Halloween Time and Mickey’s Halloween Party at the Disneyland Resort!


Happy October everyone!! I am here today to give you the lowdown on all the amazing things that are going on for Halloween at the Disneyland Resort! There is A LOT going on so bear with me because this post is gonna be a looooooooong one =)

Lets get started with the everyday Halloween awesomeness that you can experience everyday!

Since this is the year of Disneyland's 60th anniversary, the Halloween decorations on Main Street are now mixed in with the 60th anniversary decorations.  Bunting, flowers and so many pumpkins!


There aren't really any new findings in the decorations or rides this year, so you will be able to see the couple fun things that we look forward to seeing every year at this time! Haunted Mansion Holiday, meeting Jack Skellington and Sally in New Orleans Square, the Dia De Los Muertos display where you can get free face painting done and of course Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy!





Make sure you get a regular photo and the couple Halloween magic shots they do in front of the giant Mickey pumpkin too!!




Some other things to make note of during Halloween time:

  • The characters in Town Square alternate costumes during the day. Part of the time they are wearing their awesome 60th anniversary outfits and other times they will be in Halloween costumes!
  • Merchandise. There are some awesome new (and one returning!) popcorn buckets and a new travel mug design that you can read all about in this post on the Disney Parks Blog.
  • Food. Oh man, the food. As usual, Disneyland delivers on the awesome seasonal offerings. There are way way too many to list (or even try all in one day!), so take a look at the extensive list on the Disney Parks Blog!

Here is just a hint at some of the fun candy apple, cake pop and rice krispy treats they have right now!

2015-09-30 15.57.09

Over at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel right now they have a Halloween “Tree-T” Cake on display! You can also purchase Halloween treats and drinks in the lobby as well!



Ok. So just went you thought you couldn't pack in any more Halloween awesomeness, this brings us to Mickey's Halloween Party!!

As most of you know, Mickey's Halloween Party is a special ticketed event that happens on select nights from the end of September – Halloween night. It is super fun (you can dress up!!) and there is A LOT to do so lets dive right in.

I attended the party on Wednesday September 30th. The party either runs from 6-11pm or 7-12am depending on the night you attend. Your ticket also allows you admission to the park starting at least 3 hours prior to the party (the exact time will be stated on your ticket).

Since I attended this party 2 years ago and there are only a couple changes (which are what I concentrated on seeing) I will be using photos from this year and some from 2 years ago as well for reference.

First up, getting into the park. My party night started at 6pm. So I headed to the park about 2 hours early. There was already a healthy line up of people to get in so the earlier you can get there the better. This line moves a little slow since tickets have to be scanned and marked and then you also get a wristband.

2015-09-30 16.24.47

After I got my wristband and headed into the park I wanted to check out the merchandise!! I ran into the Emporium on Main Street and picked up the super cute party shirt for this year! They also have a selection of pins too and from what I hear you can purchase these during regular hours, not just at the party!

2015-09-30 16.52.59

When I went to the party in 2013 it was the first year they were doing the super fun Toontown pre-party! This is a must!!  It takes place starting 2 hours before the official party start time, so head over there as soon as you can. In Toontown you will be able to meet characters in their Halloween costumes and grab some candy on a trick or treat trail!

The characters you will be able to meet are:

  • Zorro Mickey and Candy Corn Minnie
  • Cops and Robbers Chip & Dale
  • Pluto & Goofy
  • Wizard Donald & Cowgirl Daisy

All of the party reports I have read have been slightly different when it comes to the combination of when the characters are out. When I was there Mickey & Minnie switched out with Chip & Dale. Donald switched out with Daisy and Pluto switched out with Goofy for a total of 3 character lines. The Mickey & Minnie line was consistently twice as long as the other two lines so that may be something for you to consider as well.





After I finished up with the Toontown pre-party, it was about 5:30pm. I still had 30 minutes until the party officially started and I knew I wanted to meet Jack and Sally so I headed over to New Orleans Square.  Usually, this is what I would consider a Halloween party no-no. See, Jack and Sally meet during regular park hours. So if you were in the park earlier in the day or at the park the day before or after, then you don't really need to use that precious limited party time to meet them! BUT, I was wearing a shirt that had them on it so I HAD to meet them. I knew from past experience that the line to meet them during the party gets painfully long. So I lined up about 30 minutes before the party even started and I was still behind almost 30 people. But I got my photo and had a great time interacting with them so that is all that matters!


After Jack and Sally and headed over to Frontierland to meet my only other must-do character for this years party, Bullseye!! I was so excited to find he was going to be out at the party this year. Bullseye, Jessie and Woody meet back behind Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. They meet all night long and while you won't get all 3 of the characters together, you will get some combination of two of them. The line was never more than 10-15 people long so it would be really simple to hop in line a couple times to get the different combinations.


There are a ton of character to meet at the party. You can literally spend all night doing just that. So here is a list of the characters you can meet and where you can meet them:

  • Aladdin Characters – Aladdin’s Oasis – Adventureland
  • Jack and Sally – Near Haunted Mansion – New Orleans Square
  • Disney Princesses – Fantasy Faire – Fantasyland
  • Disney Fairies – Pixie Hollow – Fantasyland
  • Woody, Jessie and Bullseye – Near Big Thunder Ranch BBQ – Frontierland
  • Captain America – Near the Tomorrowlanding store – Tomorrowland
  • Winnie the Pooh and Friends – Near Pooh Corner – Critter Country
  • Peter Pan, Wendy and Captain Hook, Jack Sparrow – Mark Twain Dock – Frontierland
  • Mickey and Minnie – Right outside Big Thunder Ranch – Frontierland
  • Pirate Donald, Goofy, Pluto, Chip & Dale – Rancho Del Zocalo – Frontierland
  • Disney Villains – In front of the Train Station – Main Street

The Piratepalooza Treat Trail, located at the Rancho Del Zocalo restaurant in Frontierland, is a must!  This is the only location where you can get candy AND characters!! The line was a little long compared to other trails, but at the end you have the option to get in line to meet 2 pirate characters! I get to meet both Pluto and Goofy!



Ok, enough about characters! What about all the other fun stuff right?!

Let talk about entertainment!!

Around the park there are these various scarecrows up on poles interacting with guests and telling funny jokes!


The Cadaver Dans float across the spooky Rivers of America throughout the night singing Halloween related songs. They are sooo good and totally worth watching. There is even a treat trail in front of where they are floating by so you can do both!


Over in Tomorrowland at the Tomorrowland Terrace there is the Monsters University Dance Party! A DJ spins some tunes and you can do some dancing with the characters!


Since the Paint the Night parade is new to the parks this year, they decided to keep that parade during the Halloween Party as well instead of the usual Costume Party Cavalcade parade they have had previous years.

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 12.08.05 AM

And finally, Halloween Screams fireworks!! This is one seriously awesome fireworks show. Seriously. If you can find a spot in front of the castle then you should definitely do it. Plus, you get to see Zero fly through the air!!  How awesome is that?!?!?!


For those of you that haven't seen the new Disneyland Forever fireworks show that debuted for the 60th anniversary, it makes use of some awesome new projectors on the castle and on Main Street. They have found awesome ways to use these during the Halloween party too!  You can find new spooky and fun projections and music on the castle:


and on Main Street:


The Halloween party is so jammed pack with stuff that it is really hard to squeeze it all in. Your best option is to make a note ahead of time of your must-see things!  For me personally, it is always characters and entertainment. They are my top priority! But for others it might be the candy trails or riding some rides (which usually have pretty short lines too)!

I hope this post will have helped you out at least a little bit when it comes to navigating all the Halloween fun at Disneyland!!



Tanya has been a Disneyland Annual Passholder for over 20 years and loves to spend time roaming around the parks! You can find her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to follow along in her Disneyland adventures!