Listening to Capturing Magic in iTunes

You don't have to have an i-device to listen to us in iTunes, but it helps us out quite a bit if you do (or if you just subscribe to us and download 😉 )

Here's how:

To listen to the Capturing Magic in iTunes and you are on a PC, you first need to download and install iTunes.  Just click on “download iTunes”and save it to your desktop and then double click it to install.

If you are on a Mac, you already have iTunes installed! Winking smile Just click this link to open iTunes right up to the Capturing Magic podcast.

After installing, you can open iTunes, if iTunes doesn’t go to the store first, just click on store in the sidebar:


In the search box, type in ‘Capturing Magic’:

You should see something similar to this:

Just click on that “Subscribe Free” button:

Now, each time you open iTunes, it will automatically download any new episodes for you and you can listen right there. One of the great things about listening in iTunes is you can surf the internet and click on links in the show notes and not have the show stop playing.

On that same page, you can scroll down and rate us:

Subscribing in iTunes, rating the show, and leaving us reviews there helps US quite a bit!