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On my trip to Disneyland last Labor Day weekend, one of my photography goals was to take #fromwhereistand photos in as many places as I could (without keeping my head down the entire trip!). Because I would be using my iPhone for these photos, it was a pretty simple project. Most of the photos were taken when I was by myself, so it is just my feet in the pictures.

After going through the 45+ photos taken from this perspective, I grouped them into three categories for the purpose of this article: park space, attraction space, and resort space. But taken as a collective set of images placed in random order, one can get a great sense of the Disney Parks experience from this particular perspective. There are plenty of magical details in all of Disney's ground and floor space!

From Where I Stand – The Parks#fromwhereistand - The Disney Parks | Capturing Magic Blog #fromwhereistand - The Disney Parks | Capturing Magic Blog











































You can easily snap shots at almost any point in the parks to help tell your story. Walkways are often themed for the land they are located in with some sort of textured surface. Flower pots, gated greenspaces and flower beds, merchandise bins, curbs, inlaid markers…they all offer clues and memory cues of the parks. These could include some of your most iconic photos looking down, showing a glimpse of your favorite land, snack, or park-going buddy.

From Where I Stand – The Attractions 

#fromwhereistand - The Disney Parks | Capturing Magic Blog #fromwhereistand - The Disney Parks | Capturing Magic Blog 






























Taking pictures while waiting in attraction queue lines are like a double edged sword: on the one hand, this photo prompt offers a fun challenge of seeing an attraction in a different way. You might be a guest who spends a lot of time waiting in lines throughout the day, so this is a great way to pass the time. But on the other hand, the timing can be tricky because you need adequate lighting to get the pic to turn out – and we all know that many queues are dim, dark, or cramped for space. And, you might miss your chance if you get caught in a loading sequence that prevents you from getting a photo. But I have learned that by looking at where I stand while waiting to board a car, boat, theater, or other mode of ride vehicle, I catch more details that I would have otherwise missed. The styling of the numbers you are assigned for loading, for instance, are unique to each attraction. One of my favorites was a shot I took waiting my turn to ride the Matterhorn Bobsleds. Lots of a great alpine details to be found there! 

From Where I Stand – The Resort 

#fromwhereistand - The Disney Parks | Capturing Magic Blog

#fromwhereistand - The Disney Parks | Capturing Magic Blog



























I think capturing the perspective of looking down at your resort can add a creative touch to your vacation photos. This would be a fun photo activity on the day you arrive or depart; for when you need a little bit of alone time away from everyone; or simply when something catches your eye as you make your way around the resort. I particularly love getting the mats at the entrances that have the resort name, and the decorative carpets (always with Hidden Mickeys!) that you find down hallways and in lobby areas. Don't forget any special theming elements, and the plants and flowers.

tips for taking From Where I Stand photos

  • it helps to like your shoes, or have a nice pedicure/clean toes if you wear sandles or flip flops
  • it might feel really awkward and silly, taking these pictures in public, but you just can't worry about it – I actually have noticed many guests with cell phones or big fancy cameras stalking different parts of the park or their favorite things to get the shot they want – and hello! …half the people in the park are walking around in goofy hats and mouse ears on their head anyway, so as Elsa would say, let it go….
  • check out Holly Clark's blog post about her photo project from this perspective that feature her daily ritual with a mug of coffee – her posts are a main inspiration for me
  • I try to avoid shadows and other distractions, so I sometimes position myself in what initially looks like an upside-down image (wording or an image may be upside-down in the original picture based on how I am standing next to it); to correct the image, you simply use the rotate function of your photo editing app
  • experiment with varying heights from the ground up – sometimes I hold my iPhone above my head to capture more ground space, and other times I lean down to get a closer look; of course, there is always zoom and crop tools to help



I created a hashtag for this specific photo project, and you can see what I have shared so far on my Instagram feed using #fromwhereidisney. I take a lot more pictures than I post, so I am thinking of compiling my “feet pictures” (as my kids call them) into an album or small photobook.

Do you have any unique photo projects that you aim to shoot when you are in Disney Parks? We want to hear about them – leave your project ideas in the comments below. And be sure to tag me if you try your own feet picture at Disney – I would love to see what you come up with!

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