Easily Adding Videos to a Photo Book Using a QR Code

When I was creating my photo book of my Disneyland trip with my sisters, I knew I wanted to include some videos. We took more video on this trip than I ever have before. I've been talking about using QR Codes in scrapbooking for a long time, but hadn't ever actually done it. I was very excited to finally give it a try.

After running into some bumps getting a QR Code generator to work with my photo book I was building at AdoramaPix, I got in touch with their customer support and told them what I was doing. They were so excited about all of the possibilities I was sharing, that they called a meeting and added a QR Code generator to their photo book builder within a couple of weeks! WOW!!  The best part is, it's very easy to use!  Here's a video showing how to scan the QR codes to pull up video (if you are in email or a reader, you will need to click through to the site to view the video):

You can see a step-by-step tutorial for how I created this photo book, from last week.  Once you get everything uploaded and your page pretty much done, you can add a QR code directly in the photo book builder by following these steps. In the photo book builder, click on the “Text” tab. This is the tab that allows you to add additional photo spots, text boxes, and now, QR codes. Click on that QR code, drag it onto your photo book where you want it and drop it.

The QR code tool bar pops up. Just paste the link to your video that you uploaded to YouTube (or somewhere else) in the QR code link box. You could also post a link to a photo gallery on Flickr, SmugMug, or another sharing site with more photos. The possibilities are endless.  You can customize the colors of the QR code by clicking on the default black or white and then selecting a color either from the colors that pop up or by clicking on a color on your photo book page:

I clicked on the orange in Goofy's shirt:

There are two important things you will want to do to ensure your QR code works. First, be sure that the front color and back color on the QR code is contrasting. If they are too close in intensity or shade, the QR code won't work. I could have changed the back color to black, blue, green, even yellow and been fine. If I would have chosen another shade of orange though, that wouldn't have worked. The other thing is to not resize the QR code too small. I suggest keeping it .75 inch to 1 inch to be safe. I have made them smaller and my QR code scanner has had a difficult time seeing them and scanning.

Here's a look at some pages from my photo book with QR codes on the pages:

Do you want to try scanning a QR code?  With a QR code scanner, try scanning this on your screen OR download (by right clicking on the image and selecting “save as”) and printing it. This is the QR code found on the blue pages above with the Small World projections and our “sisters night out”:

It has been SO MUCH FUN to see peoples' reactions as I scan the QR codes and pull up video that was taken at the same time the photos in the book were. I love being able to quickly and easily capture ALL of the memories in one location.