Disney World Dining Photo Ops – CM099

Some of our favorite magical memories are made with Disney food!! Today, we are talking about some of our very favorite food photo ops in Disney World (great places to get photos as well as the food you need to be sure to get photos of). WARNING: Eat before listening


Steph: Hey everyone. Welcome to Capturing Magic. I am Steph Clay and I am here today with Tanya Hickman, who can be found at everymagicmoment.com. Hi Tanya.


Tanya: Hi.


Steph: We're also here with Heather Winfield, who can be found at heatherw.com/character. Hi, Heather.


Heather: Hi.


Steph: All righty. This show we are talking about photo tips for food. Photo tips for Disney World restaurants, and locations, and things you might want to know if you're headed to Disney World, and you're going to be taking photos of, and with, and in food places. Yeah. Heather.


Heather: Yes.


Steph: Do you have some tips for us?


Heather: Wow, where do you even begin? When you do a Disney World trip, that's such a-


Steph: Broad.


Heather: A huge part of it. I remember my first Disney World trip, and it was like if you don't have reservations, you're going to starve. I don't know. It's just such a built in thing. I don't even know where to start. I guess you're talking about the restaurants that are good for photos? Is that what we're going to talk about?


Steph: Yeah, an example; one of the things that I was thinking of was … I'm pulling up a list of the restaurants, because now all of a sudden I'm blanking on every one of the restaurant names, right here. In Disney Land, we call it the Lady and the Tramp restaurant, what's its official name?


Tanya: At Disney Land or Disney World?


Steph: Disney World, sorry, Disney World.


Tanya: Tony's.


Steph: Yes, Tony's. In the area where you're waiting for them to call you back, it's a great spot for a photo. Also, once you get inside, you want to make sure that you get a photo at the fountain with Lady and the Tramp.


Heather: Then not eat the food.


Steph: I don't think it's horrible. I guess maybe I'm not that picky, I don't know.


Tanya: Heather is a very picky eater, she has very high expectations of her food; just saying.


Steph: It must be. I don't think it's horrible, we do pizza.


Heather: It's not horrible, but it's just like, fine.


Steph: It's fine.


Heather: When I go to Disney or Disney Land, I like to eat, if I can, somewhere that I can't get somewhere else, or is a lot better than what I can get at home. I live in New Jersey, so we have a lot of good Italian food here. You can't trip without that, so that's why it's kind of hard for me.


Tanya: Another issue is always the quality of the food for the price you're paying.


Heather: I can't even think about that, that's just never-


Steph: The reality is, you're always going to pay more for then what the quality is.


Tanya: True.


Steph: At Tony's we do pizza usually. We have not been disappointed with the pizza, the pizza's good. There you have it.


Heather: It's fine. It's just not the … I think they could get a much better food place in that spot. This such a great spot, like you said. You can go, and you can see the parade from there, if you're sitting outside. I feel like it could be better.


Steph: Yeah.


Heather: Sorry, to like-


Steph: Debbie Downer, there she goes.


Heather: My big memory from there is, because I don't drink soda, I drink pretty much at the parks like lemonade, but they didn't have the lemonade I liked. While we were waiting for our food, I went over to Starbucks and got something to drink and came back, and drank the Starbucks. For some reason, I always remember that.


Steph: That's funny.


Heather: If you don't like what they have to drink, go to Starbucks, and then come back.


Tanya: Back on topic Heather, get back on topic.


Heather: I think almost every Disney World [inaudible [00:04:28] has something that you can photograph. I guess Be Our Guest would be the best, photograph wise. If you don't want me to be negative about anything else there, I won't.


Steph: We are just talking about photos.


Heather: The restaurant itself, inside, I think is definitely … When they first opened up, I remember they had a tour. You could just go in and see it, and that was it. Now, you have breakfast, lunch, dinner; but you have to get in there at some point.


You have the mosaic with Belle, and the prince, and the rose; that's iconic. That's when you're in the waiting area there, and the ceiling with the chandeliers, the ballroom; everything is so well done. I think that's one of the best restaurant-wise theming in Disney World.


Steph: I agree. I think you want to make sure that you get a photo before you go across the bridge, underneath the sign. Then, if you can, I mean not even if you can; absolutely stop at the main entrance, and get a photo with the gargoyles and all of that good stuff there.


Heather: It's hard too, because you can have people there. I hate asking, but you're fine with it. You're like, “Get out of my way.”


Steph: No, I'm not rude. I'm nice. I'll stand and wait, is what I do. I'll just stand and wait, because they're going to leave eventually; so I'll stand and wait.


Heather: Even on the table when you go … Because each meal is different, with how things work. For the dinner, they have the rose napkin. You have to take a picture of your table, even before you eat. I do that anyway, but especially there. I haven't been there since they did that, but I'm assuming they still do the thing where you have a candelabra like Lumiere, that's how they walk you to the table. They've never done it when I gone, but apparently they started like right after. That, I think, is a thing you need to take a picture of.


They have three rooms; they have the ballroom, and the rose room, and the west wing. No matter where you're sitting; when you're done, go to the other places and take pictures. Don't worry about that, just go and take them. At least when I've gone at lunch, because you can go anywhere you want to sit, breakfast is the same thing. Maybe it's easier then, but either way I've done it, and everyone else is doing it, so it's fine.


Steph: Actually, when I've gone in before, they've said “Make sure you take time to go look at the other rooms while you're here.”, which is nice. There are the different rooms, and there's lots to look at in each of them.


Christmas time, when we were at Be Our Guest, I also made my kids pose in front of a Christmas tree by a window, with the snow falling in the background.


Tanya: Cute.


Heather: They really decorate that well, because they have the ornaments from … What was the sequel, Belle's Enchanted Christmas thing? They have a lot of that in the decorations, so it's really well done. I have close up pictures of those ornaments, and Angeline, she's on the top. It's been a couple of years since I did Christmas there.


Steph: Another one that I was thinking of, one of my favorite ones that came to my mind, was the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Review. Have you done that?


Heather: Yeah.


Steph: I love it.


Heather: It's been a while actually, since I've done that one. That was the same time I did the Cinderella's Royal Tea, that was 2009.


Steph: That was a good year for you.


Heather: That was my, I went on my birthday. I did all these things, then on my birthday I got sick. It was a day or so before, and then I was still sick on my birthday, so I need to go back on my birthday.


Steph: Yeah, you do.


Heather: I know, I went a little off topic there. That's why I did a lot of those kinds of things. It was the first time we stayed in a deluxe resort.


Tanya: Oh fun.


Steph: Fun, fun. At Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Review, they have a photo spot outside actually, with a PhotoPass photographer, and you do a photo with your group before you go in, which is awesome. That's included with Memory Maker, I am fairly certain.


Heather: Yes, it is. It's like when you go to a character meal, and you get a character. You don't get a picture with the character, but that's your thing.


Steph: Yes. Inside there's lots of, I took lots and lots of photos before, as they were seating people. I'm really, really glad that I did that, because there's no time any other time, to get photos. You'll want to, as they're seating other people, hurry and get a photo of your group at your table. Then, once they start the show, the lights dim down too. You'll want to do that. Throughout the whole show, there are great photo ops, and video too, if you want to do some video; great video ops in there, as well.


Heather: If you're closer to the stage, then you can probably get more photos. They might be with you, so you can get pictures with them, when they come down and perform.


Steph: Yes. It is a very interactive show. How's that? Good way to put that?


Heather: They also have, that Tanya would like, they have fried chicken there.


Tanya: Woo woo.


Steph: Their fried chicken is not as good as Disney Land's.


Tanya: No, then no.


Heather: The strawberry shortcake there, that's good.


Steph: Yeah, it's really good. Their food's good, though. My kids loved that show and dinner, and they still talk about it two years later. They loved it.


Heather: It's a very … What's the word I'm thinking of? Like very old school Disney. When I was five, my mom tried to get reservations there, and we couldn't get it. It's still there, it's one of those few things, that it's probably something a lot of people do as a tradition.


Steph: Mm-hmm (affirmative). It's a really good show. I remember, I asked them several times, “What was your favorite thing?” They were like, “The Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Review was their favorite thing.” They mentioned it a lot. It's more expensive, but totally worth it, I think.


Heather: I would say, if you're there around Christmas, and after you do that, you should go around and look at the decorations that people put up. They have their campers, and that's really fun.


Steph: Yeah. In the campground there, everybody around Christmas time, people that are staying there decorate, and put tons of lights, and fun stuff out. They even have sleigh rides that you can, not real sleighs, but they look like sleighs. I learned the difference between a carriage and a sleigh. It's really a carriage, that they've decorated to look like a sleigh, that the horse pulls around. It's a lot of fun, we did that too that same year, actually. I surprised my kids with that, that was fun.


Liberty Tree Tavern-


Heather: That's a fun one.


Steph: It's a great photo op in the waiting area, with the fireplace and all of that stuff. It's a really great photo op in there. Be sure to snap a photo, before you go sit at your table.


Heather: I'm really sad, I never went there when it was a character meal. They were Colonial themed, and I live near Philadelphia, so I love that time period.


Steph: Yes.


Heather: They changed it from a character meal, early in my character hunting days. That's one of my regrets.


Steph: I have that same regret, actually.


Heather: There is a lot to photograph in that restaurant.


Steph: Yeah, there is.


Heather: Especially, like I said, if you like that time period.


Steph: Yes, you can get group shots, probably at your table with great backgrounds. There's lot of tchotchkes, and shelves with tchotchkes on them. It's cute, there's lots of fun stuff in there.


Heather: The mugs, I'm assuming they still have the same mugs. We actually bought one, and I rarely do that. We actually bought one of the mugs, because they were really fun.


Steph: They are fun. One of my kids got that as their souvenir, that's one of their souvenirs. Totally funny.


Another one, let's see.


Heather: I like Sanaa, have you been there?


Steph: I have been there.


Heather: Especially if you sit … First of all, the restaurant itself, I think anywhere in the Animal Kingdom Lodge, restaurants are great. Not even the restaurants, just Animal Kingdom Lodge period. The restaurant, they have a lot of stuff to take pictures of. Then, if you sit near a window, so many animals are there, and you can get really great pictures.


Steph: We did not see any animals when we were eating there.


Heather: Oh really?


Steph: Just to set expectations, so the people aren't disappointed.


Heather: For a change, I had something good.


Steph: You did. Brown Derby; in the waiting area of the Brown Derby, be sure to get a photo in there, with all of those pictures on the wall and everything.


Heather: I didn't have this on my list, but thinking of the Animal Kingdom Lodge, it reminded me; Tiffins, it just opened.


Steph: Yeah, I haven't been there yet.


Heather: That is another one of those, you could take pictures of everything. When you first walk in, they have, behind the desk, they have a map of the world; where all the Disney parks are, they have little castles. That's something you have to take pictures of.


Then, every room is themed differently. You have the room, and it's the things that inspired the Animal Kingdom when they went to different places, just so much stuff. There's like a prop from the Rivers of Lights, which still hasn't opened, but eventually, apparently, it will. That's there, but there's just so much there.


It's just like with Be Our Guest, even if you're not seated in another room, you can go to another room. I was there for lunch one time, and the other rooms weren't even open, and I asked. I said, “Can I go?” They took me into the room, so that I could take pictures. They have a lounge, a Nomad Lounge, which is really good. It's like my favorite lounge. There's lots to photograph in there, they have different things hanging from like when you traveled. They give you something, you can write on there things, and then they put them up around the bar.


The menus; they're the most decorated menus you'll ever see. They have pictures, and drawings, and all these things from when they were planning Animal Kingdom. Joe Rohde has his hand in this whole thing, so you know it's good.


Steph: That sounds really fun.


Heather: It is, and the food is fantastic. I had lunch and dinner there; I recommend it.


Steph: You know it's going to be good, if Heather likes.


Tanya: It has Heather Winfield's stamp of approval.


Steph: You know it's going to be good. That's great. Sci-Fi; Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater is one of my favorite themed restaurants. It has been since I was a kid, since I was a teenager.


Heather: I didn't go there until Tanya's trip there, and that was the first time I went.


Tanya: It was on my list, I was like I want to eat there. It was always one of those places that you saw in the travel videos, and I was obsessed with it. I'm sure people were over it by that point, but I was like, “I want to eat there.”


Heather: I'm so glad we did, because I had never heard anything good about the food, so I never thought to go there. Then we went, and it was good. I've had a good meal there any time I've gone. It's just so fun inside there.


Tanya: It's nice to escape the Florida heat, and just sit in that dark, dank room for an hour.


Heather: It's hard to get pictures in there, because it's dark.


Tanya: It's really dark.


Heather: When we had the other show, with the lighting with the food; that's a hard one.


Steph: That is true, it is hard. Low lighting, you need to make sure that you're set up for getting low light shots, or I guess be brave and use your flash. Try it, but it's not recommended.


Tanya: You don't recommend it.


Steph: No.


Heather: I tried to get a picture sitting in the car.


Tanya: Yeah, you kind of have to use a flash for that one.


Steph: You do. The iPhone 7 Plus, I bet you can get a good photo in there without your flash.


Tanya: Possibly, yeah.


Steph: Just saying. Let me try and think. Some of my other favorite restaurants, 50's Prime Time.


Heather: I wanted to go, I walked in there [crosstalk [00:19:36]


Tanya: She won't do it.


Heather: I don't want to get yelled at. This is not my type of fun.


Tanya: I would love to see her sit for an hour meal, and not touch her phone. It would be awesome.


Steph: Funny.


Heather: They yell at you if you don't finish your food, I can never finish.


Tanya: She never finishes her food. I don't really ever finish my food either, I'm not going to lie.


Heather: I know people have told me, if you say you don't want the whole thing they won't, but I still don't want to chance it.


Steph: I think they do a really good job. For people that may have never eaten there before, or don't know what we're talking about; the 50's Prime Time Café in Hollywood Studios, is themed kind of like a mom's house in the 50's. The waiters and waitresses play the role of the mom or the dad, or the kids-


Heather: Cousins.


Steph: Cousins, that's what I'm trying to say. Aunts and uncles, that kind of a thing. They treat you as such. They sometimes will get after you for not eating. My kids, the very first time we went, they told one of them that they were going to have to wash the dishes. That was it; they hate that restaurant, and they will not go back.


I love it, I think it's fun. They do a really good job, I think, of gauging and kind of testing the waters, to see if you're going to be fun and play with them or not.


Tanya: Mm-hmm (affirmative).


Heather: I've seen video of people, that they have to get up, and sing as a punishment. No, I'm not doing that.


Tanya: No, that's not going to happen people.


Steph: No, and I've never had anything like that. In fact, the last time we went, my kids were so not having any of that. I made them go; they hate it, they were not happy about it. I think that they sensed it, and they could tell, and they hardly harassed us at all. It was fun still, and I think the food is good.


Heather: I think definitely, if I didn't have to worry about that, I'd definitely go there because it looks really cute. It's right next door to the Hollywood & Vine, so I've been in there. It looks like a fun 50's hometown … You know what I mean. Some day, if I'm like, “You're not yelling at me.”


Steph: It's kind of like Leave it to Beaver; it totally is like you're walking onto the set of Leave it to Beaver, it feels like to me.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: The desserts, they're my favorite. The desserts are the best.


Tanya: See, if Heather doesn't finish her food, they won't let her have dessert, and then she'll be all sad. Finish those green beans Heather.


Steph: That's funny.


Heather: We can have dessert, I like Beaches & Cream, that's a fun one.


Steph: That is a really fun one. That's over in the Boardwalk?


Heather: That's at the Beach Club.


Steph: Beach Club. I love to go to that restaurant for lunch, when we're at Epcot. You can walk to it really easily, and it's a very inexpensive lunch.


Tanya: It's really good too. Actually, when we went there, granted I was probably starving, because Heather made us wait to eat until we got there.


Heather: Why is everything always me?


Tanya: To be fair, we had a pretty hectic schedule. We didn't get a chance to eat, I won't blame it on her completely. We didn't get a chance to eat until dinnertime, when we went to Beaches & Cream. I just got a plain cheeseburger, and it was literally one of the best cheeseburgers I've ever had. It was really good. Again, I don't know if it's because I was starving, or if it was really that good. It was good, I remember liking that place a lot.


Heather: I remember we got our food really quickly too. I got up to start taking pictures, and then the food came. That's another same kind of style, like old style ice cream shop.


Tanya: It's really, really cute in there.


Steph: All righty, going down the list. What about Epcot?


Heather: I kind of feel like everything-


Steph: I know. It kind of is, huh?


Heather: What I put on my list is World Showcase. It's almost everything.


Tanya: The whole thing, just say the whole thing, people.


Heather: Yeah. I like getting a lot of snacks there. I think it was on the other show, I mentioned about the ice cream macaroon sandwich. I can live on that, I'm sorry, that is like the best thing. That's the thing I always post pictures of on Instagram, I always like to take a picture of that. You can take it with the ice cream place in the background, or you have the whole Eiffel Tower, all that. You have the slushies, I know Tanya got that when she was out here.


Steph: At the Kabuki?


Heather: That's the Japan; no, in France.


Tanya: We're talking alcohol.


Steph: Then yeah, I don't know. Sorry. That's all you have to say, for me to know that I really should not try it, and I feel like I know what I'm talking about.


Heather: Pretty much anything like that, the drink; Or what you were saying at that one. I like taking it with the World Showcase, the lagoon, all that stuff, you can do that in the background, depending on what it is. You can have it with the country behind it.


I think that's one of my favorite things too, because there's so many snacks, and just everything. When you have food and wine there too, the same kind of thing. If you get something at the France food, then you could have France and Eiffel Tower behind it. I also always like to take the picture of the food with the booth behind it, so you have the country name.


Tanya: Every country in the World Showcase has a super photogenic restaurant; they all do. You can take a hundred pictures at every single one of those restaurants.


Steph: I agree, yeah. I was just thinking Le Cellier, I love taking pictures outside of Le Cellier. It's super dark inside, and it's not as photogenic inside. Outside, it's beautiful.


Heather: That garden.


Steph: Yes. It's themed after Butchart Gardens, for people that are familiar with Vancouver, Canada, Victoria, Canada.


Tanya: It's really pretty, and you see bunnies there. I saw bunnies running around that garden.


Steph: I'm trying to think of other ones that jump out. Rose & Crown has some okay photo places. I would rank it lower than Liberty Tree Tavern. The cool thing about Rose & Crown is, if you get a spot in the evening where you can watch IllumiNations, then you have a great photo spot.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: Really great photo spot.


Heather: I've never eaten at the Spice … I don't even remember the name of it. Spice Road, you never seen anybody there. If you are there for IllumiNations, that would be a good spot. There's several, they keep adding that, different restaurants around that, if you have that good view; a good spot, like that's good.


Steph: That's smart for them to be adding them, I think.


Tanya: It makes people want to eat at those places, during that time.


Steph: Yes.


Heather: The restaurant in Mexico, the San Angel Inn? I've never eaten there, but obviously I've been in the Mexican Pavilion, and that looks like a very photogenic restaurant.


Steph: It does. It's themed so that it looks like it's at night. It looks pretty cool.


Heather: You go through there when you're on the ride, so you could do that too. If you eat, even just looking at it, it looks nice. I have to eat there sometime.


Steph: Yeah, it's easy to miss though, I think. How you get to it, for those that don't know, is the Mayan pyramid that's outside. You go inside there, and that's where the whole marketplace is, and the ride, and then that really cool looking restaurant, night themed restaurant.


Okay, are those all of your favorites?


Heather: Let me look at my list. I'm still mentally going through all the Word Showcase food, and getting hungry.


Steph: I know, right? Yeah, this is so bad.


Heather: I think, these are all the ones that are on my list. I'm still kind of just trying to think if there was anywhere else. Yak and Yeti.


Steph: I was thinking that too.


Tanya: I was going to say that, that was my favorite restaurant that we ate at, the entire time I was at Disney World.


Heather: I love the food, but I also love-


Tanya: Yeah, it's really pretty.


Heather: There's so much to photograph in there. When they used to have the parade, you could even see the parade, if you were sitting by a window. There's no parade anymore. It doesn't matter where you are in the restaurant either, there's always something.


Tanya: I love the lights and stuff in there. I even took pictures in the bathroom when we were there. There's really pretty lighting in the bathrooms too. I loved that restaurant.


Steph: Even the counter service, I think, has some great photo opportunities. The Yak & Yeti counter service.


Tanya: Mm-hmm (affirmative).


Steph: That is my family … I think it might even be their favorite place to eat in all of Disney World; Yak & Yeti counter service.


Tanya: Yak & Yeti, I love that. I just like the name.


Steph: It's a good name. It's a good theme. I have a list of restaurants with good photo ops, but they might be different from my restaurants with good food.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: These are fun photo ops, I think.


Heather: See, it's not just me, places that aren't good food.


Steph: I love the theming, and I love the photo ops, and all of that good stuff.


Tanya: A lot of the times, I can handle the food being mediocre, if I have something to look at.


Steph: If it's good theming, I'm all about it.


Tanya: [inaudible [00:30:17] good theming, then I like being there. It makes the food better, I feel.


Steph: Yeah, me too. Okay, do you have anything else you want to add?


Heather: I don't think so. I'm slowly trying to go through different places, because there's so many.


Steph: There's so many.


Heather: At the resorts, and everything. I'm probably forgetting something obvious, but these are the ones that I-


Steph: I guess we didn't hit the resorts all that much, and there's probably even more there. Maybe we should do a different show just for-


Tanya: Just for the resorts.


Steph: Really, you could do a show for almost each park. Then we could do another one for the resorts and Disney Springs.


Heather: Oh yeah, Disney Springs; we didn't even touch on that. I love Morimoto's. I love Morimoto's, like everything about it. They have a chandelier, the lighting, it's so gorgeous. You can take a ton of pictures of that.


Steph: I haven't been there yet.


Heather: It's really good.


Steph: I know you love it, and I know you love the food there too.


Heather: Yeah. I think I've gone there like every trip since it's opened. I try to go last trip, and someone had rented the place out. I went all the way down there for that, and I was all bummed.


Tanya: Rude, that's rude. The nerve of people.


Heather: I know. Another thing, I mentioned the ice cream at France, which I could mention for every day the rest of my life. I think ice cream in general, you take pictures; your ice cream, and something in the background. That just seems to be an iconic thing. Especially the Ample Hills, have you been there since they opened?


Steph: Mm-mm (negative).


Heather: That's really good. That's like life changing good ice cream. It's expensive, but it's worth it.


Steph: Of course it is, because it's good. You know what I thought of that we didn't mention, that we absolutely need to; Dole whip. You have to get a photo with the Dole Whip sign in the background, with you holding your Dole Whip.


Heather: Yes. Now you can go … In Disney Land you always could go in the-


Steph: The Tiki Room waiting area.


Heather: At Disney World you couldn't, but they changed that a couple months ago. Now you can do that at Disney World also.


Steph: You can get a Dole Whip in the waiting area for the Tiki Room at Disney World? Am I understanding?


Tanya: No, you can take it inside.


Steph: You can take it into the Tiki Room with you. Really? You couldn't do that at Disney World?


Tanya: There's isn't set up the same as Disney Land's is. You can buy the Dole Whip in the waiting area at Disney Land, you can't do that at Disney World, I don't think. You have to buy it outside, then go in.


Steph: It's a little bit of a walk.


Tanya: Yeah.


Heather: It's right there, it's right next door.


Tanya: It's right next door, but it's not like, you're not already in the queue.


Heather: No, yeah.


Steph: The Sunshine Terrace is right next door, where you can get your [inaudible [00:33:25] and stuff.


Heather: No, that's where the Dole Whip is now.


Steph: They moved it?


Tanya: They moved it.


Heather: Yeah, that was awhile ago Steph.


Tanya: Come on.


Steph: I haven't been for a year.


Tanya: Even I knew that.


Steph: Sorry, I did not stay up with the Dole Whip location.


Heather: If there is one thing to stay up with, it's the Dole Whip news.


Steph: Yeah.


Heather: When they changed that, they got rid of the … They had the vanilla and orange swirl, they don't have that anymore. That's what I always used to get, now I get the Dole Whip all the time.


Steph: That was my favorite.


Heather: I know. [inaudible [00:34:01] like the citrus swirl, but I liked the orange soft serve. I get the Dole Whip all the time now, it's okay.


Steph: I like the citrus swirl though too. I actually like citrus swirl better than I do the Dole Whip.


Tanya: The horror.


Heather: That's like one of those battles, which do you like better?


Tanya: What side are you on?


Heather: I don't like a citrus swirl, I don't know.


Steph: That's too bad.


Heather: Yeah.


Tanya: Disney Land doesn't give you choices, you get the Dole Whip or you get out.


Steph: Yep, it's the truth.


Heather: I like at Disney Land, they give you the little umbrella, so it's more photogenic.


Steph: Yeah, that's cute.


Heather: When I got it this trip, they didn't put it in there. I realized that the next day, I was like, “What's different? I didn't get an umbrella.”


Tanya: Funny.


Steph: Then I think we're good on this show. We'll add another one later, with more-


Tanya: Yeah, there's a lot more to talk about.


Steph: Yeah, there is.


Tanya: Those are just the basics.


Steph: There you go. Those are our favorites. Okay, remind everyone where they can find you, Heather.


Heather: My character site is Heatherw.com/character. On Twitter, and Instagram, and everywhere else I'm Heatherw25. On Facebook, it's I Love Characters.


Steph: Tanya?


Tanya: You can find me at everymagicmoment.com, and Tanyah666 on all social media.


Steph: Perfect. You can find Capturing Magic at CapturingMagic_ on Instagram, and Pinterest too I think, where we have lots of ideas. Then, also be sure to me at modernphotosolutions.com. You can listen to the podcast over there, and also the free Google Photos class.


Thank you everyone for being here. We will see you next time on Capturing Magic.