Easy Disneyland Photo Book

Instagram Blurb Book created by Kimberly Kalil with photos from her family's trip to Disneyland in March 2012.

Hello. My name is Kimberly, and I’m an Instagram addict.

Not a day goes by that I don’t snap a photo and post it to Instagram. I love the filters. I love the simplicity. And I love the community surrounding Instagram.

Given my addiction, it’s no surprise that my family’s recent trip to Disneyland was captured almost exclusively on Instagram. I mean, come on, how much easier does it get? I just had to slip my phone into my pocket and hit the park. No extra gear; no extra bag; just my phone, my family and our four days at Disneyland.

When we got back from Disneyland this year, I realized my husband and I had accumulated quite a few Instagram photos. In fact, way too many to scrapbook. Not all of our Instagram photos are technically perfect. (You don’t account for F-Stop of depth of field on a phone app). But they’re funny, gritty and full of character, just like my family.

I wanted to find a way to quickly gather all these photos in one place and display them in clean, simple format. Enter Blurb.

Recently, Blurb introduced an Instagram Instant Book template for their online bookmaking tool Blurb Bookify.  I decided to make a Blurb book for three reasons: It was simple, it was quick, and it was affordable.

Simple: Blurb Bookify is a user-friendly tool that walks you through the whole process of making a book filled with your Instagram photos. After launching the application, it prompts you to name your book. Then you import photos from your Instagram feed (or other sources, such as Flickr). With a few clicks, you can add or delete pages, modify your photo placement and order the pages.

Quickness: From start to finish, it took me less than an hour to import my photos from Instagram, arrange them in the provided template and make all my printing decisions. A week later, I had my very own book, and it was more beautiful than I imagined. It’s clean, simple and super-classy. But even better than that, it’s done. Already my family has poured over the pages and relived our magical trip.

Blurb Book Pages

 Affordability: A 20-page, softcover book starts at just $10.95. I chose to upgrade to a hardcover book and had a whopping 48 pages. I also upgraded to the premium paper, since I knew my 3-year-old would be handling the book, and I wanted something sturdier. With shipping and handling, my book came to $48.18. An Internet search secured a coupon for $19.95 off my order, so I ended up paying $28.23. Really, now that I have my book I would have gladly pay the full amount. In short, it’s that lovely.

Already, I’m thinking ahead to your next Disney trip and can’t wait to make another Blurb Instagram book.

Tip: One downside is you are limited to a single Instagram feed. This can be problematic for couples wielding phone cameras. As a workaround, I logged in to my Instagram account, uploaded my Disney photos, then logged into my husband’s to snatch his pics, too. The end product culls the best of two shooters instead of one, and captures two perspectives instead of one.