Flower and Garden and Easter at Epcot – CM106

We are sharing all of the details about Flower and Garder and Easter at Epcot (and Disneyland). Photo spots you wont want to miss and lots more magic!


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Steph: Hey everyone welcome to Capturing Magic I'm Steph Clay and I am here today with Tanya Hickman who can be found at Every Magic Moment dot com and she is Tanya H 666 across social media. Hi Tanya.


Tanya: Yeah I got it out.


Steph: I did it huh. Thank you.


Tanya: Good job.


Steph: We are also here today with Heather Winfield who can be found at Heather W dot com forward slash character and across social media she is Heather W 25. Hi Heather.


Heather: Hi.


Steph: All right thanks girls for being here.


Heather: Thanks.


Steph: I'm excited to talk about Disney again today with you, so today we are talking about the Flower and Garden Festival and than Easter stuff coming up as well at Epcot. So here's the thing I'm heading to Disney World very shortly and I will be going to Flower and Garden for the very first time. We've done shows in the past about Flower and Garden and I've always paid attention but now that I'm going we need to do it again. So that I really know what I need to do while I'm there, because I don't want to look like a newb, so help me out Heather. And I don't want to come home and be like ahh I missed all that stuff, so you're gonna help me out Heather, give me the newbies user guide to Flower and Garden, what do I need to know?


Heather: Well, I think it's the best time to visit Epcot, I think it's beautiful, there's so many topiary's that you're gonna go crazy taking pictures of everything.


Steph: Yay.


Heather: Crazy in a good way.


Steph: Okay so we have topiary's tell us about the topiary's.


Heather: Mm-hmm (affirmative)


Well they're all over the Epcot, they're throughout Future World and World Showcase and do you like want me to go through all of them?


Steph: Well, or else guide us, how many are there in total?


Heather: A lot.


Steph: A lot, I don't think we want to go through all of them, I know there is a list and I'll link to them in the show notes which someone actually emailed and said “where are the show notes you keep talking about them and I don't know where to find them.” So the show notes can be found at Capturing Magic dot me and every episode we do a post on the blog, and with pictures and also any notes or links that we talked about from the show you can find it there. So you want to find the show notes at Capturing Magic dot me. Which is a really sensible question and I should have thought about that before, if you've only ever listened to the podcast through iTunes and not found out about it from going to the site then yeah you would wonder about where those show notes are. So sorry everybody that's where you can find the show notes.


So yeah, I'll link up to that list, but there's, tell us maybe about five of your favorites.


Heather: Well this year they have, they've been kind of redoing some of them over the last couple of years so they're more realistic like they, some of the ones where they have a face it would just be kind of blank. So they've added the Snow White and Seven Dwarfs so they all have an actual face on them, they're really cool and they're very detailed and actually that one they have a photo op set with it, so you can kind of walk into it and then they have props so they have like the gems and then like a pick ax so you can get some cute pictures of that. That's new this year because it was apparently so popular at the Art Festival all these photo ops that they added some of them for the Flower and Garden this year. So that one is and it's huge to obviously because it's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. So that's the in Germany and I can quickly go, I mean even though there's a lot, they're like sets of them so like the Beauty and the Beast ones.


So she's the newest detailed one, so they have a Beauty and the Beast set up in France like right behind the garden.


Steph: Yeah.


Heather: And then they have Cosworth and Lumiere is kind of like over to the side. So each country they pretty much make sense you know to who's there. One, the other one of my favorite ones is they have, in the United Kingdom they have Peter Pan on the roof of the pavilion and I always love that because I feel like he should be there the whole time because that's, that's so perfect. But they usually have Hook and crock in front, but this year they have Tinkerbell, so I don't know because I was there the festival hadn't officially started, but pretty much all of them we're out, so I don't know if they've put them anywhere else but I haven't seen any pictures so. [crosstalk [00:05:06]


Steph: Okay I wanted [crosstalk [00:05:07] I want to point out to people that if you go to Instagram, if you're on Instagram, and search on the hashtag Flower and Garden Festival there are tons of photos of the topiary's so if you want to see what we're talking about that is a great way to do it.


Heather: Yeah and I think the other hashtag is fresh Epcot, it's like their official hashtag, if you want to use it, so that's another one, and then there's a new one this year that of course they put up the day I left so I didn't see it but it's the three caballeros and they're really colorful.


Steph: Yeah they're super cute.


Heather: They're really cute, and I'm trying to think you said my five favorites so I'm trying to think of what else I should pick. I really liked to in China and they have this dragon and it's in the water, so you have like a reflection with the pavilion behind it, and I think that's one of my favorite pictures that you can get is with all that right there. And they also have the Panda's a little bit over to the side in the pavilion but that's a really good photo one. And from what I've heard they have photo [pass [00:06:23] round most of the topiary's so I can't say that there's definitely all of them but a lot of them will have them. Like they have, you know towards the front of Epcot obviously when you walk in they have them but then they have like Donald and Huey, Dewey and Louie like in a row, in that center section that I always say I don't know what to call it, so I know they have photo [pass [00:06:48] there, so they have, for a bunch of them they'll have photo pass.


Steph: Cool I love photo pass.


Heather: Yup.


Steph: I'm looking at fresh Epcot, it looks like fresh Epcot has about 8,000 photos posted the Flower and Garden I think had more of that hashtag. … I'm a slow typer apparently.


Heather: Another one of my favorite topiary's is Woody in America because, the cool thing about the topiary's is they're completely all around done, it's not like they just do the front, so he has like his pull-tab in the back.


Steph: Oh cute.


Heather: So it's really cute, so like any time you can see the back of something, make sure you walk around so you can see the entire thing because there always so well done.


Steph: That's a good tip, a really good tip, thank you.


Heather: Yeah.


Steph: What else?


Heather: Well they have, but you don't want me to mention all of them, but yeah [crosstalk [00:07:52][inaudible [00:07:52]. I don't want to keep on mentioning them and “you're like oh we just did five”.


Steph: Well if you have, if you have a few more favorite ones you're welcome to.


Heather: Well another cool thing to I think is I'll just mention one more, and it's not just the fact that it's a topiary but Buzz is by Mission Space so he has like all the planets behind him.


Steph: Oh cute.


Heather: So I think that's a really cool photo. Yeah.


Steph: Cute, okay, so I know that I need to check out all of the topiary's, and there's a map, isn't there a map somewhere that has all of the topiary's?


Heather: Yeah there's a map and mm-hmm (affirmative).


Steph: When you walk in?


Heather: Yeah, and again they're all in like an obvious place in the Royal Showcase, like is said Belle she's in France like that makes sense so.


Steph: Right.


Heather: Like Anna and Elsa are in Norway, which doesn't really make sense but it makes sense still. So they have like so if you were looking for something, it pretty much fit with where you are. And then there's ones throughout the Future World too, like there's a whole Fantasia ones, and they're over by like when you're walking towards like Imagination and Land.


Steph: Uh huh.


Heather: So they have like a whole bunch and you can get, like an interesting picture if you're waiting for the monorail, with like the monorail behind like Mickey, like sorcerer Mickey type of thing so. They have that over there and I know it's not the topiary but I think my, the most beautiful part, is the floral blanket or mosaic or whatever you want to call it around the water, where the monorail comes by and it's just I mean like, you'll take a zillion pictures of it and it's not enough and everybody will post a picture but it's still like whatever “I'm still posting a picture because this is gorgeous.”


Steph: It's so beautiful.


Heather: It is and it's different every year and it's still just always just as beautiful and they, the thing to with the Flower and Garden Festival is they replace like if there's something they need to, they don't just say “well this is March and however it looks in May,” they fix it up throughout the whole thing. So usually when you go later things looked even better because things are more bloomed with the topiary's and such, but it's just I really wish they had that, I wish they had the topiary's and everything all year round.


I had a friend who was there for Princess [Half [00:10:24] and this was his first time ever at Disney World, and so he thought that the topiary's were up all the time, 'cause he's like “oh these we're cool.” And it's like no it's like for the Flower and Garden Festival.


Steph: Yeah, I was just thinking that actually because we have some friends that are going around the same time we are with their kids, and it's their first trip ever and I thought “I bet you they'll think this is just how it is all the time.” But yeah, no. Yeah, man these photos on the, okay so Flower and Garden Festival has a lot more it has ugh a lot more I don't remember what it was again, 40,000 or something like that. 56,000 photos posted, so if you're wondering, if you wanna know go to angles to get photos of different topiary's and stuff like that, and even the mosaic that Heather's talking about, check out that hashtag for sure. And you don't have to be on Instagram to check out the hashtag you can actually go through a web browser, go to Instagram dot com, I think you can search on hashtags, maybe, maybe not. I might be lying. I'm sorry if I'm lying now that I think about it.


Heather: No I think you can I don't know.


Steph: I don't know.


Heather: But I mean you can get all different you know close ups and you know of the whole topiary, close ups of it. Like I said if you can get from the back, if you can get depending on where the topiary is, like the Snow White one, is kinda against where the lagoon is so you can get, depending on how you stand you can get Space Ship Earth behind it you can get, the torches you know from Illuminations. So it's just, I think just like experiment, like what you kind of like, I mean it's just you know they're not going away while you're there so you can just keep taking all different pictures.


Steph: Snapping photos yeah for sure, okay so there's special entertainment too right?


Heather: Yeah, they have, the thing is they used to have ones that were kind of like tribute bands but now they have like actual like people who are well known.


Steph: I saw that.


Heather: You know like how they, like how they have for the Food and Wine [Festival [00:12:37] they had, they had John Secada I'm trying to remember who else I just recently saw people going to. But yeah they have the concerts and in the America Stage there, like how they have all the, like all these different Festivals they have them there so again you can either sit or you can stand and listen to them. Do you have the food seating with this one, like restaurant seating, I'm trying to remember.


Steph: I have no idea.


Heather: Yeah, 'cause like they've had them, they do that for Food and Wine and they did that for the Art Festival but so I feel like they would do that for this but I'm not sure.


Steph: Right.


Heather: … But yeah that's always a fun thing and of course they have, they have [inaudible [00:13:25] to that but then they also have the food, so.


Steph: Well lets talk about the food.


Heather: Everything I've heard about the food is that it's usually really good, I was there last year and I got, I can't remember what I had, but whatever I had I remember it was good. I know they had like a macaroon in France, that was really good. [crosstalk [00:13:47]


Steph: Does each country have a booth with special food?


Heather: I don't think every country does but I could be wrong with that, I'm just trying to skim so maybe it is every country. But yeah most of the ones, basically they have a lot of the food and wine booths and like they just left them there for like the other, they had the Art Festival and now they're using them for this. I mean one of the, the really good one in America is the barbecue like the smokehouse. But I do, I think maybe every country has one, and then there's a couple likeĀ  you enter the Royal Showcase that they have ones there, like that's where they have the, the dole whip with [raw nuts [00:14:37] like there. And they have [crosstalk [00:14:39]


Steph: Wahoo.


Heather: They have if you want, if you're looking for the food that you can Instagram, if that's like what you're looking for the big thing is the frozen violet lemonade. It's a frozen purple, it's non-alcoholic, it's lemonade and it's purple and it has a little flower on it, and take the picture and post it because that's what everybody does.


Steph: Then you will be in.


Heather: Yes. You will be in with the cool kids if you take that picture.


Steph: This hashtag has lots of food too and it looks really good.


Heather: Yeah, I mean anything like that I had last year I remember was good, everything that I've been seeing this year and I've been hearing that the portions are really good. Because you know sometimes for food and wine I think they, they haven't been as big, but like this one I remember that from last year too, they give you enough food, I mean it's a sample thing, not a sample but a smaller thing, but it's still not like oh one bite and that's it.


Steph: Right yeah, and what are the prices, do yo know?


Heather: Yeah, I mean they're pretty much the same as Food and Wine, I'm just kinda looking at the thing just to refresh my memory[inaudible [00:16:01], so they're like $5.00 is kind of probably the average, I mean there's ones more expensive and of course there's drinks so those are more expensive. They had a, I know you don't drink so but I'll still tell you this [crosstalk [00:16:13].


Steph: I know people who are listening do, I'm sure.


Heather: They have in France, like normally they have these drink slushies, alcoholic ones, and so they have one like that for Flower and Garden and it's pink and it was like a cranberry something or other and that was really good because I remember getting that a couple different years. That photographs well too.


Steph: Alcoholic drinks usually do photograph well.


Heather: Yeah, so there's so, yeah I think I'm skimming through it and it looks like all the countries have it.


Tanya: I like taking food pictures around the World Showcase though too, because you have that good backdrop of, for food.


Heather: The one I was talking about is called the La Vi En Rose frozen slush. I mean doesn't it sound good.


Steph: There's so many yummy things in this Instagram feed I can't wait. I'm so excited to try some of this stuff, yum, someone's gonna have to roll me off of the plane when I come back home, it's gonna be scary. Okay so I'm also seeing lots of signage, tons of Flower and Garden signage, so there's plenty of the signs to get photos with.


Tanya: Yes.


Heather: Yes, and there's I'm trying to, I feel like there's a frame, have you seen anyone with a frame?


Steph: I have not seen any frames yet.


Heather: I feel like last year they had a frame, but.


Tanya: I'm sure there is, it will pop up eventually.


Steph: Probably, I mean it's just starting right, isn't it.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: Just getting underway.


Tanya: Yeah.


Heather: Ugh, it started March 1st.


Steph: Well okay, so a couple weeks old.


Tanya: Yeah, but I feel like sometimes they don't pop up till later for some reason.


Steph: I agree, I totally agree.


Tanya: There's [inaudible [00:18:05] a photo of it until the end for some reason.


Steph: Yeah totally agree.


I'm looking through. okay so what else do I need to know about Flower and Garden for my first time. What do I, oh I see a frame, yup, there's a frame, Flower and Garden Festival Frame and it looks like it is in the France pavilion.


Heather: Mm-hmm (affirmative) that sounds right.


Steph: It's cute, it's super cute, it's just like all of the signage, you know with the vintage flower garden label [crosstalk [00:18:38].


Tanya: I love the sign and the merchandise this year, I love the way everything looks.


Steph: Yes.


Heather: Yes, they have this really cute Figment ears.


Steph: They do.


Heather: Oh you haven't seen those.


Steph: No.


Heather: Yeah well, they have all the different they have flowers and stuff on it, they have Figment and they're like sequined, they're really cute.


Steph: And they haven't sold out yet?


Heather: I don't think so I mean they still have the bags and that if anything always sells out and their bags are really cute. I don't need another [Disney [00:19:05] so I don't need it, but it's still cute.


Steph: It is very very cute, yeah I agree. All of the, I agree with both of you all of the merchandise this year is adorable and I'm gonna have a really hard time not buying lots of it[crosstalk [00:19:22].


Tanya: I really like that Epcot's bringing, the especially with all these festivals they're bringing a lot more Figment back in.


Steph: I know.


Tanya: And it makes me very happy.


Steph: Yes.


Tanya: Because again in 2011, when I went to Disney World I literally budgeted and I was like “I'm buying all the Figment stuff, like all the Figment stuff.” And I swear I found four Figment things, and that was it, I was so sad, I know, I just my Figment dreams were just shattered.


Steph: Totally.


Tanya: But the last couple years they've been bringing him in like full force, into merchandise which is really awesome.


Steph: Yeah I'm gonna go look for his ears I want some of those I don't even know what they look like but I want them.


Heather: They're really cute.


Steph: Okay I see, what is fresh Epcot?


Heather: That's like their official hashtag, so that's what they tell you to use.


Steph: Okay 'cause I'm seeing a sign with Fresh Epcot on it, it looks like an old barn wood sign, it's super cute.


Heather: It's cute.


Steph: That lots of people are taking pictures with. So people aren't using the hashtag that they want you to use apparently as much as the other ones.


Heather: Yeah.


Tanya: Who would think to use that you know.


Steph: Exactly.


Tanya: If you didn't signage for it you're gonna put Epcot flower garden. You know like.


Steph: Exactly.


Heather: That's why when I post pictures I put both.


Steph: Yes for sure, because then you're being obedient to Disney. Right.


Heather: Mm-hmm (affirmative)


Steph: But you're still making sure the other people see it too, tons of cute stuff. Okay do they, I thought I saw somewhere that they have like workshops?


Heather: Yeah they have, just like they do that for the Food and Wine show, if you go to the they have the festival center and it's only open during the weekend. But they have, I think there's more stuff you can buy in there also, but yeah that's where they have different kind of workshop and things like that. Classes, presentations that kind of thing.


Steph: It looks like some pretty fun stuff.


Tanya: Do you have to pay for those things or are they just?


Steph: Yeah or are they included?


Heather: Sometimes they usually have both, so I haven't seen, it would tell you like on the map, like the guide.


Steph: Yeah the times [crosstalk [00:21:43].


Heather: Yeah, the thing I was looking at something earlier, and I didn't see any prices listed, so I didn't want to say no, because I don't know if it's free or not, but a lot of times they'll have free stuff and they'll also have ones that you pay a couple dollars.


Steph: Right.


Heather: Yeah.


Steph: Right, okay so what is that all, is that everything that they have for Flower and Garden going on.


Heather: I think os, I can't think of anything else.


Steph: Any special costumes for any of the characters?


Heather: No I wish.


Steph: I know.


Heather: Years ago, years ago they used to have characters in bloom it was called and so I think it was one weekend or something and they would have characters like Flik and Atta and that kinda thing, and they would meet, but they stopped that.


Steph: Okay.


Heather: They should have special outfits.


Steph: Yeah, okay, so if that's.


Heather: Well the only other thing I want to mention that I forgot, is the topiary's, that at night they light them up and it's really pretty, because they just started that I want to say two or three years ago, because it used to be when you would see it at night it wasn't you know, it was kind of impossible to get pictures but now they have special lighting on all the topiary's.


Steph: That's cool.


Tanya: Perfect.


Steph: Yeah, okay so Easter there's some special stuff going on at Epcot for Easter, and I believe it's already started from what I'm seeing, the Epcot Eggstravaganza. I can say it I promise.


Tanya: Yeah I saw pictures today of the egg hunt.


Steph: Yes, me too, I saw, I see maps, if you search on the hashtag Eggstravaganza, there are some people that are showing maps already out and they're getting cool stuff so tell us about that.


Heather: well I don't know how many years they've been doing that, but they have the eggs, they have an egg in each country and then and you buy the map and then you.


Steph: You buy it.


Heather: Yeah.


Steph: How much is it? Do you know, sorry[crosstalk [00:24:05] to put you on the spot.


Heather: I'm trying to think I can see if I can find it, 'cause I've never done it, I've never been there at a time where it's actually going on, so I don't know, like 'cause Tanya did you ever do that? 'cause I think they do that at Disneyland too.


Tanya: Yeah they do that a DCA, I'm trying to think, I, it can't be, like two to three dollars maybe.


Steph: Okay.


Heather: I thought it was more than that.


Tanya: I thought it was under five but I've never, I've never.


Heather: Yeah I think it's around I'm trying to.


Tanya: I'm trying to think if Disney does anything under five dollars.


Steph: That's true.[crosstalk [00:24:40]


Heather: It is $5.99.


Tanya: $5.99.


Steph: See our sense of money gets super warped when we're in the [crosstalk [00:24:44][inaudible [00:24:44]. Like a couple bucks is five dollars when you're in Disney.


Heather: Yeah.


Tanya: Yeah, I still think it was cheaper than that when it first started for some reason, but now it's five dollars.


Heather: Well and like outside Disney money that's like three dollars.


Tanya: Yeah true.


Heather: But I've also heard, and I don't know for sure so don't count on that but when I did the, they had the Figment scavenger hunt for like the same kind of thing during the Art Festival and they let you pick your prize before you even did it. So I've heard that like they're doing that for this too, so maybe it depends on the cast number or maybe like


Tanya: So you don't have to come back to claim you're prize, you just get you're prize and then go do it if you want to?


Heather: Right, 'cause basically what you do is they give you the map and like I said there's the different eggs, different character eggs in each country and so you have to find which one it is and then you put it on the map in the country and then you bring it back to one of the places that are selling it. And there's like a bunch of stores around Epcot, and then you get to pick an egg, not a real egg, but you know it's an egg shaped character thing, and so you get to pick which one you want and then so like that's you're prize. It's pretty much what you're paying the $5.99 for, but if they do it that you can pick your prize beforehand than you can do that. But it's fun doing those things. [crosstalk [00:26:04]


Steph: It's super cute.


Heather: Doing those things. I mean they do that for Food and Wine, they have Remy hidden in different countries so, so even though, even if they said to me here's your prize beforehand, I woulda still done it because it's fun, it's a fun way also to explore the countries, you may go places you don't typically go.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: Yeah, fun for sure. So it looks like it's going to be running this year, they have made it quite a bit longer March 1st through May 29th.


Tanya: Wow.


Steph: Yeah that's a long time, and they also do it at Disneyland too like you said.


Tanya: Awesome.


Steph: So that's a good tip for both coasts if you're going either direction. Or at least last year they did, I'm googling trying to see if it's at Disneyland this year.


Tanya: I'm pretty sure the first year, like I can only remember the first year for some reason it was at DCA but maybe I'm wrong, maybe it's always been at Disneyland.


Heather: I feel like it was at DCA.


Tanya: Yeah [crosstalk [00:27:09][inaudible [00:27:09] where it started.


Steph: Yeah, I'm trying to see, I'm not seeing any announcements for 2017 in California.


Heather: Yeah I haven't heard anything.


Steph: So it makes me wonder if maybe they're not doing it.


Heather: It's still like a month away right. Easter?


Steph: Easter is the middle of April this year.


Heather: Yeah, so I mean, I don't know how long they usually do it there.


Steph: Yeah I don't know either.


Heather: Trying to remember like how early it was done in the past [crosstalk [00:27:41].


Tanya: Yeah, I think it's only like the two weeks before or something.


Steph: In California.


Tanya: Yeah, it will probably be like the beginning of April.


Steph: Okay so looking at the 2016 posts on the Disney parks blog about it, it was in Disneyland and California Adventure as well as Epcot and downtown Disney it says, but I'm trying to, is it downtown Disney on which coast. It's downtown Disney in California as well.


Tanya: Interesting.


Steph: Yeah that's where it was, last year, maps were $5.95 last year, so they've gone up a little bit, and Disneyland it was March 2 through the 27, so a shorter amount of time. So it will probably be maybe just the month of April in Disneyland.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: The eggs are super cute.


Tanya: Yeah.


Steph: I kind of want them all. Yeah okay, so is that pretty much all we have.


Tanya: I believe so.


Heather: I have a new magic shot.


Tanya: What.


Steph: Lets hear about that.


Heather: In China in Epcot they have Mushu with a gong. Yeah, that started of course right after I was there. But I saw a picture and it was really cute, so. They also have by the Belle and Beast topiary's they have the photo pass there they have like the boarder for the movie, so.


Steph: Oh fun.


Heather: So I don't know how long that one will last because the movie just came out but.


Steph: They don't seem to keep the new movie stuff as long as, like Moana's already gone in California.


Tanya: I saw, I saw her, she was there when I was there.


Steph: Did you, oh good.


Tanya: Yup [inaudible [00:29:27] my story about this though a little bit, yeah she was just out and about, she wasn't meeting, she was roaming , yeah she was roaming and she picked kids and told a story and did stuff with kids and then continued roaming and would not stop for photos.


Steph: I hate that.


Tanya: I know, it was kind of a bummer, like I couldn't even, every time I asked her like three times that poor girl was probably like “um no.” She was like “I have to keep walking,” and I was like “I want a photo though.” But yeah she was having none of the photos she kept walking. But she was out she was definitely out.


Steph: Yeah.


Heather: Yeah she's meeting in [inaudible [00:30:04] studios in like a. It's funny when I was there I heard these other people describing it and they're like “its in a closet, it was strange.” It, yeah it's in an usual place [crosstalk [00:30:18]. But hey she's meeting that's what matters most.


Steph: Where is it?


Heather: It's in one mans dream, and so you know at the end, when you go to watch the movie, so like yeah, you go in and it's yeah this little area that they have set up and when you come out you're by the movie but it's very small and I think they might end up putting like other character there eventually. Like you know like they used to have at the animation building they used to swap it out of the new one, so I feel like at some point, put someone else there, but they'll move her somewhere else. Like I don't know anything officially but I'm pretty sure they'll keep her around.


Steph: How long are the wait times to meet her in Florida?


Heather: There about 30 minutes, I mean they could be more, when I went there it was, I mean it was not like a super crowded time, but I waited a half hour both times I went and I got there kind of early. I've passed by the sign and it's been you know 40 minutes so. And it's a thing too, and it's like that room, so it's not like you can, just go and meet Moana.


Steph: That's funny, okay, all right we got everything that we wanted to cover for this show right.


Tanya: Yup.


Steph: Okay, right Heather?


Heather: Yes.


Steph: All right, thank you then, and thank you for being here to our listeners we really appreciate you taking the time out of your schedule, your day to listen to us or included you in your day, including us, including us in your day, and your schedule if you're running around doing errands and things like that, thank you. And we want to remind them where to find you guys. Tanya.


Tanya: You can find me at Every Magic Moment dot com and Tanya H 666 on all social media.


Steph: Heather.


Heather: My character site is Heather W dot com slash character and everywhere on social media I'm Heather W 25 and on Facebook it's I love characters.


Steph: Perfect, you can find me also at, you can find us on Instagram, Capturing Magic me underscore, let me check that now that I said that to make sure that it's actually right. Yeah no Capturing Magic underscore, find us on Instagram there, and Heather actually pops in and posts for me once in a while which I really appreciate. And then you can also find me on modern photo solutions dot com where I have a free class all about google photos and I'm hoping in the next couple months to launch my Disney, documenting Disney classes as well, doing it all on your phone because it's with you all the time and it's awesome.


All right thanks girls.


Heather: Thank you.


Tanya: Thank you.


Steph: We'll see you next time on Capturing Magic.