Finding Disney magic to use from Flickr


credits for photo collage


If you are ever looking for a few extra images to use for a scrapbook page, collage, or even a blog post, you might want to search on Flickr for copyright-ok photos. There are a few helpful tricks to know and it’s really important that you understand what the different creative commons licenses mean. Let me show you how I use Flickr to help me find useful and appropriate Disney photographs. The biggest key is to click on the “advanced search” options when you use the search box.

advanced search box


Once you get to the advanced search screen, there are several ways to customize your search. Be as specific as possible with your search terms. I suggest searching everyone’s uploads instead of just The Commons because you will have a great pool to choose from. I always keep safe search on and I limit my search to photos only. The most important part is the bottom section where you can choose to search through “Creative Commons” and if you are going to use the material in any public form, be sure to choose the categories that will allow you to do so.


advanced search with more specifics


You will come up with several results and it’s important that you look individually at the ones you want to use.



I really liked this photo of the Adventureland sign

adventureland sign


so I clicked on it and looked at the license symbols.

additional info


You can click on these symbols to get the full creative commons information



In this case, it is just required that there is attribution for the original photo, which I did by linking to the photo on Flickr here in the post.

attribution terms


For full explanations of creative commons licenses, visit this page on Flickr or go to

creative commons


Whenever you need a few extra photos to round out a Disney project, head on over to Flickr!



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