Hashtag your Disney trip!

Hashtag your Disney trip

I recently took a trip to Disneyland with fellow Capturing Magic team member Tanya. We both love posting pictures during our Disney trips to Instagram, and thought it would be fun to come up with a hashtag for the trip that we would both use. So in the future, if we wanted to see our pictures from this trip, we could easily find them and see the pictures on both our accounts. Our hashtag is #TandHdoDisney. It was a quick and easy way to help us capture the magic in the parks. 🙂 If you are visiting a Disney park with family or friends that use Instagram, why not try this out on your next trip?

Here's a few tips:

    • Pick something unique that works for your trip. Try combining your names, initials, or get more creative if you want. It's all in good fun and up to you. Also decide if you want to include the date or year. We decided to not include the year, so we can use it for future trips. If you want to go even futher, you could even have a hashtag that doesn't include a date, that can be used over all your trips, AND the same one with a year added, so you can find just those trip pictures.


  • Make sure it reads correctly. Sometimes when words are combined for a hashtag, it could mean something different than you want. When trying to come up with the hashtag, we first tried HandTdoDisney. Then we started laughing because on first look, it looked like Hand do Disney. Nothing bad about it, but we decided to switch it around.


  • Before using the hashtag, be sure to do a search for it on Instagram to make sure your hashtag is actually unique, and other pictures don't show up.


  • Make a shortcut for your hashtags. I have many shortcuts for hashtags that I use while posting Disney pictures. It's really easy to do, and makes things faster when you're posting, especially if you're in the parks. For example, if I type hashc, all the hashtags I use for a picture from Cars Land shows up. Before this trip, I just added our trip hashtag to my Disneyland shortcuts. On an iPhone, just go to General KeyboardShortcuts. I don't have an Android so I don't know the exact instructions, but I know you can make shortcuts as well.


If you want to check it out, our hashtag is #TandHdoDisney, and we're both still posting pictures from the trip!

Heather is an annual passholder that loves coming up with excuses to take a trip to the World. Follow her adventures at Disney on twitter and instagram. Visit her website, I Love Characters, to see pictures of the almost 200 characters she's met at Disney World and Disneyland.