Our Dream Disney PhotoPass Photographer Locations – CM090

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Our Dream Locations for Disney PhotoPass Photographers

Today we are sharing all of the locations we wish we could find Disney PhotoPass Photographers. Have you ever been somewhere in the parks and wished you could find a photographer there?

Steph: Hey, everyone. Welcome to Capturing Magic. I'm Steph, and I am here with Heather Winfield from HeatherW.com/character. Hi, Heather.


Heather: Hi.


Steph: And Tanya Hickman from EveryMagicMoment.com. Hi, Tanya.


Tanya: Hello.


Steph: Thank you so much for being here. I appreciate it. Are you ready to dig in to our topic today?


Tanya: Let's do it.


Steph: All right. We are talking about places we wish PhotoPass photographers could be found.


Tanya: Besides everywhere. Like, everywhere. Just put them everywhere.


Steph: Yeah, exactly. Besides having our own personal PhotoPass photographer to walk the parks.


Heather: That's what I was going to say.


Steph: Yes.


Heather: Follow me around and take pictures of everything.


Tanya: Yes.


Steph: Yes. All right. Did we decide to do Disneyland first? Or were we doing Disney World?


Tanya: Sure. Yeah, I'll go first.


Steph: Okay. Disneyland. Tanya.


Tanya: Okay, first is in front of and/or around actual rides. Some of these, they actually have had PhotoPass in front of or around before, and I understand it's a congestion problem as why they don't really do it, but I don't care.


Steph: I agree.


Tanya: I like when they have the PhotoPass by Haunted Mansion. You can get Haunted Mansion in the background. Every once in a while, I'll see a PhotoPass photographer by the side of Big Thunder Mountain when the train comes around.


Steph: Yes.


Tanya: That's a good spot.


Steph: That place I wouldn't think would have a ton of congestion.


Tanya: It's a bigger area.


Steph: Yeah.


Tanya: They need to have them there more.


Steph: I totally agree with that.


Tanya: Even though it's pretty much stroller parking now, I think to the side of Small World would be an awesome place, so you can get Small World in the back. There's never any PhotoPass photographers back there.


Steph: I agree.


Tanya: Back by Small World. This one I know they wouldn't to do, because it's way too congested, but the car out front of Mr. Toad I think would be awesome place for photos. I mean it is a photo-op, obviously, and that can get kind of congested. Around ride photos in general, I think, there'd be some cool areas.


Steph: Okay. I totally agree. I would love to see Haunted Mansion. I also think Splash would be a good one, Thunder Mountain.


Tanya: Yeah. I would wish they would use that big open area on top of Space Mountain. That would be kind of neat to have a Space Mountain photo. I understand the reasons why they don't do those sort of photos, but it's my dream.


Steph: So what?


Tanya: I can [inaudible [00:02:40] what I want.


Steph: Exactly, exactly. I have a couple- The Halloween tree during Halloween time at Disneyland, I wish you could get a photo with that in the background.


Tanya: That is so hard to take photos of.


Steph: I know, right? That's why I want a PhotoPass photographer there.


Tanya: Freaking so hard.


Steph: I know.


Tanya: I wonder if they could even take a photo of it. You can't capture its essence, that stinking tree.


Steph: You can't, I know.


Tanya: It's so hard.


Steph: I know. It's beautiful. It's absolutely beautiful, but it is really hard to photograph because of that.


Tanya: Yes.


Steph: Another one is, and they've been doing this- Or they did it a couple years ago. Last year when I was there, I didn't see it. Small World at Christmastime, last year I did not see PhotoPass photographers there at all, but the year before I did, or 2 years before that.


Heather: When I went, they didn't have it, but I'm hoping they have it this year.


Tanya: Yeah. It's another one of those random ones where you kind of get lucky.


Steph: Yeah, and it's hard-


Tanya: If someone happens to be down there.


Steph: It's hard to because they usually put you where you're dark, and Small World's all lit up. I think that they need to add that back into the mix.


Heather: I agree.


Tanya: It's so pretty at Christmas time.


Steph: It's so beautiful.


Heather: That's probably my favorite thing to see. I'm going back, and it's the first time I'm going for the holidays in years. That's the thing I think I'm most excited to see again.


Steph: That makes me so happy. Yeah. I just love Disney at Christmas time.


Tanya: I love Disneyland at Christmas time.


Steph: Yes.


Heather: I always remember the first time- That was my first Disneyland trip ever. I rounded the corner, and I saw that the first time, and it was like- You know one of those moments where the heaven opens up and it's like, “Ahhhh.”


Steph: Yes, the angels are singing.


Heather: Yeah.


Steph: For sure, for sure. I'd like to see that. Another one that I've seen PhotoPass photographers in the past, and this is more for people with little kids because my kids are not thinking that this is so cool anymore, but Sword in the Stone.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: They need to have photographers there.


Tanya: That's another congestion issue one, I think. On slow days I feel like there could be one there.


Steph: Yes. Yes. I totally agree. Also, I never see PhotoPass photographers in Toontown anymore.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: Except for in Mickey and Minnie's meet and greets there.


Tanya: One roving photographer would be amazing.


Steph: It would be.


Heather: Yeah.


Steph: I agree.


Tanya: There's so many photo-ops there.


Steph: Yes, so many super fun, fun photo-ops there. Yeah. I think they could stick even 2 roving photographers in there. I would love to be able to do a photo shoot with my kids in there with the Inspired photographers in Toontown.


Heather: Yeah. Well, you know you could pay $1,700 [crosstalk [00:05:34].


Steph: Or, bump into an Inspired photographer. That's what I'm saying.


Heather: Yeah.


Tanya: Yeah. Drag one down there.


Steph: Yes, maybe that's what I need to do next time. Did you have other places on your list?


Tanya: Yeah. I do, and none of those are the same so that's amazing.


Steph: Oh good, yeah.


Tanya: On the Rivers of America.


Steph: Yes.


Tanya: Around the Rivers of America. On the same note, around Paradise Pier.


Steph: Yes.


Tanya: There's so many good photo-ops around either of those lakes, or lagoons, whatever you want to call them, to get awesome shots in the background.


Steph: I totally agree.


Tanya: I've never seen a PhotoPass photographer like, Paradise Pier on the game side. The Toy Story Mania side.


Steph: Oh, yeah. Nuh-uh.


Heather: Oh, yeah.


Steph: No. Nuh-uh. I agree.


Tanya: Never see them over there.


Steph: Yeah.


Tanya: You can get pictures of kids playing games. There's lots of stuff to do over there, so I'm actually really surprised. You don't get the Fun Wheel in the background, but that Little Mermaid building is gorgeous.


Steph: Yes.


Tanya: You can get all kinds of stuff in the background coming from the other way. At the hotels.


Steph: Oh, yeah.


Tanya: I know maybe it's a water issue, but the water slides, and the pool, and the lobby? The lobbies at those hotels are really nice.


Steph: I agree.


Tanya: Then my last one is the Grizzly River area in DCA.


Steph: Okay, that was on my list I think, if it's the same spot. Let's hear it.


Tanya: Well, anywhere actually.


Steph: That's what I was going to say, actually the whole thing.


Tanya: Anywhere, really. I'm trying to think of where you want to get- I mean the waterfall would be nice, like where the actual ride is.


Steph: Yeah.


Tanya: I understand the water issue there, but if you come around a little bit and don't go all the way down the trail to get wet, then there's some really nice woodsy spots.


Steph: Yes. I totally agree. The water wheel, too. I don't remember the name of that.


Tanya: I love that spot.


Steph: Yeah. Also, in the- Oh, see now I'm drawing a blank. Across from the river ride, there's the outdoor adventure place where you do all the climbing.


Tanya: Yeah, the Wilderness Trail.


Steph: Yes, the Wilderness Trail, thank you. I would love to see PhotoPass photographers in there. I went and did that with my daughter our last trip because she was dying to do it again.


Tanya: I feel like I just read something about that area that they're doing. I'll have to look it up, because I know I don't remember.


Heather: It's the Christmas thing.


Tanya: Oh okay, yes. Okay, [crosstalk [00:07:58].


Steph: What are they doing?


Tanya: Santa's going to be there now.


Steph: Oh, really? Instead of in Elias & Co.?


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: Cool.


Tanya: They showed a picture. I don't know if that's going to be his actual setup, or if that's just kind of a mock setup on what they're- I don't know, but it looks cute.


Steph: So it'll be, I'm imagining, more outdoorsy?


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: Yeah.


Tanya: I like outdoorsy Santa. I like woodsy Santa.


Steph: Yeah. That's what I was thinking, woodsy Santa.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: That's good. That's really good. There's always tons of places in Cars Land, too, but they do a pretty good job. A really good job actually. I shouldn't say pretty good. A really good job of staffing it. Tower of Terror would be a fun one, too. You did say that there- Was that a limited edition photo-op there?


Tanya: Don't even get me started on that photo-op. I'm so upset.


Heather: You stepped into this.


Steph: Oh no. What'd I do?


Tanya: I'm so upset. I went the first day to get- That photo-op is supposed to, if it still is, is supposed to stay for the whole run until the ride shuts down. It's supposed to be there until January 2nd.


Steph: Okay.


Tanya: I went the first day, and I was like, “I want to get this photo-op.” My whole family was there. I didn't bring my camera with me. I only had my phone. I was like, “I can get my PhotoPass photos.” I went and got the PhotoPass photos, and they lost the photos. I've already talked to them. They do not have my photos. To make matters even worse, they took down the sign this week. The Hollywood Tower Hotel letters are gone, so even now when I go back to retake those photos, that sign's not going to be there.


Steph: You can never again get pictures with that sign.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: See, I was talking to somebody about that just a couple weeks ago, about how sometimes people complain that we take too many photos, but you just never know when thing are going to change.


Tanya: Yeah, and I'm so mad at myself. Yeah. Now it's completely changed. I'm so mad at myself because I watched for those photos to pop up all day. No joke, all day I was like, “They're still not here. They're still not here. Maybe it's my internet. I'll go home and they'll be there.” I could've easily retaken them at any time.


Steph: Right. Just to be sure.


Tanya: I just didn't. I'm still mad.


Steph: Well, then they should put that photo-op back there.


Tanya: The photo-op is there, but the Tower sign, that can't come back.


Steph: Right, yeah. Okay.


Tanya: Yeah, it sucks.


Steph: Okay.


Tanya: I'll live, but it sucks.


Steph: Do they have a PhotoPass photographer there at that photo-op?


Tanya: Yes.


Steph: I've never seen a PhotoPass photographer there.


Tanya: Oh yeah, no they do.


Heather: It's a new thing now.


Tanya: It's a whole new- The Final Ride, or Final Checkout, whatever they're calling it. Final Checkout, it's the whole thing.


Steph: Oh, okay.


Tanya: It's supposed to be there, and will hopefully be there with a PhotoPass photographer the entire time.


Steph: Okay. It probably started after my last trip towards-


Tanya: It started on the 9th.


Steph: -the beginning of August. Yeah, okay.


Heather: Yeah, it started it on the 9th, because I left on the 8th.


Steph: Okay.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: So yeah, in August it wasn't there.


Tanya: Yeah, no. It just started.


Steph: Of course it started on the 9th, Heather.


Tanya: Yeah. It started with the start of Halloween time.


Heather: [crosstalk [00:10:58] Halloween, yeah.


Steph: Okay, okay. All right. Do you have other spots?


Tanya: No. No, I'm just angry.


Steph: Yeah, I can tell.


Heather: I'll do a Disneyland spot.


Steph: Let's hear it. Let's hear it.


Heather: We'll raise the mood up to be happy again. I was thinking, since you mentioned it's okay if it's congested, the area, around Alice, like that little door or the teacup. I think those would be really cute places.


Steph: Oh, yeah.


Tanya: I meant to add the teacups to my list. We got some really cute ones there.


Heather: Yeah, on the teacup ride. Yeah, they were [inaudible [00:11:29]-


Steph: Yes.


Tanya: That one's really cute.


Heather: -about a year ago or something. Those were cute. I was thinking too, like you said, the little photo teacup thingy.


Steph: Yeah.


Heather: [inaudible [00:11:39] right there.


Steph: That thing comes and goes. It's been there, and then it wasn't, and then it's back.


Tanya: [inaudible [00:11:43] take that out before, and [inaudible [00:11:45].


Steph: Yeah. They do need to have a PhotoPass photographer there, though. Go ahead, Heather.


Tanya: I forgot. Around the side of the teacups that faces the Matterhorn right there, we've got some really cute photos there one time because we found a PhotoPass photographer, but they're not always there.


Steph: In front of the Matterhorn, too, for that matter.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: Yes, with the Matterhorn in the background. Okay.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: Go ahead, Heather.


Heather: Okay, something else. I love the Jolly Holiday bakery.


Steph: Yes.


Heather: I think somewhere around there could be cute. I'm sure it's impossible to take things inside. Even just outside, that would be a fun one.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: Just even in front of it with the sign in the background, because it's such a cute sign. It's so cute, the whole thing. I agree with that. Good call.


Tanya: I haven't downloaded these photos yet because they were another one I had to talk to PhotoPass about but they actually showed up. Heather and I took some really funny photos in Adventureland.


Steph: Oh, yeah?


Tanya: With our favorite crazy PhotoPass photographer. He brought out rubber snakes, and had us holding rubber snakes in Adventureland inside.


Steph: That's awesome.


Tanya: They are the funniest photos. She hasn't even seen them yet. They're so funny.


Heather: No.


Tanya: I'm holding on to those ones.


Heather: If you see Eric, you stop Eric.


Tanya: Yeah. Eric from Napa. He's crazy, but he's really good.


Steph: Fun. Part of my problem is the last time when I was- My last trip that I was on, I started to feel a little bit bad for making people stop.


Tanya: Yeah.


Heather: Yeah.


Steph: To get photos all the time, but I did see a PhotoPass photographer with snakes and stuff in Adventureland. I was thinking, “Oh my goodness, that would be so fun. I want to stop,” but we were on a mission and I restrained myself.


Tanya: I can't do it as much when I'm with my family. With Heather, it's really easy. She's always on [inaudible [00:13:44].


Steph: Yes.


Tanya: My family, after like the 10th stop, they're like, “Can we go on a ride now?”


Steph: Yes, I know. My daughter did that when I was trying to get the Newsies shot after 2 hours of trying to get the animated Newsies shot. “Please Mom, enough. I don't care if we get the Newsies.” I'm like, “But, I do.” “Can we please go ride a ride?” “Okay. We'll go ride a ride.”


Heather: Do you want to update Steph on the Newsies situation?


Steph: What?


Tanya: Yeah. I've talked to PhotoPass about the Newsies situation as well. They didn't add the animated Newsies shot to either of our photos. Then I contacted them about it, and they added it to mine. They didn't add it to Heather's. They only added the still photo to Heather's.


Heather: You know, the obsessed fan.


Tanya: They can't add it because her picture was taken in portrait mode.


Steph: See, I told you they had to do something, the photographer had to do something.


Tanya: Yeah. Mine was taken landscape, so they were able to add it to mine.


Steph: You're kidding me, Heather.


Heather: I know. This whole thing I went through to try to get it, and I was like, “Wow, she was great,” and now I'm thinking, “Oh, she's not great.”


Steph: It's probably the same photographer that told me twice that she took it and it was going to be in there and it wasn't. I had to go get a supervisor.


Tanya: They did add the Newsies still, it's just not animated.


Heather: So basically next time what I need to do is say, “Did you take this landscape? Because [inaudible [00:15:01].”


Tanya: Yeah. “It needs to be taken landscape.”


Steph: You will.


Tanya: “It needs needs to have the Newsies. Just let me take the photo. Just let me take it myself.”


Steph: Yes, yes.


Heather: Have Tanya take the picture. I'll pose. We're good.


Steph: Yes. You have to have that shot. You have to.


Heather: I know.


Steph: Now watch, they won't be doing it because it'll be Christmas time.


Heather: Oh yeah, that'll be my luck. I can start crying. “[inaudible [00:15:22].”


Steph: That is crazy. Yeah, so you'll have to do it first thing in the morning and then keep checking to make sure that they added it, and then go get it taken again if they don't.


Tanya: Yeah, and they didn't- Oh my gosh. I've talked to them, emailed them so many times.


Steph: I'm so sorry.


Tanya: It's okay.


Heather: They lost my Daisy pictures, too.


Steph: We do need to point out how many pictures we did get successfully.


Tanya: No, no, no. We have a ton of photos, don't get me wrong.


Steph: Yes. How many did you get? Did you count them up to see? I know it's hard with the annual passes.


Tanya: 500ish, maybe?


Steph: Yeah. I had 450 from my last trip, and that was just 3 days.


Tanya: Oh, jeez.


Steph: Yeah.


Tanya: We had 3 days of-


Steph: See why my family gets mad at me?


Tanya: Yeah. We had 3 days of not even really being in the parks with her doing the races and stuff. Really, we got most of those photos over 4 days, I guess? The majority of them.


Heather: Yeah, and there were times- I'm trying to remember now. I remember the one time we were with other friends, and I remember seeing the PhotoPass in a spot I hadn't seen before but we were with other people. That's when I try not- I don't really stop a lot. Of course, it's always when I see PhotoPass in these places.


Steph: It's the truth. It's the truth.


Heather: I just don't want to be that person. It seems like the people I'm with are like, “I don't want,” you know.


Steph: They don't care about PhotoPass.


Heather: Yeah. I'm trying to remember where it was. I remember thinking, “Oh, that would've been cool. Oh well.”


Tanya: “It would've been.”


Steph: Wah, wah. Did you have other Disneyland places, Heather?


Heather: I think the only other one is in the Fantasy Faire area, like the Rapunzel's Tower. Especially the tower at night when it glows.


Steph: I totally agree. That was on my list but I forgot to write it down. I was driving when I thought of that one. Yeah. Good call.


Tanya: That is a super cute area.


Steph: Yes, totally agree. They don't ever put PhotoPass photographers there because of the congestion, like we pointed out.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: At night, it's a lot less crowded there.


Tanya: Yeah.


Heather: When there's no show going on, there's not a lot of people around there either.


Tanya: When the princesses stop meeting, there's nobody there.


Heather: Yeah.


Steph: Yes.


Heather: There's nobody back there once those 2 things are closed.


Steph: It's actually one of my favorite quiet places in the park to go after sunset, because it is really quiet and peaceful, and you can hear the animated birds chirping and all that good stuff.


Tanya: Yeah. They close it down during the fireworks, right?


Steph: Right, yes.


Tanya: Yeah, so have to get there kind of late.


Steph: Yeah, it's a small window that you can get in there and enjoy it when it's quiet.


Heather: I'm adding that to our list now of what we do next year. Now I have to start making lists because otherwise we forget things.


Steph: Yes.


Heather: I kept checking during this trip. “Did we do everything we want? Yes. Okay.”


Tanya: I need you to update to iOS 10 so we can share notes.


Steph: Yes.


Heather: Oh, I know.


Steph: “Go to Fantasy Faire after sunset.” I can see it now.


Tanya: No, you don't even understand the stuff that's on this list. I'll text, and I'll be like, “You need to add this, and you need to add this.” She'll be like, “Did you get your Tower of Terror merchandise?” I'll be like, “Yes, I got my shirt, so mark it off.”


Steph: That's so funny.


Tanya: “Did you check for this one pin or button?” “Yes I did.”


Steph: That's cute, very cute. Okay then, we'll move on into Disney World. Heather, what have you got on your- I only have a handful. Go ahead and go into yours. Let's hear it.


Heather: The first one is kind of stolen by Tanya, but it's okay.


Steph: She'll forgive you.


Heather: Yeah. I'd love to see ones at all the resorts, even if there's just one PhotoPass. At a resort, there's always so many things. There's Disney statues, and topiaries, and-


Tanya: Disney World's hotels have way more to photograph.


Heather: Yeah.


Steph: Yes.


Heather: The French Quarter like around the river. There's just so many places, and I think it would be fun for having them roaming around. If you're walking around the resort, even by yourself, and you can get pictures with different things, or your whole family. They have those portrait sessions which you have to pay extra, and only at the Deluxe. Then they sometimes have one out by the Christmas tree, especially at the Deluxe ones, but even that I think I've only seen them like twice or so of all the times I've been there. I just really think they should have somebody always at a resort.


Steph: I agree. One photographer at each resort, because there are some really- Maybe it's just moderate and above. Maybe?


Heather: Even if you stay- I stay at Pop a lot, and there's so many things.


Tanya: Can you imagine the cute photos you could get at Pop?


Heather: Yeah.


Steph: Yes. There are tons of-


Tanya: You would get some cute photos.


Steph: There are tons of-


Heather: And Art of Animation. I think it would be a lot of fun to have-


Steph: Yes, tons of amazing and fun photo spots at all of the resorts. It doesn't matter what level you're staying at. I totally agree.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: Looking from Disney's perspective, if they're looking at expense, but I guess this is our dream list, so it doesn't matter. We don't need to look at Disney's expense, right?


Tanya: We don't need to look at it. Don't care. Don't care what you're spending.


Heather: Don't care. I actually think more people would be getting it with those things, with all those statues and everything at those kinds of resorts. Everybody, when you stay there, takes pictures with those.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: I agree. I also think that they would probably end up selling more Memory Maker because of it, because if they have some family shots say, I'm thinking Port Orleans, it's so scenic there. With the big water wheel in the background and stuff like that. They have a great family shot that they could use on a Christmas card. Then they have the in-park shots as well. I think that they're going to be more likely to buy a Memory Maker.


Heather: Yeah. Say you check in, and then you say, “Oh, now what?” “Why don't you go over here and you can take a picture before you go to the park?” Or some kind of thing like that. You could really sell it that way.


Steph: They totally could. I agree. They could sell a lot that way I think, too. Not everybody knows about Memory Maker, even as much as they promote it and advertise it. I'm always surprised to have people say they're going to Disney World, and what tips do I have, and they have never heard of Memory Maker.


Heather: Even when I'm in a line for a PhotoPass photographer, I can't tell you how many people, then they say, “I don't understand. What is this?” They're like, “You have the card, you have this,” and they have to stand there and explain, because they don't know. It's not necessarily it's their first day either. I've seen people, and I could tell it's not their first day at the park with the stuff they have.


Steph: Right.


Heather: Sometimes it's really hard, like you said. When someone says, “What are your tips for a park?” I don't think of a lot of things, because it's just so second nature to me now. You have to remember that not everyone is like us.


Steph: Right, knows everything.


Heather: We're there more than we're home, practically.


Steph: Yes.


Tanya: There's some things sometimes that I'm just like, “That's like, a basic knowledge.” I think everybody would know that. Then, people are like, “Oh, I've never heard of that.” I'm just like, “What?”


Steph: Yes, even FastPasses. I had a friend that went about a year and a half ago for her very first time. She's an adult, has 3 little kids, and she and her husband were taking them to Disneyland. They didn't know Fast- We were talking. I had to go really basic with my advice and information and everything that I gave her, because they just didn't know anything.


Heather: How many times are you going in the FastPass line, and people in the standby line are like, “What are they doing?”


Steph: Yeah. “How come they get to go?”


Heather: Almost every single time.


Steph: Yes. Yes. Agreed. What other locations do you have for us, Heather? What else is on your list?


Heather: Let's see. Should I do an out of the box one now, or should I save that one?


Steph: Let's hear it.


Heather: Because it's kind of crazy.


Tanya: Let's hear it.


Steph: Whatever you want to do. Whatever you want to do.


Heather: Okay. I was thinking, because at Disney World pretty soon they're only going to have one daily parade, the Festival Fantasy, because they're not going to have the Main Street Electrical Parade.


Steph: Right.


Heather: I don't count that street parade as a parade.


Steph: No, it's not a parade. Sorry. They might think it's a parade.


Heather: Yeah.


Tanya: It's not, guys. Surprise.


Heather: It's not.


Steph: Hate to be the one to to break it to you.


Heather: I was thinking, Festival Fantasy is an amazing parade. If you're one of the people that don't know what PhotoPass or FastPass is, that's my suggestion, to go see Festival Fantasy. At the end of the parade, the Cha Cha dancers have the thing, the sign. It says, “Festival Fantasy,” and on the back of it it says, “See you real soon.” They end it in Times Square, when they're leaving, and when they're done, they stop and they turn around and they bow. It's a really cute thing where at the end of the parade, and you can see the last floats, the balloon with Mickey and Minnie on it. They're waving and stuff until they close the doors. I was thinking that they could have a set, like 15, 20 minutes, it doesn't have to be a long thing, where you could have pictures standing in front of that. I think that would be a really cute-


Steph: That would be a cute photo-op. One of my favorite photo-ops that I got was when they were reconstructing the main entrance of DCA, and they had that big wall that said, “See you real soon.” We took a photo there, and that's the end of our photo book for that trip.


Tanya: Cute.


Heather: How fun.


Steph: Yeah. It would be really fun if there was something like that somewhere.


Tanya: Just that sign in general. It can go anywhere.


Steph: Yeah, exactly.


Tanya: Any of the signs, like in Carsland they have a big billboards and stuff like that, but have one somewhere in the park that has an ending sort of thing that people can use for their trips.


Steph: They could do that at the TTC in Disney World, the Ticket and Transportation Center. They could put a big sign like that, and that would be a perfect location for it.


Heather: Yeah. The only time I know they have it is at the end of the Halloween party. Usually the cast members hold up signs that say that, “See you real soon.” That's if you leave before it ends, which I never do.


Steph: I'm like, “What? I've never seen that before,” but that's because they're usually kicking me out.


Heather: Yeah. It was like, “Yeah, you've been here already like an hour, you know.”


Steph: Yeah, security's walking right behind me.


Heather: They also have the pumpkins over the, you know when you're leaving the walkways?


Steph: Yes.


Heather: They say, “Real soon.”


Steph: Yes.


Heather: That's it. I've tried a couple times-


Tanya: It's too hard to get a good photo in front of that.


Steph: It's so hard. So hard. I agree.


Heather: We should put a PhotoPass there.


Steph: I agree. I agree. That's cute. Especially the different holidays and stuff. In Disney Land, they could put the ‘See you real soon' out on the [inaudible [00:26:09].


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: I'm just trying to think areas where it doesn't make things congested.


Tanya: Yeah. Yeah.


Steph: Somewhere it would be really fun, even if it was something that they rolled in and out. Like, roll it in at the end of the day, and then roll it back out. Yeah. It would be fun.


Tanya: Bring your own.


Steph: Bring your own ‘See you real soon.'


Heather: I'm making my own PhotoPass spot.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: Okay, Heather, what else is on your list?


Heather: I actually have more than I thought, so I'm trying to pare it down. In Epcot, around the Imagination building where they have the fountains, the Jumping Fountains, I don't think I've ever seen a PhotoPass person there. I think that would be really fun.


Steph: I totally agree. Since we're over in that area, I would really like to see a PhotoPass photographer in the gardens of Canada.


Tanya: Oh, yeah.


Heather: I was thinking-


Steph: And the waterfall in Canada.


Heather: Yeah. One of my things was to have a permanent PhotoPass in every country.


Steph: Yes, me too.


Heather: You said that spot, and I could just keep coming up with different places in the World Showcase. There's a couple places, the bridge going to France, and the France fountain, that you're pretty much going to always see them there, but anywhere else it's just luck of the draw.


Steph: It's rare.


Heather: You can't always say, “Well on this day, I definitely want to take a picture in front of Italy.” You have no idea if someone is going to be there or not.


Steph: I totally agree. That's always one of the things that I tell people as a photo tip when they're going to Disney World, is to make sure you get a photo of your family, your group, yourself, whatever, and I do all of the above, in every single country, so that you can have your tour of the world. Rarely are there PhotoPass photographers in the country. I totally agree. That was on my list, too.


Tanya: That's just silly that they don't have one in every country.


Steph: Yes. I agree.


Heather: It feels to me, in this past year, I've seen more, but again it's not- I'll see it in Mexico, but then I won't see it in the 5 next countries.


Steph: Exactly. Exactly. It feels like, to me, they've got maybe 2 World Showcase photographers at any given time.


Tanya: Yeah.


Heather: I know right now they have- One of the places they always have it is Norway, because of all the new Frozen stuff. I'm sure that's one of the, “Yeah, we're always here.”


Steph: Right.


Heather: That's probably taking it from- I mentioned it on another podcast that they're [crosstalk [00:29:01].


Tanya: I want an Inspired photographer in Morocco.


Steph: Right?


Heather: Yes.


Steph: Yeah.


Tanya: Because we love the Morocco Pavilion.


Steph: Yes. Honestly, I think they could put Inspired photographers in all of the pavilions. I don't think they have Inspired photographers at all at Disney World yet.


Heather: I haven't seen any.


Steph: I don't think it's a thing there.


Heather: I'll be on the lookout in October.


Steph: You do that, but I don't think it's a thing there.


Heather: No. It's like I say to a PhotoPass guy, “Follow me around.” I'll just be like, “Okay.”


Steph: “No, sorry. I have to stay here.” They're all on tripods for the most part. Once in a while in World Showcase there's someone that's walking around, but not very often. Like I said, there's usually one on a tripod, and then one walking around, but it feels like there's only ever 2 in the whole World Showcase.


Heather: Like I said, I feel like there's been more lately.


Steph: Good.


Heather: Like I said, that this trip, I think it was this trip, I had someone in Mexico and she was taking pictures. She wasn't on a tripod. She was walking around. I have a picture in front of Mexico where it looks like there's nobody there. It's really rare.


Steph: Really? That's cool.


Heather: Yeah. I had another one that was around Canada. It was kind of by the lagoon area. He took towards the lagoon, and he took it kind of towards Canada sort of thing. They're kind of around, but, again, not that I would know the next day. Like, “Oh, I can find that guy in Canada.” I'm not going to be there again.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: Right, exactly. Exactly.


Heather: The only time I would say, “Okay, I understand not having them,” is during Food and Wine, or during the weekend with Food and Wine, because it's really crowded. I'll give them a pass then, but otherwise I think they should be around.


Steph: I agree. Let our listeners know when your last trip was, and when your next one is, because you say, “This trip,” and, “Last trip.”


Heather: Oh yeah, sorry.


Steph: Tell us when it is. When it is and when it was.


Tanya: Just assume they're every couple months, right?


Heather: Yeah, it is.


Steph: It's the truth. It's the truth.


Heather: My last trip, I was there for July 4th.


Steph: Okay.


Heather: That was my last trip.


Steph: To Disney World? To Disney World.


Heather: To Disney World.


Steph: Yes.


Heather: That was kind of a last minute thing. I was like, “Let's go for July 4th.” It actually was not- This is my second time in July 4th, and I felt the same thing last time. It did not feel as crowded as I expected.


Steph: Really?


Heather: Yeah. It's crowded, but it really was less crowded even when I went 3 years ago. I was in Epcot, and you could stand in Epcot and completely see nobody. It was really hot, I'll say that. It was probably the hottest I've ever been at Disney. I've gone a ton in September. Tanya's been there. She knows what it's like. That was definitely the hottest. It could of contributed a little bit, but it just didn't feel- From what I understand, the attendance has been down this year, so maybe it's just like an in general thing. It really did not feel that crowded.


Steph: That's good.


Heather: Yeah. That was my last time there. I'm going again my- We're going on our first ever Disney cruise in 3 weeks.


Steph: That's exciting.


Heather: In October. I'm really excited about that. I'm sure we'll have lots of podcasts about cruises.


Steph: Yes. We need to, because I get lots of questions about them, and I haven't been on a cruise yet so it's hard for me to know. We do need- When you go back.


Heather: You should send me the questions.


Steph: Okay.


Heather: Then I could see if I can kind of figure them out when I'm there.


Steph: I will.


Heather: [inaudible [00:32:38]. After that, I'm going to go to Disney World for a couple of days.


Steph: Perfect. All right. Do you have other places?


Heather: I have other places, but you do another one.


Steph: Okay. I have another one. In Animal Kingdom in general, any of the bridges, and sometimes you can find PhotoPass photographers on some of the bridges, and sometimes not. There's one place that I would love to see a PhotoPass photographer, and I haven't ever seen one. It's on the bridge with the Festival of the Lion King area in the background. That's a beautiful shot, and I would love to see a PhotoPass photographer there.


Tanya: I almost was going to say, “I want a PhotoPass photographer in every inch of Animal Kingdom.”


Steph: Yes.


Tanya: I love that park. I love Animal Kingdom, and I want pictures of all of it.


Steph: I totally agree. I love the park, too. I agree.


Heather: Yeah, I'm thinking I've never seen a PhotoPass there. I've seen one right in front of the Festival of the Lion King, and I've gotten a couple there.


Steph: Oh really? Good.


Heather: The one guy was pretty good, but yeah, I've never seen them on the bridge.


Steph: Yeah. It's a beautiful shot right there. It's breathtaking. We were there shortly after they took the walls down to finish moving the show to the new location, and when I rounded the corner and got onto the bridge and looked back over, it literally took my breath away. I gasped. It was so beautiful. I had to stop and take a picture of course. Just breathtaking. There's so many amazing, beautiful areas in Animal Kingdom.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: There should be photographers everywhere. I agree. Okay Heather, your list. Back to you now.


Heather: I was thinking- Let's me stay in Epcot now. I said about the Imagination building, but another spot is with- You know you have the monorail going over, and then you have the water there?


Steph: Yes.


Heather: Okay. I think I found PhotoPass around that area once, and I just really think that would be- It probably would be difficult because, again, it's like a congestion thing, but especially during Flower and Garden where that is just one of the most beautiful shots that you can get. I think that would be a really fun area.


Steph: That's a great idea.


Heather: Should I do more?


Steph: Yeah. Let's hear them.


Heather: Remember I said about Rapunzel area at Disneyland? I'll just do the same thing over here. I think by the Tangled bathroom area.


Steph: Oh, yeah.


Heather: I found, little after it opened, there was a PhotoPass, but she wasn't supposed to be there. I had someone else, and I was trying to find the Pascal Magic Shot for the first time, and she said, “If there's somebody by the Tangled area, then you can get it.” I've never seen it there. I definitely think they should have- I know they're bathrooms, but nobody cares that that's what they are. It's just so beautiful. They definitely should have somebody there.


Steph: I agree with that one. When it first opened, I was doing the same thing, chasing a PhotoPass photographer over there that didn't exist. It was slightly frustrating.


Heather: I can't remember if the person was just walking, and I said, “Oh, can you take the picture?” She was like, “Um, okay?”


Steph: “In front of the bathrooms? Okay.” They are beautiful bathrooms, or restrooms, I have to say. Haunted Mansion at Disney World, too, is another one. I love the Haunted Mansion there, and you could easily put a PhotoPass photographer out in front of it without it causing congestion, or clogging, or anything.


Tanya: It's better to get a photo of it from kind of further away. Right, on that one?


Heather: Yeah, because they've had PhotoPass a lot, especially this past year it seemed like. When we were talking at the Magic Shots, they have someone- It's like when you're leaving the ride, and it's already around the [inaudible [00:36:54] that they've had it. Pretty much every time I've gone on the ride they've had a PhotoPass there. It's not really- Like, I know what you're saying, you want the whole-


Steph: Mansion, yes.


Heather: Building, yeah. You can't really get that. It's more of a close-up thing.


Steph: Yeah, like they do with the Beast's Castle. You know on the bridge there in New Fantasyland with the Beast's Castle in the background? That's kind of what I'm thinking I would like to have, but maybe it wouldn't work. I don't know.


Heather: It'll work. It's our dream list.


Steph: I know.


Tanya: They can make it all work.


Steph: There's also a great photo spot that I found on one of my trips by the Mine Train, and it's actually right by the Mine Train entrance. You can see a view of the little dwarfs cottage through the woods. It's super cute. Yeah.


Heather: Because if we're going with, “This is our dream list,” I would love to have one in there where the cottage is, but that would be impossible. You're coming off the ride.


Steph: Yeah.


Heather: Even when you try to stop and take a picture, you have to wait until everybody leaves, and, “Okay, I can quickly snap it.” That would be impossible to have PhotoPass there, but if you had the park to yourself for the day.


Steph: We're doing our dream list. The park to myself, it would be all those castle shots with nobody in them.


Tanya: Yep.


Heather: You can even have on the side of the ride where- Last year, was it last year? No, 2 years ago for the Halloween party they had the witch, the hag, over on the side.


Steph: Oh, really?


Heather: That would be during the day where you have it, and you can see the vehicles coming out. It would be, I think, a kind of a cool shot. That's not really congested on that area that I'm thinking of.


Steph: Yes. I did get a shot there with a PhotoPass photographer when the ride first opened.


Heather: Oh, nice.


Steph: Yeah. I haven't seen him there. It wasn't a thing I don't think, or it's not a thing. It was just a fluke.


Tanya: I feel like 90% of PhotoPass photographers are a fluke. When you get cool shots, they accidentally stumbled upon that spot or something.


Steph: Yeah. I remember when we were there right before New Fantasyland opened. It would have been 2012, I think is when that opened. There were roaming photographers, kind of like the Inspired photographers, and I happened into a couple. I thanked them for taking candid shots of my daughter and I. They said, “Yeah, we're trying to do more of that.” It seemed like it didn't ever really catch on there as much as it has now at Disneyland with the Inspired photographers. It doesn't seem to me.


Heather: They tried doing roaming characters and stuff there, and it did not hold.


Steph: Yeah.


Heather: Meanwhile at Disneyland, they have Gaston doing that roaming kind of stuff now, and he's fine.


Steph: Yeah.


Heather: That doesn't work at Disney World.


Steph: It's interesting how different it is, isn't it?


Heather: Yeah.


Steph: What works in one place, and doesn't another.


Tanya: Crazy.


Steph: Would you have any others that you want to make sure we talk about on your list?


Heather: Yeah. It's not really that different. We were talking about the castle, and so there's always pictures in front, and on the sides, but I'm thinking in the back. I've seen PhotoPass back there sometimes, but I was thinking more over to the side. There's steps. There's like a stairway kind of thing. Do you know where I'm talking about?


Steph: Oh, mm-hmm (affirmative). I do.


Heather: I think that would be a really pretty area.


Steph: That would be.


Heather: It's not as congested. Then, they could just turn around and get a picture in Cinderella's fountains right there.


Steph: Yes.


Heather: I thought that would be a cute area. You sometimes have character meetings on that wall, so it's not that it would be in the way of anything.


Steph: Right.


Heather: For the out of the box thing-


Steph: Let's hear it. That was a really good idea though, Heather. I love that one a lot.


Heather: Yeah. I always see them kind of behind the castle, and you always have constantly people walking.


Steph: Yes.


Heather: It's not really that great. Then I was thinking, especially at night when there's not as many people there, it would be more possible to do it, but the mosaics inside the castle.


Steph: Yeah.


Heather: The castles closed off so often because you have the shows.


Steph: Yeah.


Heather: It's probably something you couldn't do during the day, but then at night, especially later- I don't know. Even if you had somebody who's a roaming one around the castle and then could do it. Something like that.


Steph: Yeah. I like that one, too. I love the mosaics in there. Also, I guess if we're going to do that, we need to do the mosaic inside Beast's Castle. The Beauty and the Beast mosaic, too.


Heather: It'd be great if they had PhotoPass just all- I mean, I know they have the PhotoPass on that bridge there, but then once you go on the, where you have to gargoyles-


Steph: Yeah, there's no one there.


Heather: You're not even allowed to be on there.


Steph: Right.


Heather: At least, it's dinner. Around there, or closer to the- You know. I think that would be nice.


Steph: I totally agree with that one, yeah. I felt bad for stopping there to take photos near the gargoyles and stuff, just because they're going to yell at me, and they do yell. They're like, “You can only be here if you have a reservation.” I'm like, “We have a reservation. They just called our name. I'm going to hurry and take a photo, okay? Thank you.”


Tanya: “I swear.”


Steph: Yeah. It's hard. Maybe that's why the don't want to have a PhotoPass photographer there, but I would love to have photos at the main entrance because it's a beautiful, beautiful main entrance of a restaurant. There you have it. Is that all? Heather?


Heather: Yeah. Yeah, basically.


Tanya: I have one Disney World one.


Steph: Okay, let's hear it. I'm sorry.


Tanya: No, it's okay. That's okay. I had told Heather about it earlier, so I wasn't sure if she was going to use it or not.


Steph: Okay.


Tanya: To have a photographer in front of The Great Movie Ride, taking pictures of you putting your hand prints in the cement.


Steph: Cute, yes.


Tanya: That would be fun.


Steph: That would be a lot of fun. That's a really ornate entrance, too. They use to do photos there quite a bit. I wonder if maybe now they will because the hat's gone. Or, if they are. Heather, are they?


Heather: No, just the same places pretty much that they were before.


Steph: I really like the idea of the hand. We have given Disney World lots of ideas for creative photo places. Someone send them the show, okay? Let them know that this is our wish list.


Heather: Since you're at Hollywood Studios, I though of another. The outside Star Tours, it would also be hard because they constantly have the Jedi training show going on, but with the [addat [00:44:11] behind you, I think that would be a really cool shot.


Tanya: Yeah, that would be.


Steph: Yes.


Tanya: That [cue [00:44:17] was really nice.


Steph: Yeah.


Heather: Yeah.


Tanya: The whole outside of that ride.


Steph: Yeah. Once in a while with the Speed Racer there, once in a while there's a PhotoPass photographer there. I think in all of my years of going to Disney World, I've only seen that PhotoPass photographer there once.


Heather: I've seen them several times.


Steph: You've been there more than me.


Heather: Yeah, I have. I've been there enough. I was thinking, too, since we don't have Star Wars weekend anymore unfortunately, if you had someone roaming that whole area, then you could get the Darth Vader or Storm Trooper Magic Shots that they used to have during the Star Wars weekends. Like, against the wall of the shop, they could do that.


Steph: That's a great idea. That a really great idea. Yeah, there's lots of fun places in Hollywood Studios. [Two [00:45:08] Downward, they have all those old cars. I've always wanted to do- I thought it would be fun to do little photo shoots with those cars down on your way to Tower of Terror. There's lots of fun stuff. In the entrance of Rock'n'Roller Coaster, with the ride that- You know how it goes upside down?


Tanya: Yeah. We got a PhotoPass there, didn't we? When we went a long time ago?


Heather: Yeah, I think there's usually one over closer to the ride.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: Yes, with the guitar.


Heather: I don't really go over there that much.


Steph: With the guitar in the background, there's, a lot of times, a PhotoPass photographer there. Yes.


Heather: The Rock'n'Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror section of the park isn't my thing.


Tanya: Heather doesn't frequent that area.


Steph: Really?


Heather: I don't do those rides. I did Tower of Terror once with Tanya. I'll do it again when it's redone.


Steph: That's so funny. I had no idea. I had no idea. All I remember is when we were at Disneyland, the 3 of us, you were going to go on Space Mountain, and I can't do Space Mountain, so I guess I just assumed that you do all of those rides.


Tanya: Oh, no no no. No, no, no, no, no.


Heather: The first time I went on Space Mountain at Disney World, I had to be almost physically pushed onto the ride.


Steph: Really?


Heather: I was kind of shamed by a kid from Pirates. This is is a funny story. It has nothing to do with PhotoPass. I was on Pirates, and there's a kid in front of me, and he was like so scared for the thing. We were like, “It's fine.” A friend was like, “Yeah, she doesn't even do Space Mountain, and she does this ride.” He's like, “What? You don't do- It's this little kid. Somehow, I got talked into it. I'm, “Okay, I'll go and do it.” So I did it. I do Space Mountain now.


Steph: You do Space Mountain, but you don't do Rock'n'Roller? I do Rock'n'Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror.


Heather: No. That one goes upside down. I'm not doing the upside down.


Tanya: I can't even get her on California Screamin'.


Steph: Oh.


Heather: That's [inaudible [00:47:06].


Steph: I do have to take Dramamine, or Bonine, or something. I love Rock'n'Roller Coaster, so I'm willing to drug up so that I can survive it.


Tanya: I actually think she would like that one, because you can't see anything. It's not like loopty-loops, like corkscrews that you get. You really don't even feel them for the most part.


Steph: Oh, I love it. It's such a great ride.


Tanya: At least, I don't think we do.


Steph: I don't think you do, either. Your tummy does a little flip-flop, but that's it.


Tanya: Yeah, it's not bad.


Steph: That's a good thing. All right. Let's remind our listeners where they can find you Heather.


Heather: My character site is I Love Characters, and it's HeatherW.com/character. The Facebook page for it is I Love Characters. On Twitter and Instagram, and anywhere else that I can think of, its' HeatherW25.


Steph: Tanya?


Tanya: You can find me on all social media at TanyaH666, and at my website is EveryMagicMoment.com.


Steph: Thank you so much. Thank you for being here. I want to also remind our listeners that if you love this show, please leave us a review in iTunes sharing that love. That would be so great. It helps us improve our rankings, and help us get seen more. Improves our visibility on iTunes. We would really appreciate that. You can also come and participate in the discussion on the show post at CapturingMagic.me. Thank you so much for being here with us. We appreciate you spending some time with us while we all navigate Disney. It's the best thing ever. Thank you for joining us. We'll see you next time on Capturing Magic.