Electrical Parade Returns and Lunar New Year Celebrations – CM101

Steph recently returned from Disneyland and was able to attend the Main Street Electrical Parade ticketed event. She is sharing all of the fun photo ops and activities Disneyland offered at this fun celebration. She and Tanya are also sharing some of the fun Lunar New Year's events at Disneyland. PLUS::: Tanya and Heather share the Disney thing they collect that surprised Steph.


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Steph: Hey everyone. Welcome to Capturing Magic. I am Steph Clay, and I'm here today with Tanya Hickman, who can be found at EveryMagicMoment.com. Hey, Tanya.


Tanya: Hello.


Steph: Then, on Instagram, your TanyaH666-


Tanya: Yes.


Steph: -and Twitter, and everything else.


Tanya: Everything else, yeah.


Steph: Then we are also here today with Heather Winfield, who can be found at HeatherW.com/character, and then also HeatherW25. Right, Heather?


Heather: Yes.


Steph: Yay. Good. All right. Okay. As a way of updating, we're all recently returned from trips. We've staggered our trips so that we couldn't really record in between. You both, tell me where you were, and when.


Tanya: We were both at Disneyland in November. I went to Harry Potter when I was home, too, at Christmastime.


Heather: I went to Disney World in January for Marathon Weekend, and New Years Eve for the first time ever, which was awesome. Totally recommend that. It was not as crazy crowded, scary, as I thought it would be. That was good.


Steph: Good. Good. I just got back from Disneyland as well. It's kind of exciting. Lots of fun stuff. We have some great stuff to talk about today, too. While I was in Disneyland, I was able to attend the Main Street Electrical Parade premier party, which I don't generally get to be in California for events. They just don't line up right for me, so it was exciting for me to be able to be there. We're going to talk about it today. Yay. Tell me the first time you girls saw the Main Street Electrical Parade.


Tanya: I was really, really young. I'm not even sure when it first was.


Heather: My first Disney trip to Disney World was when I was five, and I saw it there. I have pictures of me waving, and watching it and stuff.


Steph: Cute. I totally want to see those photos. You have to dig them out.


Heather: I've already scrapped them. That's the only trip that I completely scrapped because I don't have that many pictures. Yeah, I'll send it to you.


Steph: Okay.


Heather: That's why my mom loves the parade, too, because she remembers how I was all excited about it, so she was all excited about it.


Steph: That's so cute. Okay, yeah. That's super fun. Okay. It premiered in Disneyland June 17th, which is … Okay, yeah. I was thinking July, sorry. June 17th, 1972, which was even before my time. I'm happy to say … I am older than you girls, but it premiered even before my time. Then, it was there until 1996. Is that right? Is that true?


Tanya: No.


Steph: That can't be-


Tanya: It might be because it moved over to California Adventure.


Steph: I think you're right. Yeah, okay. Yeah, 1996, and then it moved over to … Did it move to California Adventure right then, or did it go to-


Tanya: No. I think it had a bit of a break in between there.


Steph: That's what I thought, too. Then, it was in Magic Kingdom for a while. It did a stint at Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland Park Paris. California Adventure I'm seeing in Wikipedia. It was 2001 to 2010.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: Was California Adventure. I saw it there, too.


Tanya: Yeah, definitely.


Steph: Yeah. It's kind of been everywhere. I've been able to see it Disney World, Disneyland, and California Adventure. It was fun for me to be there for the party for sure.


Tanya: You look like you had fun.


Steph: Yes. I did.


Tanya: I'm jealous.


Steph: Yeah, it was a lot of fun. I want to just talk a little bit about what we did. It was a ticketed event. They first opened it up just to annual pass holders, and then they opened up to everybody. It was, I believe, $95 for the ticket. They did something different than I think I've ever heard them doing. Tell me if I'm wrong. They had everybody exit the park. They closed down the park at 6 o'clock, Disneyland, and everyone exited, and then they re-opened for people that had tickets at [7:30].


Tanya: They kicked you out?


Steph: Yeah.


Tanya: Oh.


Steph: Kind of. I wasn't in there at that point, but-


Tanya: Yeah. No, that's interesting. Usually, they don't make everybody … You can just go between certain hours and get your wristband, and then just stay in the park.


Steph: Yes. Exactly. That's what I thought. I didn't know if … I've done Halloween at Disneyland, and they never had done that. However, we've talked before about do they really know if everyone's getting out, and are there people that are in there that haven't paid for it? This way you know there's nobody in there that hasn't paid for it. I did like that aspect of it. I was really pleasantly surprised. They were able to move … They opened up almost every turnstile to let people back in. They moved people through really fast.


Tanya: That's good.


Steph: Yes.


Heather: Do they give you a wristband or something to-


Steph: Even better than that.


Tanya: Oh, you had the lanyard.


Steph: We had lanyards. Yes, that lit up. They have these big … They had big laminated circles that said Main Street Electrical Premier on the bottom. They had a lanyard that had lights inside of it, and it had a little control where you could change the settings. You could have it on, just on, or you could change it to flash slow, or flash really fast. Yeah. It was the bomb. I was so excited when I saw that lanyard. Like, “What? We get a lanyard that lights up?”


Tanya: I know what Heather's thinking right now, “So it flash annoying, or really annoying?”


Steph: Yeah. I had mine on solid the whole time, and my husband had his on flashing. I'm like, “How does that not give you a headache?”


Tanya: Yeah, right?


Steph: I cannot understand. It's giving me a headache from clear over here. When you went on the rides, they would always tell you to turn all of your lights off, because I also bought mouse ears that lit up. They're stinking cute. So cute.


Heather: I don't normally like those light up ones like that, but those were so cute.


Steph: Yeah, so cute. Yeah, I bought those, and was wearing those, and then just when we got on the dark rides, they would always, “Make sure you turn your lights off,” if we forgot, because I did sometimes. Really good. Then you walk in, and you get your lanyard, and then you go under the train station. On the inside park, on the park side of the train station, they had a red carpet, and then you could do photos with PhotoPass photographers. They had a backdrop like they do at movie premier events.


Tanya: Cute.


Steph: Yeah, really cute. Then we were able to go ride rides. It was awesome walking right on lots and lots of rides. Then they had the parade at 9 o'clock, and we were able to just walk up a few minutes before the parade. We sit in the back behind several rows of people, and watch the parade. I think that they've done some maintenance and stuff. You would think since they were moving it from one coast to the other that they would take time to do some of the maintenance, but it seems like, to me, that they've added some mesh color stuff behind the lights. Does that make sense?


Tanya: Yeah, just so they reflect more light.


Steph: So that it reflects more color.


Tanya: Color, I should say, yeah.


Steph: Yeah, yeah. It seemed a lot more bright and vivid to me. I'm like, “Why is that?” I started looking really closely at the floats, and that's what I could see, is that the mesh stuff underneath was super bright, not faded. Yeah, okay. After that, the highlight of the party for me was photos with the floats.


Tanya: That's awesome.


Steph: Yeah. They brought several floats back out around the hub, and you could line up and get your photo taken by a PhotoPass photographer with the different floats. Then, on Main Street, you guys were the ones that actually told me about this, they had the main, big drum float down in front of the theater. That was only selfie. They didn't have a PhotoPass photographer there for that one, but they did all the others. For the event, PhotoPass photos were free. If you, or somebody that you don't have an AP that you get PhotoPass photos, or you hadn't bought a PhotoPass or whatever, then you could get them for free.


Tanya: $95 they better give them to you for free.


Steph: Yeah.


Tanya: I like even a lot of the events, the annual pass holder ones that it would go towards the parties or anything like that, annual pass holder parties, they always, even if you didn't, this is before you could have the PhotoPass on your annual pass, they would give you the photos for free, which is always nice.


Steph: It is always nice. Totally.


Tanya: What's funny is I tried to think I could beat the system, and get there an hour or two early, and take normal PhotoPass photos. That didn't work. They didn't give me the photos for free.


Steph: Interesting.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: That's funny. Yeah. They did have some other annual pass holder things, but I hadn't upgraded my pass to an AP yet, so I didn't get to get them. I was kind of bummed because they had a super cute flashing AP button.


Heather: I saw that.


Steph: Yeah.


Heather: It was cute.


Steph: Yeah. I was bummed that I couldn't get it.


Heather: Can we talk about what we can thank you to get us?


Steph: Yes, yes. Let's talk about that.


Heather: I saw they had … We're obsessed with glow cubes. We had already asked you for something we'll talk about later. Then I saw somebody posted they have glow cube toppers of the turtle from the parade. I sent a thing to Tanya, I'm like, “I can't ask her again.” I asked you [crosstalk [00:10:59].


Tanya: You were already in line to get them, like you already knew.


Heather: Yeah.


Steph: Yes. I did. Here's the funny story, the other side of the story, I guess. Tangie Baxter was there. She does Art Journaling the Magic, if you want to check out her website and follow her on Instagram, Art Journaling the Magic. She and her husband were at that party as well, and we had been texting back and forth about stuff. I had told her that you girls had asked me to go get the lunar glow cube things. She texted me right as I saw that glow cube on somebody's … It was a topper, a bottle topper is what it is, of the dapper turtle. Right as I saw, I'm like, “Oh my goodness, I have to have one of those, and the girls need them, too.”


Tangie texted me, she's like, “Have you seen the bottle toppers? You need to go get these for the girls. The whole time we were there, we just kept calling you, you're the girls, the girls. Everyone knew who we were talking about. She said, “I just checked two different stands. They're out.” I'm like, “I'm in line. I'm in line.” Luckily, I got three. After I bought those, there were only two left at that cart.


Tanya: Oh, that's crazy.


Steph: Yeah. They were selling out super fast. They are adorable. I posted pictures on the Capturing Magic Instagram of me with my cute little glow topper.


Tanya: Yeah, we have a glow cube problem.


Steph: Which I had no idea. I did not know that about you.


Tanya: Yeah. In September, was it September? Yeah. We purposely ordered kid's beverages just so we could get the Ariel one at a restaurant.


Steph: That's so cute.


Tanya: “We'll take the kid's cup with the Ariel glow cube, please.”


Heather: Like, “We don't need the drink or anything.”


Tanya: “We don't need the drink, just give us the cube.” With the lunar New Year ones, and those ones, were you able to buy just the topper?


Steph: Yes.


Tanya: Yeah, because sometimes they don't let you do that. Sometimes they're like, “You have to get a drink.”


Steph: No, they let me buy … I mean, I did get a drink with mine, with the Main Street Electrical Parade one. That special one I did get a drink with mine, but they let me buy two additional ones, too.


Tanya: I feel like they've become so popular, the glow cubes have become so popular now that they are letting you do that. Back when, like the first batch of Halloween ones came out a couple years ago, I had to eat at three different places to get three different glow cubes.


Steph: Oh my goodness.


Tanya: In one day. I was just like, “I can't eat anymore just to get the cube.”


Steph: That's so funny.


Tanya: Yeah. I would ask them, I'd be like, “Can I just buy the glow cube?” They're like, “You have to eat something.” I'm like, “Uh.”


Steph: Yeah.


Tanya: “Okay, then.”


Steph: When you buy the drink and the glow cube, you're looking at $10 souvenir right there.


Tanya: Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Now they just charge you straight out for the glow cube, which is nice. I'd rather just have it that way.


Steph: Yes. They're fun souvenirs. It's actually really a fun idea.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: I think. Okay. I think maybe we might need to have a glow cube show.


Tanya: I know.


Steph: I think you're going to be starting a new trend. Is that a big thing, and I'm just not seeing it?


Tanya: They sell out. Did you see they sell out?


Steph: Yes. They did, but I can understand because that glow cube was super stinking cute.


Tanya: Yeah.


Heather: Yeah. I feel like the first time I saw it be a big thing was at Star Wars weekend, and they had Star Wars … They had the Death Star, and the TIE fighters stuff. That was such a big thing. It might've been before that. We collected them before that, but I remember people going crazy about it.


Tanya: I'm trying to think of that, like the Halloween ones. Those ones were selling out at the time. I was able to get the Jack Skellington really easily.


Heather: Yeah, because one of them you weren't able to get for me.


Tanya: The Mickey pumpkin, I think.


Heather: Yeah.


Tanya: Yeah. That was one where they only let me get one. For the 60th Anniversary, the diamond one, that one sold out really fast.


Heather: Oh, yeah. I never got that one.


Steph: You didn't get her one, Tanya?


Tanya: Again, they were out of them. They limited us to one.


Steph: Oh, okay.


Tanya: It was ridiculous.


Steph: Okay.


Tanya: The day that I went to go get them was the 24 hour day, and the line at Jolly Holiday was like two hours long.


Steph: Yeah. If you guys make this a thing, everybody starts collecting them, they might start limiting it again.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: I was able to buy just those. I think actually today, when I go pick my son up from school, I'm going to get a bottle of soda and stick my glow cube on there, because I think it's so fun. He'll be totally embarrassed.


Tanya: I do it sometimes. I got a whole drawer just full of the normal cube ones that you would get at Mad Tea Party when that was going on and stuff.


Steph: Yeah.


Tanya: We got a whole drawer full of those bad boys.


Steph: Yeah. That's awesome. A little bit of Disney at home, right? A little bit of magic. Okay. They did have, also, they had special food and refreshments, and all kinds of yummy treats and things. I didn't get anything special, any of the special food, because I was running around getting photos like crazy, and then riding rides. One of the photos that you could get was with Elliot, and that line was super, super, super long. I managed to, what I did, was got my … I waited in line and got my pictures with one of the turtles and one of the bugs, and then went and rode a few rides, and then came back and the line was not that long. I was able to jump in, and I only had to wait about five minutes. They were booking it on their photos. They had four different photographers taking photos of people with Elliot, in different spots so that you couldn't see the other people getting their photo taken. Does that make sense?


Tanya: That's awesome. Yeah.


Steph: It was really so well organized. That part of it was very, very well organized. Once they got the floats out there, and got them going, PhotoPass did a really good job of moving people through super quick. They took more than one shot. I think they took about five different shots, and had me pose and move different every time.


Tanya: That's awesome.


Steph: Yeah. I was impressed with that. Like I said, they moved people through really fast, so I only had to wait about five minutes towards the end of the night, which was really good. All in all, I had a fabulous time. I would totally do it again. I was worried. That's a lot of money, right?


Tanya: That is a lot of money. Yeah.


Heather: The other thing is, I know there was the threat of rain.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: Yes.


Heather: Yeah. Thankfully that pretty much held up. Right?


Steph: Yes.


Tanya: Did you guys get sprinkled on towards the end?


Steph: Yes. We did get sprinkled on right as they started, so [10:30] was when they started doing photos with the floats, and it started raining right as they started taking pictures. The photographers stayed out there, and stuck it through the rain. It wasn't like a downpour. It was sprinkling was all. It's nothing that would make anyone from Seattle blink at all. It was like, “Oh, that's rain? Really? Okay.”


Tanya: Yeah. “It's just heavy mist.”


Steph: Yeah. Exactly. It was only for a few minutes. It had been raining really hard the day before, or not the day before. It'd been off and on the day before. Thursday was a beautiful day, but Thursday was supposed to be a horrible, horrible storm, but it stayed out until Friday. It came Friday. Friday was awful.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: Yeah. Yeah, all in all, I was worried about the weather. I was worried about the amount of money I spent, but I totally would do it again. My husband felt the same way.


Tanya: Your pictures alone were worth the $95.


Steph: Tangie kept texting me. She's like, “We just walked onto Peter Pan.” I'm like, “Totally worth it.” Then we got those glow cubes, and we're both like, “Totally worth it.” Then getting the photos with the floats, “Totally worth it.” Yeah. There were a lot of times when-


Tanya: You're paying the price of a normal day ticket-


Steph: Yes.


Tanya: -to go to a nighttime event, but you're able, probably, to get on more rides than those people with those day tickets were able to.


Steph: Yeah. We rode a ton of stuff in a very short amount of time. Yeah, very short amount of time. They had a lot of other things going on, too. There's always a lot going on at these parties, and you can never fit it in. They had a dance party and some things like that. We were able to get the stuff done that we wanted to get done. The photos were the number one priority for me. I cared about that more than I even cared about seeing the actual parade.


Tanya: As you should.


Steph: Exactly, because I've seen the parade, right?


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: That was the priority for me. It was really good time, and now I have these amazing souvenirs, too, with the lanyard and the ears.


Heather: I know the pictures I saw with the main float, the drum, that they had the characters out with it, too. One time I saw Minnie was there. One time I saw Goofy was there.


Steph: Yes.


Heather: That's cool.


Steph: Yeah, there were lots of characters out there as well. I wish they would've had a PhotoPass photographer there, or several, because they could've been photographing on both sides of the float, and probably in three or four different spots on both sides of the float. That's the main float. I wish they would've had photographers there, but I can also see why it would be more complicated to do it there, too. Then right across from there was where they had that big, the movie kind of red carpet entrance. They were doing photos there all night.


Tanya: That's cute.


Steph: Yeah. I love that they're doing more photos, and all of that kind of stuff. Yeah, it was good. Really good. Okay, Lunar New Year at Disneyland. You've done this before, Tanya.


Tanya: I have. Definitely the first, and possibly the second or third, I forget. I forget. I know I definitely did the first year. Definitely.


Steph: How many years have they been doing it? Do you know?


Tanya: At least four.


Steph: Okay. Okay, so it runs from January 20th through February 5th. There's a lot of stuff going on, a lot of really cool stuff going on.


Tanya: I like that they extended it. That was the problem with the first year that I went. I was always a go on a weekday sort of person. I never went on weekends. That first year was only one weekend.


Steph: Yes.


Tanya: Yeah. It was really short. Either I had to go on a weekend, I forget what the deal was, but yeah. They've extended it immensely since then.


Steph: Yeah. I vaguely remember being down there the first year for CHA at that time, at the Anaheim Convention Center. I think it was a four day event kind of a thing.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: Like a Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday?


Tanya: Oh yeah, maybe that's what it was, and I went on a Thursday. Yeah, it was only like a couple days. Then the following year it extended to two weekends. It keeps getting bigger.


Steph: Yeah. I think it's great. It was really fun. The first time when I was there for it, and it must've been the first year because it was small, it wasn't-


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: There was a huge difference between then and now.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: Huge difference.


Tanya: Definitely.


Steph: Some of the fun things that they have is they have different foods, or different booths I guess, kind of like what they have at Food and Wine in Epcot.


Tanya: They're just not going to take those booths down is what they're going to do. They're just going to [inaudible [00:23:09] there all the time, and they're just going to … Which, it's cool. Did they have, were all the booths up, or did they only have one or two over in that area?


Steph: Okay. There were I think three or four.


Tanya: Okay.


Steph: There were several different countries where they had different foods that you could get from. The one thing that I had to try was the sweet potato macaroon.


Tanya: Oh, that looks good. I saw a picture of it.


Steph: Yeah. It was really good. It was really good. Yeah, really good. Then, some of the other things that they have is a special Lunar New Year preview, The Hurry Home Lantern for the World of Color. Have you seen that before?


Tanya: No. I think this is the first year they're doing that.


Steph: I thought that was new, too.


Tanya: Yeah. I've never even heard of it before until you said there is that something before World of Color, and I was like, “Oh, cool.”


Steph: Yeah.


Tanya: “I don't know what that is.”


Steph: It was super cute. It kind of reminded me of a Pixar short.


Tanya: Oh.


Steph: A little bit, about this little lantern that needs to hurry home for the Lunar New Year.


Tanya: Cute.


Steph: Yeah, it was cute. Then Mulan comes in at the end. It's cute.


Tanya: How do they do it? Do they throw up water screens?


Steph: Yes. Yeah.


Tanya: Is it just in your imagination?


Steph: You're listening to the story and you imagine it. No. It's a full on World of Color.


Tanya: Okay.


Steph: It's the water screens, and lasers, and lights. I want to even say there might've been fire.


Tanya: Like a pre-parade, but for World of Color.


Steph: Yes. Yeah.


Tanya: Gotcha.


Steph: It was super cute. Super, super cute. Then they also have, down in Paradise … Is it Paradise?


Tanya: Pier.


Steph: Pier, in that area?


Tanya: Paradise Pier, like the Garden Grill area?


Steph: Yes, thank you. The Garden Grill area.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: They had where you could get Chinese brush art work done, like different letters or your name. It was free. They had face painting for free.


Tanya: Fun.


Steph: Yeah. I was really surprised that they had as much stuff-


Tanya: The brush lettering for free is kind of cool. I know they do the face painting for free for the Day of the Dead stuff in …


Steph: In the fall?


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: Yeah.


Tanya: Sorry. I blanked on when it was.


Steph: I couldn't tell. I couldn't tell for sure what was going on there, so I thought I'd jump in with something.


Tanya: Zoned out for a second there.


Steph: Yeah.


Tanya: Yeah, in the fall.


Steph: Yeah, yeah. Okay. That was all in that Garden Grill area, and then that's also where I had to go to get your lily. Are they lilies?


Tanya: No. Is it lotus flower?


Steph: Yes. Lotus blossom.


Tanya: Lotus blossom, yeah. So cute.


Steph: Yeah, they're cute. They're really cute, the lotus blossom glow cube. They have the Mulan's procession, the Lunar New Year procession, and all of this happens right in front of the Garden Grill by Goofy's Sky School.


Tanya: It's also where they, or were doing, I don't know if they're still doing it, the Elena little thing. That's their little show area now.


Steph: It is. It kind of is.


Tanya: Before, the whole Lunar New Year stuff was over right in front of the little cutoff by The Little Mermaid ride, where it leads you into Grizzly Peak. It was always right there.


Steph: Oh, okay.


Tanya: Now they're taking everything down the other way, which is nice because it gets it out of the … It's like a major traffic point right there.


Steph: Yes. I think that there's more room for people to be able to see it down there where they've moved it to.


Tanya: Definitely.


Steph: I think that was a good call. Then, the Acrobats of China we went and watched. That was out on the pier, not in the same area as Mulan's show.


Tanya: I'm trying to think of where-


Steph: Right where you watch World of Color.


Tanya: Where you watch World of Color, yeah.


Steph: Yeah, the World of Color theater.


Heather: That's where they had the festival-


Tanya: Of holiday stuff.


Heather: Yeah. That's where they would perform and stuff, too.


Steph: That stuff was amazing.


Tanya: Oh, I bet.


Steph: Amazing. I posted a little bit of it on Instagram. The balance and the strength of the guy that I posted a little clip of, holy cow. Yeah. I can't even, it's totally mind blowing to me. Then they also had an area to meet, back down to the Garden Grill area, sorry, they had, you could meet Mickey and Minnie in there.


Heather: Finally, the most important part.


Steph: I know. Sorry.


Heather: [inaudible [00:28:14] always wanted since I had-


Tanya: I can hear her hyperventilating over there-


Steph: I know.


Tanya: -thinking that you weren't going to talk about it.


Steph: She's exploding.


Tanya: That's different from the year that I went, too. Again, when I met them that first year, they were … You know where, right before the Grizzly Peak area, where they had the 60th Anniversary backdrop set up?


Steph: Yeah, yeah.


Tanya: That was where you met them.


Steph: Wow.


Tanya: Yeah, in that tiny little spot. It was, I don't know. That whole thing, it was really awkward that first year. Now it's expanded, and they've figure out what they're doing.


Steph: I'm sure part of it is because they didn't know how popular it would be.


Tanya: Yeah, exactly.


Steph: It's turned out to be super popular. There were a lot of Asian families dressed in native costumes. It was super cute there. They were doing photos, and, really cute. Really cute. Let's talk about what Mickey and Minnie are wearing.


Heather: Yes. They're in such a cute … Sorry, I've always wanted to meet them in that, and I've never been there where that time. I think they should expand it for six months or something so I can catch it. I love that Disneyland does that a lot with the [inaudible [00:29:22], like Mardi Gras stuff, and they would have special costumes for that. Yeah. They have this red costumes, and-


Steph: Kind of kimonos-


Heather: I love what Minnie has in her ears, little flowers. It's really cute.


Tanya: I don't know what they call those, and they have the beads hanging from them. Do you want to talk about when I met them? Because it's super embarrassing. [inaudible [00:29:50]


Steph: What did you do?


Tanya: Okay. I don't know. It was awkward character [inaudible [00:29:56] guys. Okay. I went to go meet Minnie and … I met them separately, Minnie and Mickey separately, yeah. I go to meet Minnie, and I swear by all that is holy, when I looked at her to see how she was posing so I could match her pose, and it would be a cute photo, she had her hands … I don't want to call it the super Asian pose, because that's not really what it is, but hands pressed, like a prayer pose sort of thing. Her hands were pressed together.


Steph: Like you're bowing. Like your bowing.


Tanya: Like your bowing, exactly.


Heather: I remember this now.


Tanya: Yeah. I did that. Well, she moved her hands for the photo, and now I'm the only one doing it, and I look super, super racist. I'm just like, “Look at me. I'm doing this Asian thing,” and she's not. The photo is so ridiculous, because she's like, “Hey, look at me. I'm Minnie,” and I'm like, “Hey, look at me. I'm white.” It is awful.


Steph: So funny.


Tanya: I'm just like, “Why, Minnie? Why?” I swear that she was doing it, and I was just like, “Okay, cute pose. I'll do it to.”


Steph: That's funny.


Tanya: Now every time I look at that photo, that's all I can think about. Her outfit is really cute, so there's that.


Steph: It's very cute. They're both very cute.


Heather: It's really cute. They switch out with Mulan and Mushu.


Steph: Yes.


Heather: Which is hard, because you'd rather meet both of them, or know when you get in the line. From what I understand, the lines are long, as they should be because Mulan doesn't really meet out there. At Disneyland, she's daily regular character, but there it's kind of a-


Steph: Disney World.


Heather: -more of a pop up type of thing. Yeah, Disney World she's common, but at Disneyland she's just randomly pops up, or she shows up at these events.


Steph: Yeah.


Heather: Mushu's rare anywhere right now.


Steph: Yeah. The lines were not as long as I expected, I guess. Yeah, they were fairly long. Though not as long as what they were for the Long Lost Friends stuff, for sure.


Heather: She met [inaudible [00:32:09] though.


Steph: Yeah.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: I did. I did.


Heather: I don't know. I'm still bitter that I didn't just stay a couple days after the expo to go to that.


Steph: Yeah, you should've.


Heather: I know. What's wrong with me then?


Steph: You just need to extend your trips all the time just a couple days because you're missing out on stuff.


Heather: I know.


Steph: Yeah, for sure. I think, does that cover all of it?


Tanya: I think so.


Steph: Okay.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: Yeah, all right. That is the rundown of Lunar New Year. If you have a trip to Disneyland, planning them out a little while. It's definitely some fun stuff going on, for sure that you'll want to catch if you're heading there.


Heather: I really like how DCA's doing a lot of these festivals for different-


Tanya: Cultural events.


Heather: Yeah. Yeah, I like that they do that. It'd be nice if Epcot did the same kind of things, to do the different holidays rather than just the one time. They could do something for Lunar New Year.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: For sure. Throw Mickey and Minnie out there in the costumes. That would be awesome.


Heather: I agree.


Steph: I thought you might.


Heather: Yeah.


Steph: Yeah. All right. Let's remind our listeners where to find you guys, and then if you have anything exciting going on that you want to talk about, too. Tanya?


Tanya: You can find me at EveryMagicMoment.com, and TanyaH666 on all social media, and I don't think I have anything planned. Well, March maybe. I might go home in March for a little bit. That's about it. Disneyland possibly in march.


Steph: When you say go home, you mean Disneyland?


Tanya: Yeah. [inaudible [00:34:07]. Well, I go home, I air quote, “Go to see my mom.” Yeah, Disneyland.


Steph: Heather?


Heather: My character site is HeatherW.com/character, and on Facebook it's I Love Characters. Then everywhere else I'm HeatherW25. I'm going to Disney World again in February for the princess marathon weekend. Hopefully it actually takes place this time, because when I was just there for the Disney World half marathon, it was the first time ever, I believe, that they had to cancel the race, the half marathon, because of lightening. It was the right move, and they completely did more than they needed to, giving us our money back. They had characters out, the expo, when we were there to pick it up and everything. It was great. I think this time it'll hopefully happen. That's when I'm going.


Steph: That's good. You know what that reminded me of about going above and beyond? When we were at the Main Street Electrical Parade, towards the end of the party, it started sprinkling again. They were giving out the ponchos for free.


Tanya: Oh, wow.


Heather: That's nice.


Tanya: Yeah, that is nice.


Steph: I thought that was way nice. Way above and beyond. They don't have to do that, and I thought it was really … Some people, I have to say, are ridiculous, because they would go up, and the people would say, “How many ponchos do you need for your group?” They would say, “10.” There would be the husband and the wife there together, and they would each say 10.


Tanya: Oh, my gosh.


Steph: People. Then we went up there, and they asked me-


Tanya: What are you going to do with those ponchos?


Steph: I know.


Heather: They're hoarding the ponchos.


Steph: They're going to sell them on eBay for a million dollars. Whatever. Then, my husband and I get up there, and they ask me, “How many do you need?” I'm like, “Two. There's two of us here. We only need two.”


Tanya: That's crazy.


Steph: Yeah. It's funny. That's good to hear, Heather. I think it must not have registered for me that that all happened while you were down there.


Heather: Yeah. It's Florida, so I'm always figuring like, “Oh, the weather will change,” so I wasn't really thinking about it. Then the night before, or the day before, it still looked like it was going to rain. I really, really did not want to have to deal with that, because my first ever half was in the pouring rain, then the next year I did one and it was cut because of lightning. I was just like, “I just don't want to deal with it.” I [inaudible [00:36:55] text Tanya like, “I just don't want to do this.” I was at dinner, and then all of a sudden I got a text from a friend, and then it spread around that they had canceled it because it wasn't just going to be rain. It was thunder. It was lightening.


That's the thing, you can run in the rain, but it's the lightning, especially because you're all over the place. It's not a small race that you can get in somewhere. Yeah, they did that. You either could get your money back on a Disney gift card, which is what I did, or you could defer to another race within two years, or you could get a park ticket. I think it was a two park hopper. I forget exactly. It was that kind of thing, and then I also had Race Retreat, so I got my money back for that.


Tanya: Oh, wow.


Heather: They gave me your medal.


Tanya: Oh, wow.


Heather: I didn't want my medal if I don't do the race.


Steph: Yeah, yeah.


Heather: I have it, but I don't have it hanging up or anything. I took one picture of it, but that was it. The thing was a lot of people went and they ran 13 miles that day at all the different resorts, and the really cool thing was some cast members, also other guests, they set up water stops. They had, there was … I was staying at Pop, and somebody, they had their kid dressed up as Stitch, so they had a character [inaudible [00:38:21].


Steph: That is adorable.


Heather: It was really … Because I'd been having a problem with my knee, and I was like, I'm just resting it. If I didn't have that, I might've gone out there and ran, too. Once the rain stopped and everything, later in the day, and even if it was lightning, if you were in one little spot, you could get in somewhere, so it was a different situation than doing the whole race. So many people did that, and I think that was really cool. It was a nice camaraderie thing of all the runners doing that. I think a lot of them, they might've been wearing the medals and stuff, so that, that's fine. I was just like, “Oh, I have the medal thing.”


Again, like I said, at the expo they had, because they also canceled the kid's race, so they had, it was Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Donald, Dopey. They were all in their track suit thing that would wear at the ends of the race. It was great. I got to get all the pictures with that. I was like, “Yes. This is better than the race.” They also had a lot of stuff for the kids, because the kid's race was canceled. They had face painting, and jugglers, and all this stuff. I just thought it was … Some of the organization at first with like the lines was not great, but I think everything else they did around it, and as it went on, it was really … They did a lot. When you do a race, you sign the waiver. It says they could cancel it, or whatever. They didn't have to give you anything back.


Steph: Right.


Heather: They did all that, and I thought that was a really, they really did a good job with that.


Steph: That's awesome. I love hearing that. The magic of Disney.


Tanya: Yeah.


Heather: They also actually, they sent out … After every race, they always send you a thing where you can get your results, and pictures, and all that other kind of stuff. They also had, towards the end of the email, a link that you could sign up for next year, which I never remember that happening. I don't know if it was because of that. Yeah, so I'm signed up now for next year.


Steph: Oh, good.


Heather: Yeah, because it goes on sale, I think it's February 14th, and then the AP would be the week before that. Yeah, so this was even several weeks sooner. They actually had $10 off for Dopey, Goofy, and for the full. Not what I was doing, but they also gave you a discount for that. That was the other thing. For the race, if you wanted to, instead, when they canceled the half, you could do the full if you wanted instead.


Steph: Oh. Yeah.


Tanya: No.


Heather: No thank you for me, but I think I saw something like 1,400 people or something decided to do that.


Tanya: Wow. Wow.


Heather: There was like thousands … What is it, like 20,000? I forget how many people, but were supposed to do the race. This is a lot of people that they're dealing with, so I thought that was great. Yeah, a lot of people did that, and good for them. I did not. The other thing was, that race, it was 20 some degrees for the full.


Steph: Wow.


Heather: It's a very unusual … When you do these race weekends, you just never know what's going to happen. It's always something it seems to be lately with the weather.


Steph: Yeah.


Heather: That's what my January was.


Tanya: Wow.


Heather: Yeah.


Steph: I'm kind of blown away.


Heather: Yeah.


Steph: Yeah, that's amazing. That's why we love Disney. Right? That's one of the reasons we love Disney. They'll take care of you. Okay. Thank you, Heather, for that. I think we're really ready now to close the show. Right? Thank you everyone for being here, for listening to us. We really appreciate you spending some time with us. We'd love to have you follow us on social media. You can find Capturing Magic on Instagram at CapturingMagic_. Capturing MagicMe dot. Not dot com on Instagram. CapturingMagicMe_ I believe is what it is. I'm looking it up right, okay. Nope, wrong. It's CapturingMagic_. That is our Instagram where you can find us, where we're posting. Heather actually sometimes takes it over, too, which is awesome. When she's on trips, she'll post some of her photos, too. Watch for that there. Thank you, and we will see you next time on Capturing Magic.