Episode 66: New Magic Memories for the Holidays

Minnie Me and I are headed off to the parks this weekend, so tomorrow, we will post a live Instagram feed for you to follow. Our podcast release schedule got a bit off this week, due to a technical glitch. This will be our last show on the Touring Plans Network. We will slowly catch up the Capturing Magic feed by posting the shows that are currently only in the TPN feed.

Steph, Heather, and Tanya talk about some of the new fun things going on this year in Disneyland and Disney World for the Holidays.


Tanya Hickman (Tanyah666 on Twitter and Instagram)
Heather (heatherw25 on Twitter and Instagram)


Be sure to check out our Disneyland for the Holidays show and Disney World for the Holidays.

Picks With Pixie Dust

Tanya: Merriment Design
Heather: SparklyNicole's iPhone class
Steph: PanDigital Photolink OneTouchPandigital Handheld Scanner