Episode 6: Capturing Video at the Parks

Becky of the Disney Sisters joins us again to share some ideas for why, how, and when we might want to capture video at the parks. Her tips are great for anyone with video mode on their regular camera, a phone with video, or a pocket camera. Do you shoot video at the parks? Come share the things you've learned in the comments of today's episode

Do you have questions about creating and capturing Disney magic? Leave a comment on the site or use the “contact us” button and we might answer your questions in a future show!


Brittney Leavitt

Show Notes

Video in the Parks:

Becky's HD FlipCam: no longer sold

Picks With Pixie Dust:

Britt:  DisneyBoundDisneyBound Essentails
Steph:  McNike Family Videos from Disney World
Becky: MomTV