Episode 4: Instagram-ing the Parks

This week, we are joined by Kami Leonard and Kimberly Kalil as we discuss tips for instagram-ing at the parks; getting started through creating easy books and projects.


Kami Leonard
Kimberly Kalil
Brittney Leavitt

Show Notes

Instagram Usernames:
Steph @capturingmagicme
Britt @designerbrittney
Kami @ziggle
Kimberly @kimberlykalil

Instagram Cheat Sheet by FatMumSlim
Instagram Image Resolutions
Instagram Help and Getting Started

Kami's InstaCation Project

Kimberly's Project (see Capturing Magic post on 11/6/2012)

Instagram Blurb Book created by Kimberly Kalil with photos from her family's trip to Disneyland in March 2012.

Britt's Project

Picks with Pixie Dust

Britt's Pick:  Cathy Z's Instalove Template
Kami's Pick:  Downcast App
Kimberly's Pick: Top 5 iPhone apps that work with Instagram
Steph's Pick:  Instaparks

Instagram Photo Maps Screen Shots: