Inspiring Young Memory Keepers – Disney Style

Inspiring Young Memory Keepers – Disney Style

The holidays are right around the corner.  And with all the preparations and festivities they will zoom by before you know it.  This year I am encouraging my children to jot down their memories, as they happen.

In the past, I have used technology to help me remember.  I have snapped pics with my cell phone, texted notes in a Diary app, and even done mock-ups for layouts all on my phone.  The problem is that often my pictures and notations get ‘stuck’ on my phone.  It gives me a false sense of Memory Keeping.  Sure, I got that… it is on my phone.

In the process, my children aren’t really seeing the long term value of Memory Keeping, because they really don’t see the end result… and neither do I.

So, I am shifting gears this year.  This year I am encouraging my kids to write down their memories, as they happen.

I am printing our sheets of Disney-inspired shapes.  Like this one.

















I have purposely selected simple shapes; because I want them to cut them out… with scissors (I know… my silhouette will be so jealous).
















It doesn't matter to me if they write on one side or both, or use several shapes to tell a story.  I just want them to begin to start telling their own stories.

I haven’t decided how to display their stories yet.  I am thinking of clothes pins on twine, or placing on a door, or on the table at Thanksgiving.

I came up with a different shape for the Christmas season.  This shape will be used to create a Wreath of Memories.
















I hope you like these ideas.  I would love to hear your ideas for helping children become Memory keepers… Disney Style!