Internet?


Steph: I know. I think we're kind of in the minority when it comes to planning Disney trips, you know?


Tanya: I know.


Heather: There's two shows-


Tanya: “I've got to [inaudible [00:06:49] about this?”


Steph: Yeah.


Tanya: There's two shows?


Steph: Two shows?


Heather: Yeah, there's two. It's [7:00] and [8:30], I think.


Steph: Okay. Check the Internet.


Tanya: Yeah, check the Internet. Google is your friend.


Steph: Yes. Okay, what else have we got going on? I know there's more … Aren't there some special photo spots in Disney Springs, too?


Heather: Yeah. They have a lot of backdrops for the holidays. They have these stilt walking characters. Okay, there's like a toy soldier and snowflakes, so they're okay. Then there are the … You need to go online and look it up, or we'll have to get a picture and put it on the [inaudible [00:07:35]. It's the bear and a gingerbread man, and they're nightmare inducing. They're scary looking, which is why I need to meet them because they are so scary looking that they're-


Tanya: I don't understand Disney's obsession with stilt walkers. I don't.


Steph: I don't either.


Tanya: I don't get it.


Steph: Honestly.


Tanya: Eh, whatever.


Heather: That's like at Disney Springs, they've been doing that kind of stuff. They had it for Halloween. They had the stilt walkers that were … They were not scary looking, which you would think. They're for Halloween, they would have the scary looking one, and not for Christmas.


Tanya: I guess I can understand it at Disney Springs or Downtown Disney, but when I see them in the parks it's when it irks me. I don't know, it's whatever.


Steph: It doesn't make sense, yeah.


Tanya: Yeah. It just doesn't make sense to me.


Steph: No. No, I agree. Okay. They have had in the past … I was going to say, “I heard a dog.” Okay. The Frozen holiday shop background in Disney Springs, and I'm assuming that's back again this year.


Heather: Oh, you mean over by the Christmas shop?


Steph: Yeah.


Heather: Yeah. Yeah, I assume so also. I haven't seen any pictures, but it's not like they're going to get rid of a Frozen thing.


Steph: Yeah, for sure. In the past, they have had PhotoPass photographers there sometimes, too.


Heather: Yeah. They've been having more PhotoPass photographers in Disney Springs in general.


Steph: They've been listening to our show, obviously.


Heather: Yeah.


Steph: Because a lot of the things that we've been mentioning have been popping up, I just want to say.


Heather: They also have a whole Christmas tree trail that is for different movies and characters, like a Tangled one, and Moana, and all these different … I don't know how many there are, but again, since I'm going later I thought … I try not to spoil myself as much as I can. I've seen pictures, but I don't know exactly how many they have. That's a new thing that they have at Disney Springs. They have a tree lighting now, which I actually haven't heard too much about. They have a different tree then they used to, I believe. Have you heard anything about that?


Tanya: Nope.


Heather: Okay.


Steph: I may have awhile ago. I just forgot about it.


Tanya: Nope.


Heather: Yeah. I haven't really seen too much about it, but I know that they do have … I have seen pictures of the tree that looks nicer than … They used to have that one with the toys on it over by-


Steph: Yeah.


Heather: This, apparently, is nicer.


Steph: Yeah, okay. I like the trees at the resorts better. The tree in Downtown Disney, or sorry, in Disney Springs, kind of wah wah for me a little bit, so that's why I'm like, “I don't know that I would want to go to Disney Springs for a Christmas tree lighting.”


Heather: Well, it' nicer.


Steph: Yeah. Nicer than it was, that's good.


Heather: Oh, yeah. Yeah, so that's good. They have Santa there, and once you get to Christmas Eve, then it's Santa Goofy. They do the thing that they did last year with the pager.


Steph: Nice.


Heather: You can go shop in all the places.


Steph: Yeah, and then they'll page you when it's time to come back and meet. Right?


Heather: Yep.


Steph: Cool. Okay. What else have we got?


Heather: They also have a … I don't know what it is, if it's like a scavenger hunt kind of things, or one of these things, but it's like a Stitch thing so that's why I didn't pay too much attention because I'm not big on Stitch. It's around Disney Springs. I think you have to go to different, I don't know, stores or areas, and then you get a button. It's like one of those game things you can do.


Tanya: You get a button. Don't sound too disappointed, Heather.


Steph: You know what? My kids would be all over that. Just saying.


Tanya: Love me a good button. Yeah.


Steph: Yeah.


Heather: It's stuff. That just started, because that was after Thanksgiving they started that one. I've been starting to see pictures of it.


Steph: Okay. Popping up on social?


Heather: Yeah.


Steph: Okay.


Heather: I think that's it for Disney Springs, unless you-


Steph: Nope. That sounds good. There's not a ton of stuff down there. For me, the biggest thing is that new show. It's super cool, and I'm excited about it. Yeah. Everyone needs to check that one out for sure. Okay, what else? Moving into the parks?


Tanya: Yes.


Heather: Yeah. I guess let's start with Hollywood Studios because I think they probably have the biggest new show thing. Is that okay?


Steph: Yeah. Yeah.


Heather: Okay.


Tanya: No. No, Heather. No.


Steph: Go for it.


Heather: Obviously, Hollywood Studios always had Osborne Lights, so this is like it's replacing it, which is not as good as anything would be for the Osborne Lights, but we have to move on.


Steph: Yes. They're making us.


Heather: Unfortunately. They have a new show and it's called Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM. That's probably the best part of the whole thing is the name.


Steph: I love the name.


Tanya: You just said it the best way, too.


Steph: I know. Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM. It's like Emeril Lagasse.


Tanya: That's hilarious.


Steph: Take a week off and we get punchy, girls. My goodness.


Heather: I always want to know how they come up with these names. They have the same five words, and they just mix them up.


Steph: It's the truth.


Heather: [inaudible [00:13:45].


Steph: It's the truth.


Heather: If you've been to Hollywood Studios, and they have their new Star Wars fireworks show, it's the same idea where it's mostly the projections on the Chinese Theater, and then the fireworks are over to the side. You have to be in a certain area. You have to be able to see the Chinese Theater in order to really get the whole effect of the show. It's not like it used to be that you could kind of be anywhere in the park and see the fireworks.


Steph: Right.


Heather: I'm not as high on those kind of things as I was the old fireworks show. Again, since I haven't been there and I'm going at the end of the year, so I haven't watched video of it, but I've seen a lot of pictures. It looks nice. I've heard mixed reports because it's lead by the ones from that Prep & Landing, and I think a lot of people don't really know as much about it so it's kind of confusing. Like, why are they doing this whole thing? That's what I'm hearing.


Tanya: They really try to push that Prep & Landing at holiday times.


Steph: They do. My kids loved it, and so they loved the Prep & Landing stuff when we were there during the holidays, but it's not-


Tanya: It comes out of left field every holiday.


Steph: Yeah.


Tanya: People are like, “Where'd this come from?” It just kind of appears. It's cute, but it just appears.


Steph: Yeah.


Heather: Yeah. They have a whole bunch of different movies, and shows, and characters in it, but they're the ones running it. From what I've heard, they said if it was something else, it would've made more sense. They think Santa's missing or something, and so then they're trying to find him as they go through all the different … You know Disney. That's the big new thing. The projections from what I've seen pictures of look really cool. I don't know as much about what the fireworks. They have lasers. Lasers on that thing are cool.


Steph: Yeah.


Tanya: Lasers are always good.


Heather: Yes. Lasers are always good. That's the big thing. They also have added garlands, which is nice because everywhere else has gotten rid of them lately. I like that they added that. Again, does it make up for Osborne Lights?


Steph: No.


Heather: Oh, and they added … Santa now meets at Hollywood Studios. He meets at the Once Upon A Time store. Again, he switches out with Santa Goofy, and Santa is done.


Tanya: They have regular Santa switching out with Santa Goofy?


Steph: What the heck?


Tanya: That's so weird.


Heather: Once they get to December 24th, you don't have to tell Santa what you want anymore because that's it.


Tanya: I'm not buying it. I want to see him after the fact.


Steph: That's so weird.


Tanya: I need someone to yell at that I didn't get the present I wanted.


Steph: Yeah. Really, they should just have separate meet and greets. Let Santa have his own.


Heather: That's how that Disney thinks. They do that all around the … Like I said, they did it at Disney Springs. Although, when he meets at Magic Kingdom, he's just gone. They don't have Santa Goofy there. I don't know what to say.


Steph: Same at Epcot, too. We went and met Santa at Epcot. It was just Santa. They didn't switch out.


Tanya: I've never heard of-


Heather: They don't switch out. He's there until December 24th, and then after December 24th it's Santa Goofy meeting in that same spot.


Steph: Oh. I thought you-


Tanya: Oh. I thought you meant like when Santa takes his cookie break, Goofy comes in.


Steph: That's what I thought, too. I was like, “What?” That's what I thought, too. It made no sense to me, but that's why it makes no sense is because it doesn't exist. I'm so glad to hear Disney does not do that.


Heather: What they should do is they should have Santa switch out with the reindeer.


Tanya: I would meet his reindeer.


Steph: I would, too.


Heather: If you go to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, they have a dance party, and it has-


Tanya: [inaudible [00:17:58].


Heather: -reindeer. I know. Last year they had the meeting, but this year they stuck them in the dance party.


Tanya: I've almost gotten hurt at like three dance parties trying to get photos.


Heather: You got the photo, right? That's the important part.


Steph: Wasn't she getting photos for you?


Tanya: No.


Heather: No.


Tanya: The first time at Not-So-Scary Halloween party, I needed to get a picture with Bullseye. Like, I needed to. I almost got hooved like four times. He did not want to hold still.


Steph: Okay. I thought you were trying to take a picture of Heather with Bullseye. I forgot it was you-


Tanya: Oh, no. I've almost got hurt trying to do that, too.


Heather: The dance parties are one of the top things I hate as a character hunter. They're just such a pain.


Tanya: Because they always bring out good characters for them. It's just a pain.


Heather: Then they're like, “They're just dancing. They're not here to pose.” No.


Tanya: No, no, no.


Heather: We are getting a picture. I am standing here until you turn around.


Tanya: The funniest that, I wish I had it on video, of … Heather will just stand dead pose next to the character while they're dancing and just have me snap photos. It's the funniest thing. Sometimes you move with the character, just dance with them to take the photo. No, Heather's just posing. She's like, “They'll stop eventually. They'll stop eventually.” It's so funny.


Steph: Okay. Moving on down the list.


Heather: Since we're now talking about the dance party, I guess you might as well go to Magic Kingdom.


Steph: Okay.


Heather: Oh, and then the dance parties. They don't have anything new during the day. Although, they have their castle show, the … What was it called? The Fan Fare, Mickey's … Oh my goodness, I can't remember. I know the drone show.


Tanya: It's the castle show. Nobody calls it anything else.


Heather: The castle show. No, I'm going to [inaudible [00:19:58]. The Royal Fantasy Fair, Royal Fair, Friendship Fair, something like that. The castle show that they now have. Every season they have a special song or something they do. For the holidays they have a holiday song, and they wear scarves. It looks cute from the picture I've seen. It's nice, I think, they're doing that, because they have one for the fall also. I still haven't seen the whole show because when it debuted, my first trip afterwards was July when it was the hottest I've ever been in my life in the park. I watched the show, and after two seconds I was drenched. I didn't get a chance to catch it, really, in the whole time then. Last trip, I only went to Magic Kingdom during the Halloween party, so I still haven't caught the whole thing yet, but they have that. Then during Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, mentioned the dance party, so this time the dance party has the reindeer and it also has a polar bear.


Tanya: What?


Heather: Now you want to go the dance party, don't you?


Tanya: Just tell me what Disney cartoon this polar bear is located in.


Heather: It used to be in the … They used to have a different show, castle show. It was to celebrate the seasons, and they had that for years. That was a really cool show. They had polar bears, and they had Mickey as in the Nutcracker.


Tanya: Aww, cute.


Heather: They had ballet dancers. I really liked that show. It's gone now. Now they have a new show which is called Mickey's Most Merriest Celebration. Again, we're just throwing all the words in. I haven't seen it, but I hear it's different. There's a song about selfies in it.


Tanya: What?


Heather: Yeah. Daisy's on the phone. The cool thing, they had Three Caballeros in it. They seemed to have a lot of cool characters. Wendy's in it, [Alice [00:22:08]. They have the new articulated faces, so-


Tanya: There's some pretty cool outfits.


Heather: Yeah, they do, and Clarabelle Cow. It looks cute from pictures. From what I've read about it, I'm not sure, but hopefully I'm going to catch. When they have the Christmas party, then they have the parade … The shows and stuff are only at the party, but then the last two weeks of the year between Christmas and New Years they have it during the day, the parade and the show. I'm going to be there on the 30th, so I'm hoping to catch the parade and the show hopefully. I can see then the selfie song, or whatever.


Tanya: The selfie song, that's hilarious.


Steph: I think it sounds cute.


Tanya: Yeah. It looks cute. The pictures of it look cute.


Heather: Yeah. They look really cute. Mickey and Minnie have really cute Christmasy outfits.


Tanya: Awesome.


Steph: Cute.


Heather: I think that's the only new thing. At the party, they have Nick and Judy finally meeting.


Steph: Oh, that's good.


Heather: I'm hopeful they'll put them somewhere else, maybe, after the season's over. From what I'm hearing at Disneyland, they're not as crazy and long lines that they used to be, so maybe they know it's dying down and they can put them in somewhere. I don't know. Right now at least, that's what they're doing. I think that should be all the new stuff for that.


Steph: Cool.


Heather: Like I said, the Magic Shots, they have the same ones. You can see on our site the different, like the mistletoe ones and all that.


Steph: Yes.


Heather: Oh, there is one other new thing, which probably only I care about. The princes all have new outfits.


Tanya: A-ha.


Heather: They've all gotten re-dos. The Christmas party's the first time that they were wearing that. Prince Phillip's, his outfit was a [hoplofor [00:24:17], something that didn't have anything to do with the movie. It just looked bad. It looks very much like what he wears in the Festival of Fantasy parade, but it looks so much more like the movie. That's a huge upgrade.


Tanya: Yeah. Their outfits look a lot better now.


Heather: Yeah. Snow White's prince, and Prince Charming. Prince Charming isn't too much different, but it still has been tweaked. They all meet at the Christmas party. That would be the reason for me to go to the party, the princes.


Steph: When do you head back?


Heather: I'm going December 30th.


Steph: Okay.


Heather: Until whenever the races are over, the next week. Usually I would go on a Tuesday-ish. I figured if I go a couple days earlier I can catch New Year's Eve for the first time, so that's what I'm doing.


Steph: Fun.


Heather: Yeah. We'll see how that goes. That's [inaudible [00:25:15] new things. The Beast in the parade, it's the new look which we talked about. It looks better in person because he's also in … Taking it from Tanya, but he's in the Disneyland [inaudible [00:25:26].


Tanya: We were like, “Ooh, new Beast.”


Heather: Yeah. No, you were like. I was like, “Ahh, there's a new look!”


Tanya: Yeah. The moment she screams, I'm like, “What is it? What's new? What's new?”


Steph: Funny. If people want to know all of the other holiday things that are going on at Disney World, you can check out Pass Podcast episodes, because it's pretty much the same, or also our Pinterest. We have a whole Pinterest board filled with Christmas stuff going on at Disney World. Check it out there. Okay, Tanya.


Tanya: I love the holidays at Disneyland. I just, I don't know. I just do.


Steph: They're the best.


Tanya: They are. I always think that I like Halloween more, but then I go during Christmas time and I'm like, “Nope. Nope, it's Christmas.”


Steph: Yeah.


Tanya: “It's definitely Christmas.” Except for it was 90 degrees the whole time we were there.


Steph: Wow.


Tanya: It's hard to get into the Christmas spirit when it's 90 degrees outside.


Steph: Yeah.


Tanya: That was a bit of an issue. It was like a hot … I'm not even joking, the day after Heather left it went down to the low 70s. It was cloudy.


Steph: Was that right after Thanksgiving?


Heather: No. It was beginning of November.


Tanya: Yeah, beginning of November.


Steph: What? Okay. Yeah, okay.


Tanya: Well, like the 12th. When did you come out? What day did you come out?


Heather: The-


Tanya: 9th or something?


Steph: Yeah, okay.


Heather: Yeah.


Tanya: Yeah, around there. Towards the beginning of November. Disneyland, it isn't much new at Disneyland. The parade, Christmas parade, is the Christmas parade. Santa meets in a new spot since the Jamboree's closed. Santa's now meeting down by Pooh Corner, where the Pooh characters usually meet.


Steph: Yes? Okay, that sounds fun.


Tanya: He has his own little … Yeah. He has his own little setup back there, which, again, it was 90 degrees and we were like, “We're not walking all the [inaudible [00:27:20].” We didn't actually go see him because we met him over at the other park. Now I'm kind of sad we didn't because we saw pictures of … They have Christmas trees next to him that are decorated with Winnie the Pooh stuff.


Heather: Yeah.


Tanya: Now I'm kind of sad that we didn't go down there to get pictures of that. Yeah. He's down there meeting Haunted Mansion Holiday, Small World Holiday, Christmas parade.


Heather: Small World Holiday, though, deserves a whole-


Tanya: Yeah.


Heather: I know it's not new, but it's still the greatest.


Tanya: It's still the greatest thing at that park for the holidays. We noticed in the Christmas parade, I don't know if it's changed since we've been there but we watched it a couple times, and they got rid of the toy soldiers in the Christmas parade.


Heather: No, they're back now.


Tanya: They are now back?


Heather: Yeah.


Tanya: Why weren't they there the whole first week?


Heather: Because I was there, and so the day after I left-


Tanya: Oh, of course.


Heather: -they've been there since then.


Tanya: We noticed it the first … We watched the parade the first day, and we're like, “Where are the toy soldiers?” Then we watched it another time, we're like, “They're still not here.” Then they were there for the taping, and we were like, “What the heck?”


Heather: Yeah.


Tanya: I think they were just getting shinied up for the taping.


Heather: No, they knew we were there and it was like, “Eh, we're not going to have them. That's the best part of the parade, so we won't have them.”


Tanya: Yeah, seriously. Was there anything else at Disneyland? I have a lot to talk about at DCA, so I'm breezing through Disneyland because there's nothing really new there. Anything else? The characters in their normal Christmas outfits meeting. I miss the Jamboree. I really wish that was still there. I mean, yay for Star Wars Land, but I liked that back area for-


Steph: Yeah.


Tanya: -Halloween and Christmas time.


Heather: I wish they had somewhere else-


Tanya: Yeah.


Heather: I don't-


Tanya: Because they have way cuter Christmas outfits than the sweaters that they have them meet in normally.


Heather: Yeah.


Tanya: I hate those Christmas outfits.


Heather: I think they're cute, but the other ones were cuter.


Tanya: Yeah. Yes, yes. We'll go with that.


Heather: [inaudible [00:29:16] the same ones they wear, like Mickey and Minnie. They also wear them at Disney World at the Animal Kingdom. Only place you can meet the characters in holiday stuff is there.


Tanya: Yeah.


Heather: There's one other new thing that I didn't mention was that Chip and Dale have holiday outfits at Hollywood Studios. That's the only thing … I don't know why. They just randomly stuck them in a holiday thing. Okay, go back to Disneyland.


Tanya: Yeah. That's pretty much it for Disneyland, unless anybody has any questions. Nope, we're good?


Steph: Yep, moving on.


Tanya: Moving on to California Adventure, which I think has hit it out of the park with their Christmas stuff this year, for sure.


Steph: I think they do every year, though.


Tanya: I do, too. I'm just going to start with Viva Navidad because I can't get enough of it.


Heather: Yeah.


Tanya: I could watch it every single day.


Heather: I could watch it more than every single day.


Tanya: Yeah.


Heather: Every show everyday. I think I saw it four times and it still wasn't enough.


Tanya: Yeah. Oh my gosh, that show is just so good. I'm so glad that they keep bringing it back and not getting rid of it. Back in the Paradise Pier area they do a show, and it's music and dancing from Mexico and Brazil, and it's led by The Three Caballeros. It's just so festive and so fun. I have some many videos to post from it. It's just so good. In the same, they have … Elena is now meeting back there. She has, at certain times, like a little pre-show before Viva Navidad. She comes out and she sings. It's like a 15 minute long show. It's actually-


Heather: Yeah. It's really good. I thought at Disney World that they had had a coronation or some kind of thing, like special show for her, and she would come out and [inaudible [00:31:01] thing with Cinderella and this whole thing. I thought it was going to be that same type of thing, and it wasn't. Show was all about her, and they had dancers, and it was-


Tanya: Has her own float.


Heather: Yeah. She comes out on the float, then she comes off and they dance, gets back on. It was just-


Tanya: Yeah. She sings a couple songs. It's really good. It was really, really cute.


Heather: It's really popular, too.


Tanya: Oh my gosh. Every time we saw it, there's at least 20 little kids dressed up like her in the audience.


Steph: Cute.


Tanya: They love it. I didn't even realize she was that popular.


Heather: Yeah. Even when I was on the ship, I saw a lot of people dressed as her. I seen more people … I think even when I went in September that I had noticed there was more kids dressed as her than there was Anna and Elsa.


Tanya: Yeah.


Heather: She's incredibly popular.


Tanya: Yeah, it's crazy.


Steph: That's good.


Heather: For good reason


Steph: Yeah.


Tanya: Yeah. Then after her show you can meet her. They have another spot where you can meet The Three Caballeros, and they switch out with Mickey and Minnie, and with Goofy. What would you call those outfits? I don't want to be super racist.


Heather: I just call them the Viva Navidad outfits.


Tanya: There you go.


Heather: Yeah.


Tanya: There you go. We'll call them Viva Navidad outfits. They're really cute. I love Goofy's little outfit. He has more rockets on his shoes.


Steph: Cute.


Tanya: Yeah. The outfits are super cute.


Heather: Even The Three Caballeros have special … They're not just like the … Yeah, they have holiday-


Tanya: Yeah.


Heather: I just want to say, too, because you've seen Viva Navidad several times. This is the first year I got to finally see it. I just wanted to say that even just talking about it doesn't really-


Tanya: It doesn't do it justice.


Heather: Yeah. I had seen some pictures, and I'd seen a little bit of video, so I'm standing there waiting for the first thing. It was just like an explosion of everything. I didn't know where to look. Then Mickey and Minnie come out and I thought that was it. I was like, “Oh, that's it.” Then all the sudden it come back again, and [inaudible [00:32:59]. It was just so-


Tanya: There's so much going on. There's so much going on, but it just all works and it's all [inaudible [00:33:06]. There's things, and there's stuff. Oh my God, it's so good. Heather's the biggest critic of new shows and stuff, so if she likes it, then you guys, it's good.


Heather: It was amazing. I would've [inaudible [00:33:20] a million more times. I can't even-


Tanya: I got her to see that show way more times than she saw the Newsboys show.


Steph: What?


Tanya: Yeah. She was just like, “Newsboys? Okay. Viva Navidad? Let's go.”


Steph: Wow.


Tanya: She saw more than the Newsboys.


Steph: Wow. Wow.


Heather: The Newsboys show got cut twice when I tried to watch it. It was weird.


Tanya: What else is back there? They have some special food back there as well for the holidays, which they usually do.


Heather: They didn't have merchandise. They only had a pin for Viva Navidad.


Tanya: Yeah. They usually have Viva Navidad merchandise. We'll segue way into now, it's all grouped together as the Festival of Holidays. Now it's all Festival of Holidays merchandise instead of Viva Navidad specific. They have a pin. They have a pin for Viva Navidad. They used to have shirts and little thingies. Now, because they've set up the food booths, and they have Food and Wine sort of thing going on, now it's called the Festival of Holidays. We'll transfer in to the food booths now. We spent a day, we did one … That's what we did for lunch one day was we went to all the different food booths and stuff. I can't compare them to Food and Wine Festival because I've never been to Food and Wine Festival, so Heather, go for it.


Heather: I can.


Tanya: Yeah, go for it.


Heather: When I read about it, I thought that's what it was going to be like. Food and Wine, you can say it's a little expensive. It does, it adds up, but I think mostly most of the things are fine. I mean, a little over, but you're at Disney so it's not crazy. Everything was, what, 7, $8? They were tiny little portions. I think it was incredibly overpriced, even though I-


Tanya: It was like $8.95 for three meatballs, three tiny little Swedish meatballs.


Heather: They had the same, pretty much the same pork slider that is one of my favorite things in the Hawaii booth at Food and Wine. Here they had it, and it was $8 something. It was several dollars more, and it wasn't as good. [inaudible [00:35:22] to say that.


Tanya: Yeah. I [inaudible [00:35:24] why they charge so much more.


Heather: The thing, too, that I noticed, if you go to Food and Wine, you see lines. It's always lines. It pretty much doesn't matter when you're going. Obviously it's more crowded on the weekends or at night, but it's still, if you go during the day, you're going to see lines. Here, we went … Even when we can eat at the booths, you pass by them, you can't miss them, especially when you're going to Viva Navidad.


Tanya: Yeah, they make you pass through them.


Heather: We saw them everyday, and at all different times of the day. I never saw more than 2 people at a booth. Most of the time, we saw nobody at the booths. I think that's probably because of that price.


Tanya: Yeah. I feel like when they did their Food and Wine thing when … When did they do it? Back in the spring at DCA? I forget when they did it last time. I feel like it was a bit more popular then, maybe because it was new.


Steph: It was last May.


Tanya: Was it last May?


Steph: Yeah.


Tanya: I couldn't remember when it was.


Steph: I had to put it all back together based on trips.


Tanya: Yeah. I feel like it was a bit more popular then because it was shiny and new, and we hadn't had a Food and Wine thing in several years. Now, people are just like, “Oh, it's not really worth the money.”


Heather: If it was less, even just a couple dollars less.


Tanya: Yeah.


Heather: Like I said, at Food and Wine it's usually … They're like $5. Right? [crosstalk [00:36:53].


Tanya: Yeah, they could've been snack price. There's nothing there that should've been over $6.


Heather: Yeah.


Tanya: There's nothing there that costs under $6.


Heather: Was there even anything under $7? I think everything was like 7, $8.


Tanya: Yeah.


Heather: There was a couple other things that I wanted to get, but then I thought, “This is really silly to get a tiny little turkey slider when you can just spend a couple dollars more and get a regular size sandwich.”


Tanya: A full meal, yeah.


Heather: A couple things I wanted to try I didn't. The best thing I tried was the sweet potato pie. I don't remember which booth it was at, but it was really good. Other than that-


Tanya: I don't know which one that was, too. Did I get anything?


Heather: Yeah, I think you got the-


Tanya: The same one as the mac'n'cheese. It goes with the same booth, the comfort food one. I don't know, whatever. Yeah, it's overpriced. Some of the food was good. I had like one or two things that was good, but the food wasn't that great for the price that you're paying for it for sure.


Heather: Yeah.


Tanya: It could've been better.


Steph: Good to know.


Tanya: The booths are cute. [crosstalk [00:37:58]. It's really cute.


Heather: The logo, it was like the Mickey thing, and then it had all different … From different celebrations in the winter, so they had different-


Tanya: They definitely do a good job of celebrating the different holidays, or the way each country celebrates different holidays. They have tables set up for kids to do coloring from different countries. They also had performance groups.


Heather: Yeah, for different-


Tanya: For different countries and the way they celebrate holidays and stuff. That was kind of neat. Performing in different places.


Steph: Yeah.


Tanya: If you're able to catch one of those, those are actually pretty good. Way better than the food.


Heather: Yeah.


Tanya: Really.


Heather: Each booth was themed to the different-


Tanya: Yeah.


Heather: That was even when you met Elena. She was like, “Go see my abuela's-


Tanya: Yeah.


Heather: It was called Abuela's something or another.


Tanya: Abuela's Kitchen, or something.


Heather: Yeah. They had had different ones, so that was-


Tanya: Abuela's Kitchen, I forget. Yeah, they had different country food and stuff like that.


Heather: That's where they also had the stilt walkers.


Tanya: Yeah. Who, may I add again, a sweaty elf on stilts in 90 degree weather just kind of ruins the atmosphere. It is what it is. Moving on. That's it for that, right? That part?


Heather: Yeah. I think so.


Tanya: Also the food area, besides the greatness of Viva Navidad. The Newsboys show has added … Not added, but they had their Christmas song. I wish they did more Christmas songs in that show.


Heather: Yeah, they only had one. I thought it was going to be more.


Tanya: Yeah. It only had one Christmas song in it, and they wear Santa hats, and they do their thing. It was this year that they changed the Condor Flats to the Grizzly Peak recreation area. Right? Was that this year?


Heather: Yeah. Yeah.


Tanya: Okay. Yeah, I think it was this year because those Christmas decorations, they hit it out of the park with the Christmas decorations in the Grizzly Peak area this year. It is really, really, really good. Just walking through there, I made Heather stop multiple times so I could take photos of random decorations. The theming for that area, I love the way they changed that area into the Grizzly Peak area as opposed to the Condo Flats. The decorations are really, really cute, and really properly themed. Santa now meets at the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail.


Steph: That's what I thought I saw.


Tanya: It's really, really nice.


Steph: Yeah. It looks so cute.


Tanya: It's nice because you go walk into the trail area and follow the little path around, and you can meet Chip and Dale. They're cute in their little winter outfits. They have a little area set up for them, too. We got really cute pictures with them. Their little area was cute. Then you just follow around and get in line for Santa. His meeting area is really, really nice.


Heather: Yeah. He was really excited to show it off, too, because he was like, “These things light up.” He stood up to make sure [inaudible [00:41:10] up.


Steph: Oh, really? How cute.


Heather: The weird thing is, though, how they have it set up for the photographer. You're up on a platform, he's up, and then the photographer is down. Am I explaining it right, Tanya?


Tanya: Yeah, yeah. You're up on … It's where, I don't know if you'd ever gone in there with your kids Steph, but it's where you sit to do the little Wilderness Explorer Camp thing, the end of it when you get your badge. There was seating there, and that's when Russell and Doug, or whoever it was, would come out and be like, “Oh, you earned your badge,” or whatever. It was seating, so they covered it with a stage. Santa's up on a stage, but the photographers, they didn't extend the stage for enough room for the photographer to be up there too. The photographer's like three feet below the stage. It doesn't affect the photos, but it's just kind of weird because you have to … We always take photos of the character beforehand, before we get in the photo.


Steph: Right.


Tanya: One wrong step and I'm falling off that stage.


Heather: Yeah.


Steph: It sounds like an accident waiting to happen.


Tanya: Totally an accident waiting to happen. They have room to maneuver, but if you try to back up just even a little bit. It was kind of weird.


Steph: Interesting.


Tanya: Overall, the area's really cute.


Steph: It looks really, really cute from the photos that I've seen on social media. Super cute.


Tanya: Yeah. They had the cute little elves out, the girl elves. They have names, right? Sugar Plum?


Heather: Yeah. The one I met was Rosemary and Winter, I think?


Tanya: Yeah. They're in line and they're handing out candy canes and stuff, getting everybody ready and excited for Santa. What else was there at that part? Christmas tree. Carsland at Christmastime, obviously. I don't think there's anything new in Carsland. Right?


Heather: I don't think so.


Steph: Not that I've seen.


Tanya: Yeah. I'm trying to think if there's anything else new.


Steph: Okay.


Tanya: I think that might be it.


Heather: You mean in-


Tanya: In DCA.


Heather: No?


Tanya: What am I missing?


Heather: World of Color?


Tanya: Oh my God, oh my God, World of Color. Again, they hit it out of the park. I'm going to say this for the 100th time because I've told everybody. I am so mad at those World of Color people for making the one they did for the 60th anniversary and then coming back with this one, because now I know that they were just slacking off.


Heather: I don't know how the same people-


Tanya: The anniversary one was so bad, and this one is so good.


Steph: Is it the same people that did it? Like, the same directors-


Tanya: I hope not.


Steph: -and everything? Writers?


Tanya: I really hope not, because the 60th … What was it called, Celebrate?


Heather: Yeah.


Tanya: It was just so thrown together and it just didn't … I don't know, whatever. It looked [crosstalk [00:44:22]. Yeah. It was awful.


Heather: It was the worst [inaudible [00:44:25] I've ever seen.


Tanya: Yeah. I couldn't even watch it again because it was so bad. Then they come in with this Christmas one, and again we're like, “Oh, Christmas.” I liked the last Christmas show, but again they threw Frozen in there, and it was just kind of … It was Christmasy, but it wasn't super Christmasy. We go to watch this one, and we're like, “Oh, okay. It is what it is.” It was so good. So good. It is nothing but Christmas songs. No Disney songs thrown in there at all. It is all Christmas songs, and it's timed perfectly. Everything is great. It was fantastic. We saw it, what, three times?


Steph: Really?


Heather: We saw it three times, but you add it up and like, “How much did I actually see?” Because we were behind people, and couldn't see anything.


Steph: I'll be honest, when they announced they had a new Christmas show I was kind of bummed because I loved the old one a lot.


Tanya: Yeah. No, this one is so good.


Steph: That's good. I'm glad.


Heather: We didn't even see it with the … On the Mickey Funwheel, they have a projection screen. It wasn't working. When we were there the whole week, they were … I remember the first [inaudible [00:45:31], they were trying to fix it and they couldn't. The whole time we were there it wasn't working, but now everything else is working so it's even better than what we saw. Yeah, it was-


Tanya: The first two times we … Well, I'm air-quoting that we saw it, because we didn't really see it the first two times. We were given, just walking around, people gave us FastPasses because they weren't going to watch the show. The first time we saw it, we just kind of ran over there. We couldn't really see anything. Everything we saw was from our cameras lifting up because we couldn't really see because we didn't have good seats. We were like, “Wow, that was … It sounded amazing, for sure. Then the second time we were given FastPasses, we, again, didn't really have a good spot, so we just kind of wondered around the back or the pier area to watch it from back there. Even from behind it was really, really great. The music's really, really good. Then the third time we watched it, we actually got our own FastPasses, so we had a better spot to watch it. At least I was able to actually see the show.


Heather: Yeah, I wasn't. I was behind-


Tanya: You need some of those stilts that the stilt walkers [crosstalk [00:46:32]. You need to grow a couple inches. Yeah, no. It was really, really … It's really good.


Heather: We even tried to get the dessert package, because when we sort of saw it that first time, and we're like, “Oh, we need to have good seats-


Tanya: Yeah. “We need to see this in good seats,” but that dessert package sells out like a month ahead of time apparently.


Steph: Really?


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: I didn't know that anything sold out that far ahead in Disneyland.


Heather: Yeah, we didn't either.


Tanya: I think maybe because it was the first week of the show that maybe people who do that sort of thing were trying to get it in now. I bet if a little bit further down the line you could probably get it a couple days ahead of time.


Steph: Probably.


Tanya: Really, really, really good.


Steph: Do you think when they come back after the first of the year they'll have a completely different show that won't be that, or will they go back to the very first one?


Tanya: I'm assuming they'll go back to the very first one. They did in September once the 60th anniversary ended, they [inaudible [00:47:35] couple week, or a couple months to the original show. Minus a few things, actually. They took out the Brave scene, and something else. I feel like they took out something else, too. They went back to the original show until the Christmas one started so I'm assuming they'll just go back to the original show.


Steph: Yeah.


Heather: [crosstalk [00:47:53]. The Christmas show, it's really cool. It was the [snope [00:48:00] that they used, that they were in the shape of hearts.


Steph: I know, don't you love that?


Tanya: That was-


Steph: So cool.


Tanya: Yeah. That third time we saw it … They come out of … There's presents in the planters. They open up and they come out of that.


Steph: The cannons.


Tanya: We were right in front of one of them. Yeah.


Heather: That was the thing I really saw. I have a ton of pictures of that. I have to post that.


Steph: That's awesome. Had you never seen it before? That, with-


Tanya: No.


Steph: -those effects? Okay.


Tanya: No.


Steph: I'm glad that they kept those because that's so cool. My kids were super giddy with that.


Tanya: Yeah. Those things are awesome. They were in World of Color before?


Steph: Uh-huh, in the Christmas show for the last two years. Yeah.


Tanya: Wow. I never actually stopped to see the Christmas show. The one time I saw the original Christmas show, I just paced back and forth by Little Mermaid ride. They're like, “You [inaudible [00:48:54].” That's fine. I just did laps around in front of it to watch it, but I don't remember those.


Steph: Yeah.


Tanya: Yeah, they kept them, and they're really awesome.


Steph: Good, good. Good. Is that all?


Tanya: I think so?


Steph: Okay.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: Okay. One of the things that I was curious about hearing is how your photos went, because I saw you post some photos on Instagram, Tanya, that you said were taken with your-


Tanya: My new phone.


Steph: -new iPhone. Yeah.


Tanya: My iPhone 7 Plus.


Steph: I was shocked because I thought for sure it was your regular camera.


Tanya: Yeah, no. I didn't even end up using my QX100 at all.


Steph: Really?


Tanya: Yeah. Mainly out of laziness, but the 7 Plus takes really … It takes pretty good night photos, I'm not going to lie. It took some pretty good night photos. I usually don't even use my normal camera for night photos just because it irritates me trying to get night photos. I don't like using my flash, and I would have to be somewhere where I can set it up to like-


Steph: Propped up.


Tanya: Yeah, so it doesn't blur and all this stuff. The phone worked really, really well. I'm loving, it's not on the 7 but it is on the 7 Plus, the new portrait mode-


Steph: Yeah.


Tanya: -is really awesome, too. I took some … When Heather finished the 5K, she wanted a picture of her medal with her nails. We were outside of our hotel room and lighting was really bad, and I was having issues getting it on my camera, so I was like, “You know what? I'm going to try it with the new portrait mode,” and they turned out great.


Steph: Yeah. I'm looking through Instagram. Did you post one to Instagram? No.


Tanya: Heather.


Heather: Yeah.


Tanya: It'd be on Heather's.


Steph: It's on Heather's


Heather: Yeah, it'd be on mine.


Steph: Let me go look. Now I'm not even seeing the photo that you … The one that I asked you about, if it was your iPhone or not. I went to your Instagram and I'm not seeing it anymore. Okay, let's see.


Tanya: Heather's photo … You post a lot of photos.


Steph: Yeah, you got to find it.


Tanya: Oh yeah, it's the one … You keep going down.


Steph: Oh, I see. I see.


Tanya: Yeah. That was taken on my phone.


Steph: Okay. That's really cool. Yeah. Yeah, I was really excited to see all of the Dark … You got some dark ride photos, too, with your iPhone?


Tanya: Yeah. Yeah, I did. The Ariel on my Instagram, the Ariel [likube [00:51:20] one, that is with my phone for sure.


Steph: Yes. Yeah.


Tanya: That actually photographed way better on my phone than it did on my camera, because I took it both ways.


Steph: Okay, see that's … I'm so happy to hear that, because now maybe I don't need a new camera. I got the iPhone 7 Plus-


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: -for my birthday. I'm thinking … When I saw your photos, I was like, “Maybe I don't need a new camera. Maybe I just got my new camera.”


Tanya: Yeah. My Mickey beignets and mint julep one, that's a portrait mode.


Steph: Yeah. That looks really good.


Tanya: Yeah. I need to post more photos. I have a lot. This is probably the first trip where … Let me see how many … I have 500 photos on my camera roll right now, and they're all from-


Steph: You have 500 photos in your camera roll?


Tanya: I do. I do. 172 of them are videos. Poor Boomerangs.


Steph: That's awesome.


Heather: Yeah. You're Boomeranging that whole thing.


Steph: I remember where it was. It was on your Stories. You were storying like crazy.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: Crazy. Crazy town. That's where I saw all of those photos.


Tanya: I'm going to post those photos normally, too.


Steph: Okay, good. Good, good, good.


Tanya: It must've been my story. I'll post them on my actual Instagram, too. I have a tendency to go overboard when I get into something. It is what it is. Last time I was there, it was Snapchat. I was all over Snapchat. Snapchat I just have a close group of friends that I follow, and they follow me on Snapchat. Instagram is a bit of a broader audience so I decided to go that way this time.


Steph: Yeah.


Tanya: Then I discovered Boomerang, and it was … I was done.


Steph: You were Boomeranging.


Tanya: Boomeranging everything.


Steph: You were. I had so much fun. Honestly, I loved it, Tanya. I really did. I watched every single thing that you were posting. I loved it. I was messaging you, and then asking you questions about your photos. It was fun. I'm really glad you did that. Thank you for letting me be part of your magic.


Tanya: No problem.


Steph: It was super fun. I wish that Instagram Stories would let you send hearts.


Tanya: Let you what?


Steph: Send hearts, like like-


Tanya: Oh, I know. I know. [crosstalk [00:53:35]. Yeah. I can see, if I take a moment to look, I can see how many people looked at it, but I don't do that very often. It's good to know that somebody actually saw it.


Steph: Yes. I would love to be able to send hearts so that you could see a heart count or something. I think that would be good on Instagram stories. I can direct message you, but I know that when you're busy in the parks and stuff that sometimes it gets missed, too.


Tanya: Yeah. That's another thing with being in the parks. My Instagram Story, some of them will post, some of them won't post and I have to wait until later in the day to post them. Then I have one picture that had like 70 views, and then it goes to one picture that only had 4 because it didn't post until midnight.


Steph: Right.


Tanya: Stuff like that. It's not all about the views, I guess.


Steph: No, yeah. I guess not, whatever.


Tanya: I guess not, whatever. If you wanted miss my [inaudible [00:54:29], I'm fine.


Steph: Yeah.


Heather: I didn't even see most of it because I opened it up-


Steph: You were there with her.


Heather: -and it was so many. I can't because how bad the service is there. I'm like, “I'll see it when you send them to me later.”


Tanya: Yeah. Don't worry, if it was a good Boomerang, I showed you before I even posted it. I'd be like, “Look at this one.”


Steph: Cute. Super fun. I'm glad to hear that. Yeah. Like I said, you had some really great photos. I can't wait for you to post some on your feed. Your feed is TanyaH666 if people want to check you out.


Tanya: Yes. You're going to have so much fun with the iPhone 7 Plus.


Steph: Yeah. I'm loving it so far.


Tanya: Yeah, it's fun.


Steph: Yeah. Okay. That's a wrap, girls.


Tanya: Woot.


Steph: Yeah. Thank you. Let's remind our listeners where they can find you, Tanya.


Tanya: You can find me at EveryMagicMoment.com, and TanyaH666 on all social media.


Steph: Heather?


Heather: My character site is HeatherW.com/character, and on Instagram and Twitter I'm HeatherW25, and Facebook is I Love Characters.


Steph: Thank you. I am on CapturingMagic.me, as well as ModernPhotoSolutions.com. There is a free Google Photos class there where you can start conquering photo overwhelm. Huh, guys?


Tanya: Yes.


Steph: Yeah.


Tanya: I like it. Learn Google Photos.


Steph: Yeah. It's free. It takes 30 minutes to go through it, and you will love having the assistant in Google Photos pop up Disney memories every once in a while. I love that.


Tanya: Yeah. It's fun.


Steph: It's super fun. Okay. Thank everyone for being here, and we will see you next time on Capturing Magic.