Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort

Halloween Time at the Disney Parks is absolutely my favorite time of year!  The decorations, the fun events, the parties, the rides and the food!  Oh how I love the foooood.

While I would love to go to the special event Mickey's Halloween Party every year, I don't.  I do think it is super fun, but it really isn't necessary for me to spend the extra money to go every single year.  LUCKILY, there is no shortage of Halloween fun that a normal everyday guest can have during the month of October!

From the moment you walk into Disneyland, you are greeted with super festive decorations!

I really enjoy seeing all the Main Street decorations!

I could spend hours just taking photos of all the different pumpkins on the buildings!

Once I am done taking 1000 photos on Main Street I usually head straight to Frontierland for the Big Thunder Ranch Halloween setup.  Once again, they go all out with the fall decorations here.  Even the famous Disneyland goats get into the spirit!

The Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree this year has become the Big Thunder Ranch Halloween Carnival!

There is so much to do and see in the carnival that you might want to make sure you have plenty of time to look around!  There are games and crafts for both kids and adults to do, there is a place to get snacks and you can even find the super fun Pirates League that Chelle talked about in THIS POST back here.

One of my favorite activities is the Conjure A Villain tent!  You are taken inside a carnival tent when you and your group will cast a couple spells and conjure a villain to appear!  It is super fun!

One of the new additions to the Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree this year is a does not disappoint magic show!  I have been super impressed with the different magicians I have seen perform.  I thought I would just stop and watch for a minute before moving on but I ended up watching the entire show each time!  Soo fun!  After the show they even do a fun little masquerade parade with the characters and whoever else wants to join in!

In the carnival is also where you can get a photo with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Pluto in their Halloween costumes.  While these aren't official “meet and greet” set ups and the characters are supposed to keep moving and mingle with everyone, it is not difficult to just ask them for a quick photo. I opted for selfies of course!

For me, the best part of the Halloween Carnival is getting to see the pumpkin artists in action!  In the middle of the characters, the magic show, the games and the crafts, there are some GORGEOUS carved and painted pumpkins.  Everyday there are artists working their pumpkin magic to bring super fun and creative pumpkin designs to life!  They are always working on new ones so if you have a chance to go more than once, be sure to check back for new designs!

While the Halloween Carnival is the most condensed Halloween stuff in the park, there is some other fun stuff spread around Disneyland as well!

Over by Big Thunder Mountain you can find the Dia de lost Muertos display and they have some FREE skeleton inspired face painting you can have done!

Another fan favorite is always when the Haunted Mansion in turned into Haunted Mansion Holiday!  This fun attraction stays all the way through Christmas so if you can make it out at Halloween time, you can catch it till the end of the year.

Along with Haunted Mansion Holiday, this is also where you can meet Jack Skellington and Sally!  They are seriously SO FUN and I have had a couple of my most favorite character interactions with them.  Have the video camera ready to record because these two just LOVE to chit chat and take a ton of photos!

Along with the changes to Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain gets its Halloween season makeover in the scary Ghost Galaxy!  Music, sounds and effects are changed from the normal Space Mountain to reflect the scary ghost that is trying to escape from inside!

I myself always look forward to special food and snack no matter what time of year it is!  Halloween never disappoints on the fun and delicious snacks you can find!  Any shop or dining location that has a cookie/bakery display is gonna have some super cute treats!

Over in Fantasy Faire at Maurice's Treats this year they have a Pumpkin Twist that is SOO good!  It tasted like pumpkin pie!!

Over the last year or so, Disney (and myself) have become very big fans of the glow cube.  Who doesn't love drinking a beverage that lights up?!  They had some special glow cubes out at Star Wars weekends in Walt Disney World this past year, and now they are bringing out some Halloween related ones!

Jack Skellington can be found at Cafe Orleans and the Mint Julep Bar in New Orleans Square, I found the Mickey Pumpkin cube at Carnation Cafe on Main Street and thanks to LisaTheExplorer on Instagram we know that the Poison Apple glow cube can be found at the frozen lemonade cart by It's A Small World in Fantasyland!

No trip to Disneyland during Halloween TIme is complete without a photo with the giant Mickey Pumpkin on Main Street either, so make sure you stop and take a photo at its location in Town Square.  You can't miss it!

If you are into Magic Shots I also found that there are TWO Magic Shots that are located here as well (see the updated Magic Shot Post for more).


And the new this year, poison apple picture!

As far as California Adventure if concerned, there isn't too much Halloween related goodness going on over there.  BUT, if you are in the park on a weekend night, be sure to check out the Mad T Party band!  During Halloween Time they are turned into Mad T Partying Zombies and play some super fun Halloween related songs like Time Warp from The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Michael Jackson's Thriller!  It is seriously soo fun to watch!

So much fun right?  There is just so much to do and see this time of year at Disneyland Resort that I really hope this post will help you if you plan on making a trip!


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