Documenting the Magic: Using the PicFrame App to Print Square Photos

When I first saw a filled Project Life layout, I knew it would be perfect for documenting my captured memories on my trips to Walt Disney World with my first annual pass! Since then I have seen many people use Project Life to document Disney trips! I am new to Project Life, but I must say, it's easy, quick, and a great way to keep your memories together from each trip and highly recommend it to anyone short on time but big on capturing memories!

To start, I purchased some of the regular sleeves with the 4×6 and 3×4 openings. For my starter kit, I purchased a core kit called Just Add Color. It has sleeves made for square photos, like Instagram photos, in 4×4 and 2×2 sizes. While a great idea, I had a lot of trouble figuring out how to best print these square photos without buying a printer specifically for printing square photos. There is an app called Printicular that prints square photos, but they only go to Walgreens and I don't have one near by. You can order square photos from most photo craft sites like Snapfish and Shutterfly, but they are on average 20 cents more than a 4×6. Neither option enabled me to print 2×2 photos. Just when I thought I had exhausted all my options, I started playing with my favorite collage app, PicFrame. Using PicFrame, I was able to print square photos on a 4×6 layout. These are the steps I use to print square photos efficiently and economically for Project Life.

First, after you open the app, in the top right corner is the ratio for the photo layout. To work with a 4×6 photo layout, select the 3:2 horizontal option.

Next, pick the first collage on the second line. The second collage on the second line would also work, but for the sake of this tutorial I used the first collage.

After the collage loads, you can modify it to fit three photos. First you need to select the style at the bottom on the tool bar. Once the style window appears, move the “width” slider all the way to the left so that there is no frame around each photo in the collage. Move the middle vertical bar so that the big photo is “200” and the two little photos have a “100” on their side. The size of the larger photo is 4×4 and the two smaller ones are now sized to print 2×2.

 You can also print a full layout of six 2×2 size photos on a 4×6 piece of photo paper by switching the ratio back to 1:1, choosing a collage of four, eliminating the width border around the photos, filling it with your pictures, saving the collage, then inserting the square collage into the large box in the collage from picture three. Your layout will look like this:

You can also use PicFrame to make your square photos fit into the 3×4 size photo pockets in the usual Project Life photo sleeves. If you want the photos to fit in the vertical 3×4 photo pockets, chose the 3:2 ratio and the second collage option on the first row. For the horizontal pockets, chose the 2:3 ratio and the third collage option on the first row. When you insert the square photos, it looks something like this:

Remember to reduce the width around the photos to “none” and adjust the size on each size to be equal. You can move the photos around and resize them by pinching with your fingers on the collage layout, so you get exactly what you want in the frame. Select “share” to save to your phone. I use an app called Dropbox to transfer the pictures to my computer and upload them to a photo service account to send them to a printer. Another option is to load them onto an SD card and take them to your favorite photo kiosk. Here are some examples of how each layout prints at my local drugstore:

After my last longer trip, I recommend trying to collage as you go. I ended up taking over 800 pictures on my last trip and trying to collage them all at once did get a little daunting. This is a great way to print out those square photos that were captured in the Parks and keep them proportioned or reapportion a square photo to fit in a 3×4 photo sleeve and still have professional print quality. Just cut along the picture edges and volia! A perfectly square (or not) photo for your Project Life layouts.