it’s a small world: Create Your Own Digital Doll














As part of the celebration of “it's a small world's” 50th Anniversary, Disney has a website dedicated to sharing the love felt 'round the world for the beloved attraction, it's memorable dolls, and it's catchy song. It allows fans to participate in the celebration without ever having to leave their computer screen (although we know it would be much better to enjoy the ride in person!). One activity is a build-your-own-doll feature, which results in a customized digital doll that you can download to your computer. Here's how to customize your own doll (or multiple ones if you wish):

1) Go to the website www.smallworld50.comClick on the “Build a Doll” button on the left side of the screen. (Note: I was also able to create a doll on my iPhone 5 by accessing the site and following these same steps. The digital doll will download to your phone and I saved it to my photo album.)








2) Create your doll. Select your doll's head, top, and bottom by clicking the arrows in either direction to see all of the options. Mix and match to your heart's desire. Select skin tone.









Or, select “Surpise Me” for a randomly shuffled design. 









3) Name your doll, and then click “Add Doll to Sing Along” to save your creation to the site's collective sing along project.









4) After clicking “Add Doll to Sing Along,” you will see a page that gives you several options. Click “Download Doll” for an immediate download of your doll in PNG format. Click on “Share Doll” to share on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. (I did try this share feature on all three platforms, and all that was shared was a link to the website, not an image of the doll I created.) Click on “Try Again” to make another doll. This page also lets you know that Disney is giving a $1 donation to UNICEF with every doll that is added to the Sing Along.









Here is one of the dolls I created and downloaded. They may be small digital files but they are very cute!









Here is my first doll, which I placed on a 3×4 card and added my name and the framed edge. She would fit right in on a page with photos from the ride!














This is a 3×4 horizontal card with multiple dolls. One of my kids suggested that we have the entire family represented, which I think is a great idea! My youngest created the one boy with black hair and a red shirt. 












Because this website is for a special occasion, I am not sure how long it will be around. So be sure to check it out and get your sweet little digi dolls created and saved for your next project. Along with scrapbooking and photo albums, how cute would an “it's a small world” baby shower or young child's birthday party be? These would make a nice addition to any project!

And yes, be ready to get that song stuck in your head – it is played when you visit the website!





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