From Autograph Book to Project Life App: Capturing Autographs

If you accidentally forget your autograph book, the one you can purchase at several Disney shops works great. Here's a quick way to get those autographs into your project life app using only your phone.

#1. Take a photo of the autograph in your book. The book needs to be well lit, with non-direct light (or at least more than one source of light, like 2-3 windows or a cluster of can lights). If you can see the shadow of your phone on the autograph, you need more or different light. Some examples of good non-direct lighting are: outside with cloud cover, under a porch on a sunny day, in a room with north facing windows, etc.
#2. Crop the photo. If you want the photo to fill a 3×4 spot, choose a 4:3 aspect ratio when cropping. If you want the photo to fill a 4×6 spot, choose a 3:2 aspect ratio. Or choose the aspect ratio that fits your autograph and place the autograph on a solid colored card.

#3. Adjust the photo. I prefer to do this in the Pic-Tap-Go app, but you may be able edit the photo in your phone's native photo app. Typically you need to do 2 things: 1. Lighten the exposure. and 2. Increase the contrast.
In Pic-Tap-Go I use Lights On & Auto Color or Auto Contrast and sometimes one more Lights On.

4. If you need to add your autograph to a solid colored card, you can do that in the Over app. Locate your solid colored card (I saved mine to my camera roll from dropbox).
Select add image.
Navigate to the “fixed” autograph and place it on your card.
Add shadows or other artwork as you desire.


Honeybee is from Official Disney Digital Downloads.

Now your autograph is ready to be used in the Project Life app.