Everything is Awesome at Legoland Florida

When we went to Disney World last June, my kids made me promise them that the next time we were in Florida, we would visit some “off site” attractions and Legoland was at the top of the list. I was worried about doing Legoland with my 14 year old and 8 year old because so many people had told me that Legoland really was for littler kids. Let me tell you right now, THEY WERE WRONG! We all loved LOVED Legoland!!

My two kids that were with me for this part of the trip are pretty big Lego fans; so that could have been part of it. I enjoy Legos, nothing like Katie, but I think they are super fun! If I didn't struggle with arthritis as much as I do, I would build more. Back to Legoland….

We rented a car for our entire trip and drove from Disney World to Legoland for one day, arriving at opening. My daughter's number one priority for the day was to meet Laval and Cragger from World of Chima. We headed to World of Chima very first thing and were easily able to find out when they would start meeting people. We were able to come back later in the afternoon and catch them together. My daughter was super nervous when she was meeting them, but did the most adorable ‘happy dance' after she had her photo taken with them. Here's the photo from our Digital Photo Deal, that I will share next.

Digital Photo Deal

We purchased the “all inclusive digital photo deal” for $49.99, which included one 8×10 printed and in a Legoland paper folder/frame and digital downloads of our photos. We only had 6 digital downloads, three of which were on ride photos. There were a lot more ride photo ops, but we spent more of our time watching shows and looking at Lego creations. This is one of the BIG reasons I think Legoland is worth TWO DAYS!

My favorite ride was “Lost Kingdom Adventure” but I wasn't very good at it…lol (it WAS my first time on this ride, so keep that in mind)! It was fun to have our scores right on the photos though:

Learn From My Mistakes

  • Leave Cameras and Bags Behind – I figured that Legoland would be like Disney World and I would be able to take my bag and camera on the rides, not so. When we went to ride our first ride and I found out that I needed to LEAVE my camera and bag behind in a cubby, but the ride exit, I decided not to ride. We ended up walking back to the car to drop my camera, lenses, etc. off so that I could ride without worrying about all that expensive stuff walking off. I used my phone instead. Walking to the car and back to the park ate up pretty valuable park time.
  • Allow More Time – I would LOVE to do Legoland again and have two days! My kids really, really wanted to have two days as well. I did tell them that next time we go, we will plan for two days; they are hoping this will include a night at the Legoland Hotel (opening June 2015). This would give us enough time to see all of the shows AND ride all of the rides, maybe some of them twice!
  • Ride More Rides with Photos – I was letting my kids take their time looking at things and just enjoying the experience. I didn't want to hurry them a long or rush them (ANOTHER reason we need TWO DAYS), so we didn't get as many on ride photos as we could have.

Photo Ops

There are soooo many fun photo ops in Legoland!! This was a favorite for my kids! They were jumping next to Lego creations and BEGGING me to take their photos! I was in HEAVEN!!!
My daughter seems to find team members (or cast members) that are crush worthy and Jake was it this trip. He was super patient with my daughter as she chased him around the driving course. Look at her smile!
There were so many things that we LOVED about Legoland, but one of my very favorites was this:
YES!!!  Diet Mtn Dew, on tap, at the Pizza and Pasta place!!!!!!!!!
We closed Legoland down, and as we were walking out, and the kids were talking about how much fun they had, and how they wished we could come back the next day; I was trying to figure out in my head how to make it work. But, the rest of our group was flying in the next day, and we just couldn't do it. Next time, I will plan TWO DAYS for Legoland!