Magic Gramming Guide – CM120

Magic Gramming Guide

We love following Disney themed Instagram accounts!! In this podcast episode, we are sharing some of our very favorite Disney themed Instagram accounts to follow. Whether it's their beautiful Disney park photos, their super cool Disney themed products, or even their Disney themed artwork they are all amazingly magical and you will love them too! Links to the Instagram accounts we discuss and full show transcripts for reading can be found at

Here are the accounts we are talking about (tap links on your phone to open in Instagram – if the app is installed. Click/tap in a browser to view if you aren't on Instagram or don't have the app):


Steph Clay: Hey everyone, welcome to Capturing Magic. I am Steph Clay and I am joined today Heather Winfield, who can be found at Hi Heather?


Heather W.: Hi.


Steph Clay: You are also heatherw25 on social media?


Heather W.: Yes.


Steph Clay: Okay. We have also Tanya Hickman, who can be found at and tanyah666. Hi Tanya?


Tanya Hickman: Hello.


Steph Clay: I got all that right?


Tanya Hickman: Yep.


Steph Clay: Yay! [inaudible [00:00:34] memory, good, okay. I’m really excited about today’s show. We are going to be talking about Instagram accounts that we like to follow and we’re calling it the Magic Grammers Guide, right?


Tanya Hickman: You already forgot.


Steph Clay: I know, I know. It’s so sad-


Tanya Hickman: Yes, Magic Grammers Guide.


Steph Clay: it’s the Lyme disease, blame it on the Lyme. The Magic Grammers Guide, it sounded so good when it rolled off my tongue the first time. I’m excited because I know that Heather and Tanya have some really great accounts that they follow and I’m excited to hear what they have to say and I have some fun ones to share as well. Let’s start going around this circle and we’ll start with you, Tanya.


Tanya Hickman: Okay. My first one is Lilian & Co. They make some really, really cute … if anybody knows me and Heather, we’re obsessed with Alex and Ani bracelets and Lilian & Co would be my second favorite. They make really cute bangles that have Disney sayings on them. I just ordered my first … I’ve been looking at them forever because I just don’t … bangles, I’m not a big of bangles that are open because I feel like they’re going to fall off and I’m always skeptical. Then they just came out with that that says, “You’ll be in my heart,” and that’s one of my favorite Disney songs. I was like, “I’m caving, I’m going to get it.”


It came in the mail a couple of days ago and it’s super good quality, the packaging is amazing and I can squeeze it so it’s adjustable to fit on my wrist better and it’s really, really cute. They come gold, silver, rose gold and they have gorgeous pictures of these bracelets on their Instagram account.


Steph Clay: They do?


Tanya Hickman: Yeah. They’re really, really pretty and I really, really want the have courage and be kind one but it’s still sold out so I’m waiting.


Steph Clay: They’re cute. How much are they?


Tanya Hickman: I believe it was thirty something, I’m going to look right now. They-


Steph Clay: Yeah, they’re super cute so [crosstalk [00:02:34].


Tanya Hickman: They’re 28, they’re 28.


Steph Clay: Okay.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah but with shipping-


Heather W.: There’s a lot of accounts and stuff that have discounts for them too, if you find them.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, they partner up with different Disney accounts to offer discounts and what not.


Steph Clay: That’s not a bad price though.


Tanya Hickman: No, that’s not a bad price at all, it’s the price of an Alex Ani bracelet. Actually, Alex Ani bracelets have gone up in price so this is even better.


Steph Clay: Yeah, they’re super cute. It’s like a … when you say bangles, I think of something different. I think it’d dangly things.


Tanya Hickman: Okay, yeah. These ones are like the one strip of metal-


Steph Clay: Yeah, band kind of.


Tanya Hickman: Band kind of thing but they look really cute stacked too-


Steph Clay: Yeah, they do.


Tanya Hickman: Which is what I like about them because you can just wear a couple of them and then be done with your day.


Steph Clay: Yeah, they’re super cute. I think I would like these better than the Alex and Ani just because the dangly things, I get tired of all the noise, the clinking. [crosstalk [00:03:36] tired of the noise.


Tanya Hickman: I have a tendency to get them stuck in my hair, they’re always getting caught in my hair. Yeah, no, I get it.


Steph Clay: Yeah. They have “I can go the distance,” they have tones of Disney sayings.


Tanya Hickman: They’re all the sayings that you would want to be on Disney bracelets.


Heather W.: Keep moving forward, yeah,


Tanya Hickman: [crosstalk [00:03:57] it in, yeah, all the good ones.


Steph Clay: I want one that has that … shoot.


Tanya Hickman: It was right there.


Steph Clay: It was. My favorite … I can’t think of her name but it’s that, “I’m a damsel, I’m in distress, I got this.”


Tanya Hickman: Meg.


Heather W.: Meg.


Steph Clay: Yes, Meg. Thank you.


Heather W.: Meg is my favorite.


Steph Clay: Yes, that was-


Tanya Hickman: I wouldn’t be surprised that … I didn’t even realize that they were really coming out with new designs and then they came out with that new Tarzan one and I was like, “All right, keep them coming.”


Steph Clay: Yeah. Do as dreamers do, yeah, they are everything that you would want on a … best day ever, yeah.


Tanya Hickman: I always appreciate when a company that sells something has photos that really sell their product too.


Steph Clay: Yeah, they do, they do for sure. Okay, that’s a great one, I’m going to follow that one too. I will note that we will put a list of all of these Instagram accounts in the notes for this show, which can be found at Then if you just go to podcast and look for the most recent episode and this one will be called Magic Grammers Guide. You can, yeah, check it out there. Then you can just easily follow all of these different accounts as we go through the show. Yay! Heather?


Heather W.: Mine is my favorite ear maker, so it’s Ear Bowtique. It’s ear bow, B-O-W, tique. Her name is Tina and she has ears. I have 20 custom ears now and the ear maker, I have the most from them. My favorite is hers. My small world ones and upon a mansion and Halloween and I have Mickey ones because I saw Tanya had them, [inaudible [00:05:58] those, my cruise ones. Anytime I’ll say, “I need a cruise ears,” and then I ask her and she makes them for me. She’s really good and like-


Tanya Hickman: She made our Paris ears.


Heather W.: Yeah. We found out we were going to Paris, sent her a message, “We need Paris ears.” Hers are so comfortable, they are so cute, they have on the back … I always have when you do the interaction of the characters of whatever and then if they’re like, “I like your ears.” I always turn around, I’m like, “Look at the back,” because it’s so unusual to have it just as cute there as it is in the front. Still, my background on my phone is a picture I took in front of Small World at Disney land with my Small World ears from her from the back. There was like the back of the ears and then the small world façade and it’s just … I love how that came out. That’s still my background.


Tanya Hickman: The quality of her ears is by far the best. Heather does have ears from other makers and I’ve looked at her ears and stuff and just … While they’re good, these look professional, completely professional. I can’t see them ever actually falling apart or fraying or anything, they’re-


Heather W.: Yeah, because I have ears from other people who I still love and everything but I have one pair of ears that I just took with me last time and they came apart in the suitcase because the glue is, I guess, came apart in the heat, I don’t know about the … Yeah. You have other earrings like she said that the fraying or sometimes you see the fraying from the glue and whatever. Tina’s are always perfect.


Tanya Hickman: I’m also not a fun of when ears have like … they’re lumpy or you can see they’re not perfectly rounded and you can see that they’re kind of wavy like buckling and the stitching or the stuffing, I’m not sure what it is. Hers are perfectly round, they’re beaded … Oh my Gosh, no. I have one pair of ears that aren’t from her and I barely ever wear them because I love her ears so much.


Heather W.: Yeah. I have several different people and I like them but yeah, hers are the ones I always go to and I’m like, [crosstalk [00:08:15] … yeah. When I did the princess [inaudible [00:08:22] be seen and so I got [inaudible [00:08:24] from her. Yeah, I have like seven or eight I think from her. I have another one that she’s trying to find good fabric for me and she goes like, “I know.” She doesn’t want bad stuff, like, okay, quality so she’s trying to find something good for me.


Tanya Hickman: I have a pair that are in the mail right now, on the way.


Steph Clay: How fun. What are her prices?


Tanya Hickman: $30.


Heather W.: Like 34, yeah 30 to 34-ish I think.


Steph Clay: Which is pretty standard.


Heather W.: [crosstalk [00:08:54] for that quality for sure.


Steph Clay: Okay, I’m trying to find a picture with your Small World ears and I’m having a hard time, I want to see them.


Heather W.: Yeah, I’ll send some to you. Those were the first ears I ever got and I was just so excited when I found them because I was just … Before that, I wasn’t really much of an ear person, which is probably surprising now if you look at my pictures because I always wear ears. The thing is like the ones in the park, they were always so uncomfortable, I would wear them for the party and then an hour into the party, they were already killing me and yeah. Anyway, it’s just a whole bunch of stuff but that was the main reason. The ones I found her and then another pair and it’s become a thing now. It was like if I don’t wear ears and I look at my pictures, like, “Wow, I don’t have ears.” I have people that don’t even recognize me because … like, “Your ears aren’t on you.”


Steph Clay: How many pairs of ears do you guys take to the parks with you now?


Heather W.: It depends on what the trip is for. I-


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, it depends on what outfits I’m wearing.


Heather W.: Yeah-


Tanya Hickman: When we went to Paris, she makes interchangeable bow ears too. I took those along with the ten bows that they came with, so I have a pair of solid black ones and a pair of solid silver ones that I can interchange the bows on from her. Then on top-


Heather W.: Then what was supposed to happen when you got the [crosstalk [00:10:27].


Tanya Hickman: I said, “She finally need interchangeable bows ones, I won’t have to buy any more ears.” Well that was a lie, I’ve bought like four pairs since then. She comes up with the cutest fabrics and sometimes she has fabrics that I’ve never seen before, which is very rare to find because there are so many ear makers now. It’s very rare to find fabrics that not everybody has. I’m trying to think, when we went to Paris with both interchangeable ears, I probably took a total of eight to ten ears with me.


Steph Clay: How fun.


Tanya Hickman: I wore a different pair everyday but I take that back. It was probably like eight ears, I definitely wore a different pair everyday but two of the days were just interchangeable bows.


Steph Clay: That’s too [crosstalk [00:11:15].


Tanya Hickman: [crosstalk [00:11:15] I took like eight pairs with me.


Steph Clay: Do you ever change ears out in the middle of the day if you’re doing character things or anything?


Heather W.: Yeah but I change outfits too. It depends on like … yeah. It depends on what I have with me, like if I only have my park [inaudible [00:11:32] or my backpack and I don’t have room for it, that’s one thing but then if I have a bigger bag or something that I can keep it in there, that’s [crosstalk [00:11:42].


Tanya Hickman: It depends on what we have planned for that day too. There was one day where we knew we were going to meet [Anna [00:11:47] in also that day but that was the only time we were going into California adventure so we brought shirts to wear just for that. It just depends, you have to have that kind of plan. I can’t just like willy-nilly bring a bag of ears and hope I ran into said character. It’s a planned thing.


Heather W.: Yeah. Most of the time, I probably bring with me around five pairs on a trip but again, it depends. When I did a race weekend, I always have a pair of ears that are my race weekend like … I know you’re going to mentioning it so I won’t mention that yet. That and if it’s like a character themed or something I know I’m going to do with a character and then I usually bring with me like one or two … the pair I said about … the Mickey ears so they’re like a general Disney ones. I have those and I have ones from BibbidyBobbidyBrooke so those are my two general ones that I can wear anytime. I have a lot like themed so … like a Halloween trip, bring my Halloween ones and my Haunted Mansion ones.


I actually brought … because I [inaudible [00:12:52] south west. I was like, “I can take two suitcases,” so I did that one trip so now I can bring more ears. They wouldn’t throw them out.


Steph Clay: Fun.


Tanya Hickman: It’s hard to decide what ears to bring.


Steph Clay: Yeah, so I have one pair and it’s the multi-colored sparkled ones-


Heather W.: That’s for start.


Steph Clay: I know. It’s the multi-colored sparkled ones because they’ll go with any outfit.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah.


Steph Clay: I know if I start down that themed road, man, it’s a [crosstalk [00:13:21].


Tanya Hickman: It’s hard. I actually don’t like buying themed ears because then I have to plan a whole outfit and I have to plan a whole day and I don’t like it. She posted the cutest Marie ears the other day that I had to buy them. They were so cute.


Heather W.: There was Ariel ones that she posted recently and I’m like, “I don’t need Ariel ones,” because there’s only been like an Ariel themed race. If I was going to do it, it would have been then. They were so cute, I’m like those were the cutest ones. The problem with the themed ones is then you have to stay with the theme and it’s like sometimes you don’t have that so that’s why then I started getting the more generic-ish ones. I just got a pair from another ear maker that are just pink ones because I love pink. That’s more generic too, I need more of the non-themed one but I always go straight to that. It’s just like Christmas ones or the Halloween ones or [crosstalk [00:14:18].


Tanya Hickman: This is how bad it is. I just ordered … the pair that I have coming are nightmare before Christmas but they’re like Sandy Claus ones. I’m not able to go for Halloween or Christmas this year and I’m thinking to myself, “My mom is coming up for thanksgiving so maybe I’ll fly down two days before she comes up and I’ll go to Disneyland, wear my ears and then drive back with her.” I want to plan a trip just so I can wear these ears.


Steph Clay: Totally, I get that. That’s super fun. Okay, is that all about the ears.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, we can literally talk about her all day.


Steph Clay: I know, you guys love her.


Heather W.: She’s so nice too. It’s not just like we love her ears, she’s so nice too.


Steph Clay: I think we need to see about doing some capturing magic ears.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah.


Heather W.: Yeah.


Steph Clay: Okay, my first one is, let’s see … I’m going to go with Wishes Candle Company. This is one that actually Heather found for me. I was talking I think on the Pandora show, Avatar Land episode, about how I loved the smell and how I couldn’t wait for one of the candle people to make that smell and Heather sent me this Flight of Passage candle when I came out and I ordered it. I’m telling you what, it smells exactly like it, exactly.


Tanya Hickman: That’s awesome.


Steph Clay: Yes like Flight of Passage and the shop. You can smell it all throughout Pandora a little bit but definitely Flight of Passage, right, and then in the shop right there. It smells so good, I love it. It smells exactly like it, which I thought would be … I was skeptical whether or not but it smells exactly like I remember it, so Wishes Candle Co.


Tanya Hickman: They don’t do any Disneyland, they only do …


Steph Clay: Disney World.


Tanya Hickman: Disney World I think, I’m looking at them now. You know what smell I want from Disney World and I don’t know if they make it, is the Caramel Place. I want that smell but yeah. I don’t really remember any of the smells from Disney World so.


Steph Clay: Yeah.


Heather W.: Well, you know how you fix that.


Steph Clay: You order some candles or go to Disney World.


Tanya Hickman: No, I think go to Disney World. They have a pop century candle and I can’t imagine that smelling good, just kidding. They’ve redone the rooms, they’re good.


Steph Clay: Yeah. Here’s another cool thing about her candles. She’s got the Flight of Passage but she’s also got the Na’vi River Journey and it’s by Luminescent.


Tanya Hickman: That’s cool. Yeah, some of them are really glittery and pretty.


Steph Clay: Yes. Okay, Tanya, back to you.


Tanya Hickman: Bag of [inaudible [00:17:09].


Steph Clay: I know, right? I know, she’s so many fun.


Tanya Hickman: [crosstalk [00:17:13] fun with sprinkles here, Oh my Gosh, this … okay, sorry.


Steph Clay: Yeah. I should [inaudible [00:17:17] candles and they all have a pin inside.


Tanya Hickman: Really?


Steph Clay: I haven’t burned it down enough to know what kind of pin.


Tanya Hickman: Wow, I see they came out with car air fresheners too.


Steph Clay: What?


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, the dangly air fresheners.


Steph Clay: The French Quarter. Okay, I totally want Na’vi or I want the flight of passage for my car, so good. Yeah, they have everything you can imagine.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, okay.


Steph Clay: Every smell you can imagine.


Tanya Hickman: Switching accounts before I just continue looking at the candles.


Steph Clay: I know.


Tanya Hickman: Okay, me?


Steph Clay: Yes, you.


Heather W.: Okay. My next one is an account called I’m a Little Something. I stumbled upon this one a couple of weeks ago. She makes Apple watch covers. I don’t even own an Apple watch but I follow this account. She 3D prints them and they snap on top of your Apple watch and they’re castles and Mickey and Minnie ears. I see one that’s a little Pua ears here and then she rhinestones them and they are adorable.


Steph Clay: Okay. I saw someone that had one of these on and I was like, “I want one of those, where did they find that?” Yeah.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, this is where it is. She does just like normal rectangle ones with rhinestones and stuff and color. They’re really, really cute, it makes me want to get an Apple watch just so I can wear one of these.


Steph Clay: Yeah, I want one so bad.


Tanya Hickman: Oh my Gosh, she has one here that is the glass dome that goes over the rose in Beauty and the Beast and it’s rhinestone and the base of the watch is the rose. That is so stinking cute. Yeah, she’s got some really fun rhinestone stuff here.


Steph Clay: I’ve got to follow her.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, I can’t attest to the quality or anything because I don’t have one but look pretty good to me.


Steph Clay: [crosstalk [00:19:16] creative idea too, for real. That’s so innovative.


Tanya Hickman: It’s hard to stumble upon something that you haven’t seen a million times.


Steph Clay: Yes, I agree. These are stinking cute, with the rhinestones and everything. Yeah, how much are they, do we know? Let me look at her website, so cute.


Tanya Hickman: It doesn’t say simply because she restocks when she has them.


Steph Clay: Okay. She closes down and then restocks?


Tanya Hickman: Yeah.


Steph Clay: Okay.


Tanya Hickman: I’m not seeing a price on any of the Instagram pages so I am not sure. I can’t imagine them being … I feel like I looked one time when she did have an opening and I feel like they’re not more than $30.


Steph Clay: I would imagine that that’s a … That’s what I’m picturing in my head.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah. Well that’s what I would think.


Steph Clay: Yeah.


Heather W.: They’re a reason to get an Apple watch.


Steph Clay: Exactly.


Heather W.: They’re cute, yeah.


Steph Clay: I totally agree. Okay, Heather?


Heather W.: Mine is It’s a Magical Adventure. I stumbled across this account and then I was so glad I did. It’s shirts and it’s themed to each land. She has different shirts but they’re really cute and I just got a Fantasy Land one. It’s just so perfect for me because it’s pink and it has all the Fantasy Land stuff on it and the New Castle walls, which I’ve always loved and I’ve never seen it on a shirt before so it’s something different. There are all these really cool designs for each land and like Frontierland, she has one for the Haunted Mansion right now because it’s for Halloween and I got-


Steph Clay: Tell me her Instagram again, sorry.


Heather W.: It’s, It’s a Magical Adventure.


Steph Clay: Okay. I like the Main Street one, that one’s cute.


Heather W.: Yeah, they’re all really cute and she has an opening right now too. She’s in Disney World right now so if you look through her story … I love looking at people’s Instagram stories too, that’s a big reason I like to follow certain accounts. She’s been doing a lot of stuff from the park too.


Steph Clay: Yeah, these are really cute shirts, they’re unique.


Heather W.: Yeah.


Steph Clay: There again.


Heather W.: I don’t really buy a lot of shirts because it’s always so hard trying to figure out if it’s going to be the right size. It’s a hard thing with ears or it’s like, stick it on your head and it fits.


Steph Clay: One size fits all.


Heather W.: Yeah. It’s harder but I got this and I have to get this and I’m so glad I did. [crosstalk [00:21:57].


Steph Clay: [crosstalk [00:21:57], what kind of shirts, are they women shirts, are they men shirts, are they just regular shirts, do you have options? [crosstalk [00:22:06].


Heather W.: I think there were options, she has it … yeah. She has it open now so you can check how to get back, open it. I’m trying to remember now when I-


Steph Clay: What you got?


Heather W.: Yeah. I just it, it just got here last week. I remember sending it to Tanya like, “Look at my cute shirt.”


Steph Clay: That’s really cute. It says they are Bella + Canvas unisex T-shirts and they’re soft, yeah? They look like [crosstalk [00:22:33].


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, Bella is really good quality, it’s a really soft, good quality brand.


Steph Clay: Yeah, they look nice. I like the way you choose the color and stuff, that’s awesome.


Tanya Hickman: That is, yeah.


Heather W.: Yeah because I … She has it through her site but she also had an Etsy store and I got it through Etsy. She said it was the theme thing but yeah … You can pick all different colors, like I said, pink. They don’t just have it in pink but I’m all about pink. It will match my pink ears that I was just talking about.


Steph Clay: Perfect. They’re about $25, that looks like 25, 27.


Tanya Hickman: I see on her Instagram page, she has those Apple watch covers.


Steph Clay: Maybe the partner. Okay, my second pick. I’m going to go with Sparkly Ever After, her shirts because when I posted … I had one of her shirts when I was in Disney world in April and I had lots of people asking me where to get the Have a Magical Day shirt. Super, super cute and that’s where I got it, at the Sparkly every after shop.


Heather W.: She’s getting married today.


Steph Clay: I know, yes. The [crosstalk [00:23:55].


Heather W.: [crosstalk [00:23:55] sign a few pictures.


Steph Clay: I know. She’s been on this show before and all of us are friends with Nicole, I consider her a friend. Yeah, she’s getting married today, which is so exciting, she and Jim, yay!


Heather W.: If you saw Mulch, Sweat and Shears, that’s what he’s from.


Steph Clay: Yes. That’s how they met. Then Nicole is @sparklynicole too if you want to follow her so that you can check out her wedding.


Heather W.: I think she has her site per shot down for the moment while she’s-


Steph Clay: Getting married. By the time this goes up, it might be close to being [crosstalk [00:24:34].


Heather W.: Well she had some health issues so like … yeah. She’s getting better,  it’s good but I know she [inaudible [00:24:42] a little bit but yeah, hopefully after the wedding and she’ll feel better, she’ll-


Steph Clay: She’ll be feeling better, yes. She hurt her neck, she had an accident in Target and hurt her neck. Slowly but surely recovering, it’s so hard when you have health stuff come up, it’s never predictable and it’s never fun.


Heather W.: Yep.


Steph Clay: Okay-


Heather W.: You’re like the walking wounded here.


Steph Clay: Yes. We all kind of have … well maybe not Tanya. Okay, Heather and I both have stuff going on.


Tanya Hickman: No, to be fair, I just went to the dentist yesterday and I have to have a bone graft done so I’m going to be down in [inaudible [00:25:18] like a month with no eating.


Steph Clay: Yikes, I ‘m sorry.


Tanya Hickman: Yay, welcome to the club.


Steph Clay: I’m so sorry.


Tanya Hickman: Getting old sucks.


Steph Clay: Doesn’t it? True.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah.


Steph Clay: Okay Tanya, back to you.


Tanya Hickman: Yes. My next one is photography account from somebody that Heather and I met when we were in Paris. His name is Kazuki and he lives in Japan and his Instagram is Toondaysjp. Super, super nice guy and he is always at Tokyo Disney and he takes really good photos. I follow not too many straight up photo accounts where it’s just photos but if I ever want to know what’s going on at Tokyo Disney, I just look at Kazuki’s photos because they’re excellent.


Steph Clay: Can you spell that for us because I couldn’t find it.


Tanya Hickman: T-O-O-N-D-A-Y-S-J-P.


Steph Clay: Found it, thank you. Wow.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah.


Steph Clay: Yeah, that’s a good one.


Tanya Hickman: He’s really, really nice, yeah. He’s nice, takes great photos and sometimes you just need some good photos in your feed.


Steph Clay: Well, especially Disney.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, especially.


Steph Clay: Okay, Heather.


Heather W.: My next one is Francis Dominic who if you’re on Disney Instagram, you probably follow him and if you don’t, you need to be. He is just joy, I can’t even explain it in words but he’s just always happy and just putting love out there. I always smile when I see his pictures. I first started following him when he was a CP at Disney World and now he works at Disney Land but … he goes to Aulani and everything like that. He is just always posting pictures, he has great pictures but he is just … I’ve met him several times and he is the nicest guys, he’s like you would expect him to be. I can’t say enough good things about him, he’s just so nice. His pictures are great.


Tanya Hickman: He’s really nice.


Steph Clay: Good.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, he’s really nice.


Steph Clay: Tell me his user name again, sorry, I got lost in that other one that-


Heather W.: Francis, it’s F-R-N-C-I-S-S D-O-M-I-N-C.


Steph Clay: Yeah, okay, let me see it.


Heather W.: Frnciss, yeah.


Tanya Hickman: He’s always on top of new stuff that comes out in the [crosstalk [00:28:07] too.


Steph Clay: Okay, yes. I was on his account yesterday because he’s got the cutest Halloween ears to be posted, the sparkly ones. It looks like they’re Disney Park ones because there was a tag on them.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, those are-


Heather W.: Yeah they are. They have two new ones for the Halloween and they both look cute and so.


Steph Clay: Super cute but those hurt my head [crosstalk [00:28:28].


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, I can’t with Disney Park ears. They used to be good, I have pair of rutty, old black sequined ones that I wore forever because they were so comfortable and I refused to go to the new style when they changed them. Then I finally gave in and I was able to wear them for about 20 minutes. They’re just so tight.


Steph Clay: Yeah, they are. He also has pictures posted of the cute, new Halloween light-up ears, so cute. The light-up ears don’t bother me as bad, I have some of those that I got when the Main Street Electrical Parade went back. I got those light up ears and they don’t bother me as bad as the regular ones do, which is interesting because they’re super hard and plastic and-


Tanya Hickman: That is weird.


Steph Clay: They’re not as tight and so it doesn’t fill like my head’s in a vice like the other ones do.


Heather W.: Yeah.


Steph Clay: Great account. Okay, back to me, right?


Tanya Hickman: Yes.


Steph Clay: Since we’re all on the photography theme, I’ll stick with that and share Sarah Bricker because … yeah and the reason that I like her is because she’s iPhone only, which is great because that’s how I am too. I love her account and I love … her husband, Tom, of course too is an amazing photographer and they blog at I really Sarah’s account because she’s iPhone and she has really great photos as well.


Tanya Hickman: She’s really, really nice.


Steph Clay: Yeah, she’s so sweet, they both are really nice and living my Disney dream life.


Tanya Hickman: Right?


Steph Clay: I know, totally.


Tanya Hickman: With cute photos and yep.


Steph Clay: Yep. Okay, Tanya.


Tanya Hickman: Yes. My next one is, type this in, hsa_designs.


Steph Clay: Okay … no … yeah, they pulled it up for me, good.


Tanya Hickman: They make ear holders.


Steph Clay: Look at that, how smart of them.


Tanya Hickman: I don’t have one yet but I’m going to have to see … with my ears right now, I have managed to sneak them into a drawer at my mom's house near Disney Land so I don’t even have them at home. I just conveniently leave them there for when I need them. I might have to cave in and eventually get one of these because the drawers in the empty room are overflowing. Yes, I think these are super cute, storing ears is always an issue because they’re awkward and they’re in the way. I’ve seen some really cute ways of displaying them on walls and stuff like that but I don’t know if my mom necessarily wants me putting pins in the wall to hold my ears.


These ones are cute because first of all, they’re Mickey shaped, they look like they hold at least … how many of this do you have in this photo, 12 ears on one thing and they just came up with a design that can be put on a wall, hang on a wall so that’s kind of-


Steph Clay: Yeah, like a shelf kind of.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah and I think if I remember correctly that you choose the colors, you choose the fabric of the actual holder and I feel like they do giveaways and stuff too.


Steph Clay: Yeah, they’re on break right now, it looks like you can … if you follow the link in their profile then you can tap on that “email me” when they are back and then you give a notification, which is so nice.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, these are really cute. It’s one of those things that I’m going to bite the bullet eventually but until then, I follow them and I just stare at them.


Heather W.: Yeah, there is something else you had like an ear holder thing and I was going to get them and then the shipping was so much money that by the time you added that in, it was almost $100 and I’m like, “No.”


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, Shipping can be such a pain.


Heather W.: Yeah. I need to do something too with my ears because I … yeah. We were just talking … I don’t have anywhere else to put them, I have them at home. They were just in things and everywhere. I need something to [inaudible [00:32:39] for that.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, that was [crosstalk [00:32:42].


Steph Clay: Yeah, great idea. Okay, Heather.


Heather W.: Okay, I’m trying to figure out [inaudible [00:32:48] next to what I had done. When we decided to go to Paris and so then I started following a bunch of different Paris accounts like I have a couple on here. One of the ones that I follow is Disney_xo_paris and it’s underscore between each thing, disney_xo_paris. I like them because they go to the Innoventions brunch with the different themed characters every week so they go there a lot. Every week I always try to see who they had even though I’m not there, I’d like to know what the theme was and see pictures of the really cute outfits and everything. They tend to be there a lot because they’re a passholder at Disneyland Paris and they have other great pictures too like charcterwise but that’s a big reason I follow them.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, it’s always fun to see. Every Sunday rolls around and I’m like, “Who is at brunch today?” That different themed branch is amazing.


Steph Clay: How fun.


Heather W.: [inaudible [00:33:48] with Mary Poppins.


Steph Clay: So cute. That’s fun, super cute.


Tanya Hickman: I’m literally still dying over when Mickey and Minnie were dressed in Parisian outfits. Meeting them in Parisian outfits in Paris is like hitting them, jackpot.


Steph Clay: Yeah, that’s a lottery right there, so cool. Okay, my next one, I’m going to go with the Main Street press.


Tanya Hickman: Okay, yes.


Steph Clay: Yeah, I really love their shirts and especially because it’s hard to find shirts for Animal Kingdom that are cute, not animal print. If you like animal print, more power to you but I can’t pull it off. I really like their Harambe shirt a lot.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, they’re cute.


Steph Clay: They have some super cute shirts so yeah, that’s that one, especially the Harambe-


Tanya Hickman: It’s so funny how all of these accounts mix in together like they also have pictures with the candle and with the bracelets and [inaudible [00:35:00], it’s funny.


Heather W.: That’s why I think you follow somebody and you’ll see something else then you start following them [crosstalk [00:35:06].


Tanya Hickman: Yeah. Definitely chain reaction.


Steph Clay: It is, isn’t it?


Heather W.: [inaudible [00:35:11] find the ones that I can’t remember I follow, like when I put it in I’m like, “Yeah, I’m following them.”


Tanya Hickman: Yeah. Well because with Instagram, the way you see posts now, I forget I follow half these people because they don’t [inaudible [00:35:25].


Steph Clay: It’s the truth, right? Yeah, totally the truth. I’ve gone in because I’ve been reminded about them for something and I’ve gone in and searched and like, “Well, I haven’t seen anything of theirs, am I still following them? Yep still following them but just don’t see their stuff anymore.” A lot of it is the way Instagram/Facebook is moving to the pay to play platform for businesses and brands so you don’t see that stuff as much because they want them to pay in order for you to see it, which stinks.


Tanya Hickman: I don’t like it.


Steph Clay: I don’t like it either. Okay, Tanya, back to you.


Tanya Hickman: Me. Okay, my next one is original_funko. Funko is the company that makes pops, the pop figurines.


Steph Clay: Yeah, Funko pops.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, Funko pops. I am mentioning this one, A, because they always announce when they have new Disney pops coming out but they also are the ones that do the new Disney treasure subscription box, which I get and I love.


Steph Clay: Really?


Tanya Hickman: Yes. Well I collect pops for one, I have a lot of pops. This subscription box is right up my alley as far as the Disney one goes. Everything in the box … it comes with almost the same things every time like you get a pop, you get a … there are other figurine, they’re called Dorbz. You get a Dorbz ride so it’s like the bigger version of their Dorbz and you get a special tin that has another one of their figurines in it. I forget what those things are called, they’re called rock candy or something like that and they’re just Disney themed and they’re all exclusive to the box, you can’t buy them anywhere else-


Steph Clay: Really? How fun.


Tanya Hickman: Which I love.


Steph Clay: Yeah.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, it’s like in every other month’s subscription and I squealed, full on squealed when I opened the box this month because everybody should have it now so this shouldn’t be a spoiler. The Dorbz ride that was in it, it’s always a figurine or two and then it comes in a vehicle of some sort. I just ordered one from the BoxLunch website, that’s Aladdin and Abu and they’re on a magic carpet, it’s really cute. The one that came in the subscription box was It’s a Small World ride boat with the little Mexico boy and the little Dutch girl in in. My Gosh, I was so excited because I had no idea that was coming because I’ve never seen it before because they’re exclusive to those boxes.


Steph Clay: That’s so cool.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah. It was so cute and it looks so cute because it looks like me and Chris in the little boat.


Steph Clay: How much is this subscription?


Tanya Hickman: I want to say this one’s $40 every other month, I think that’s how much, I’m going to have to confirm that somewhere, where do I confirm that, [crosstalk [00:38:29].


Steph Clay: Tell me their Instagram again.


Tanya Hickman: Original_funko, F-U-N-K-O.


Steph Clay: Okay. Yeah, confirm that price. That’s so fun.


Tanya Hickman: Yes, no, I really, really like that one. I get a number of subscription boxes to where it’s almost sad but that one is-


Steph Clay: I love them.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, I do too. That always makes me really happy when it comes in because I really don’t know what’s coming in that one, so it’s always fun.


Steph Clay: Super fun. At the end of the month, do they post photos on what …?


Tanya Hickman: Probably like halfway through the month, I’m pretty sure it’s before I even my actual box. When a box comes in, you actually get … it’s like a little map inside and it tells you what the theme is, the different themes are and then it shows almost like a treasure map, like a trail. I could see what next month’s theme … the next month is going to be because it’s Halloween time and it’s like haunted forest or something like that. Then on that map is also an outline of what the actual pop figurine is going to be, just an outlook. They always show you that ahead of time like I can see that I’m pretty sure it’s going to be Maleficent dragon but I don’t know what else is going to be in the box. They do unboxing videos probably about halfway through the month so I just steer clear of them. They send email saying, “Here’s the video if you want to see what’s in it so I just don’t look.


Steph Clay: Right. [crosstalk [00:40:07]


Tanya Hickman: I’m always surprised. I always manage to not see what it is so that’s always fun.


Steph Clay: Yeah, for sure, that’s super fun. Okay, Heather. We’ll talk subscription boxes after we’re done recording because I want to hear all the ones you subscribe to. Heather, go ahead.


Heather W.: My next one is also another Disneyland in Paris one and it’s Naomi_bso. She’s a Disneyland Paris passholder, she goes a ton, she has a lot of character pictures-


Tanya Hickman: She’s like the Francis Dominic of Paris, that’s what she reminds me of.


Heather W.: Yeah. She posts a lot of character pictures and pictures of the show, if you listen to our power show, you know how obsessed I am with the princess show.


Tanya Hickman: She’s adorable.


Heather W.: I think she was the first, even before we went to Paris, she was the first account I found for Paris that I followed so I love following her. She also, again, with her stories, when she’s there, she has a ton and I love following her, I totally recommend it.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, she has some good photos and stuff.


Steph Clay: So cute. Okay, back to mine. I am going to pick … let’s go with this one.


Tanya Hickman: Wait, pause for one second, I found how much that Disney treasures box was.


Steph Clay: Okay, yeah.


Tanya Hickman: It’s $35. I think it’s $30 and then $5 shipping maybe or something like that but I’m looking at my bank account right now and it’s $35 every other month.


Steph Clay: Okay. That’s a great way to figure it out, huh?


Tanya Hickman: Yeah.


Steph Clay: Perfect. Okay, I’m going to pick studio1995 and this is Carol’s account. The reason that I-


Tanya Hickman: 55.


Steph Clay: What did I say?


Tanya Hickman: 95.


Steph Clay: Thank you, it does not make any sense at all, does it? Yeah.


Tanya Hickman: That’s a random year.


Steph Clay: Yeah. Studio 1955, yikes. Thank you for clarifying that. She has an Etsy shop as well and she has a couple of really cute things that you want to pay attention to. The first one is a passholder, adorable. Retro passholder pin and they’re also available in shirts and mugs.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, that’s really cute.


Steph Clay: Yeah. you can have it customized, all of these passholder things so that it says, “Passholder entering the magic or underneath,” or you can say, “Passholder since and put your year that you’ve been a purse holder since.” She also has a very cute passport. If you’re going to Disney-


Heather W.: I have that.


Steph Clay: Do you?


Heather W.: Yeah, the [inaudible [00:42:50] one and I think I didn’t get a chance to use it. It’s for Epcot and it has … you know they have like that passport thing there you can buy, this is like a thousand times better.


Steph Clay: So much better.


Heather W.: There’s so much stuff inside and I got it before my last trip in July and it was just because of my phone, I wasn’t able to be in the parks that much at all so I didn’t get to use it but I’m definitely bringing it with me this time and using it. It is so cool. Even when I put it on my story, when I got it and I got several responses like, “Wow, that’s so cool.”


Steph Clay: Yeah. I really wanted to get one for my daughter before we went to Disney World and I just didn’t get my … put together soon enough to have one shipped to me. It’s so cute, it’s a spiral bound, no book and it has stickers and all kinds of pins and buttons and so cute. Then what you do with it, in case people aren’t familiar with what you use the passport for, when you go to Epcot, they have stations in each of the countries around world showcase where you can go in and have your passport stamped by a someone sitting there, inside the country. They’ll stamp it and then they usually write a cute, little message in their language as well. It’s so fun and so this an adorable keepsake that you’ll want to have forever.


Tanya Hickman: This is something that Capturing Magic fans are going to want because it also gives you a checklist of photo ops in that pavilion like …


Steph Clay: I did not know that.


Tanya Hickman: Yes. There’s like a checklist … I’m looking at the Japan one right now and it has a checklist of six different photo ops you could check off. What the weather was that day, how you’re feeling, different ways of saying different … I love this, this is so fun.


Heather W.: Yeah. Everything I was going to say and then you keep saying [crosstalk [00:44:39].


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, sorry.


Heather W.: No, just like, “Keep saying, it’s good. I hope the …” yeah because if I … It’s funny, I would have brought it here to look and see everything that’s in it but yeah, it has … that’s why I’m saying, when you get the one there, I think they pretty much have something like a stamp and then they could write something. This has just so much more in like you said, the different photo ops and then there’s the stickers and there’s just … I think it’s something you can do across the trip, across multiple trips, thinking even like you need to go from food and wine and probably even more extra stuff you can-


Tanya Hickman: It’s especially good for kids because I’m not going to lie, some of those pavilions can probably be pretty boring for small children. There’s stuff to see but there’s not always stuff to do and this gives them something to do in those smaller, less kid friendly pavilions.


Steph Clay: My kids have always loved Epcot but when we did this with my daughter, how old was she then? I think she would have been eight when we did this with her … not this past trip bit before that. She really loved it and it gave her something to look forward to going to each pavilion although going a snack from each pavilion is something to look forward to. My kids really like as well because that … we don’t drink around the world, we eat around the world.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, as you should.


Steph Clay: Yeah.


Heather W.: She even has stuff about the real country so like [crosstalk [00:46:04] … yeah, so …


Tanya Hickman: Awesome.


Steph Clay: Yeah, it’s super fabulous, such a great thing. For sure, go pick that up. It’s not that expensive, I think it was $17, which is a great price point-


Tanya Hickman: That is a great price.


Steph Clay: Well worth it.


Heather W.: It’s really well put together, it’s not like a flimsy thing, it’s something that’s hold up throughout a trip and for afterwards as a good keep sake.


Steph Clay: Yes, and you could probably even … it would hold up for multiple trips too but if you don’t get all of the countries [stilled [00:46:42], which sometimes that’s a problem because things come up, someone needs to go to the bathroom or whatever. We’ve had that happen where we haven’t been able to get all the pictures that we wanted or whatever. It would be great to have for multiple trips, it would work. If you’re a planner person as well, she has printable planner stuff in there that’s Disney themed too. Check her out, studio1955. Carol has been a friend of the show since the very beginning.


Tanya Hickman: Yes.


Heather W.: From [inaudible [00:47:15], scrap booker and we just had the scrap book marathon and I got 11 layouts done in the weekend, which is probably more than I’ve done the whole year and yeah.


Steph Clay: They do that twice a year, yeah? Once a year or twice a year?


Heather W.: Like once a year but-


Steph Clay: They just started a new thing.


Heather W.: Started doing it … yeah, it’s called second Saturdays speed scraps so the second Saturday of every month, there’s going to be a mini speed scrap marathon so it’s like three different speed scraps, basically just challenges and they’re way longer than a normal speed scrap. It’s like you have the whole day and it’s just a way to get a way out then and there is a chat so you can talk to people, that’s always the most fun too. It’s really been helping me to get things starting to be documented and whatever because I’ve gotten a bunch of layouts, especially from my cruise trip, which is what the main thing I want to work on. Definitely come check it out, it’s all kinds of inspiration for whatever you want to scrap Disneywise because the way it’s organized, you can find … You want a small world layout from Disneyland, you could find that easily it’s so great.


Steph Clay: Yeah, it’s a great motivation, they have challenges and themes and all kinds of great stuff. Okay, Tanya, back to you.


Tanya Hickman: Yes. My next one is a friend of mine. He has two Disney accounts, he has like five Instagram accounts but his name is Andy and I don’t know if you remember … he posts great photos. Park [inaudible [00:49:05] photographer is one and Disneyland with me is his other account. I don’t think he ever posts the same photos on both accounts, they’re both different, he just juggles between the two with different photos. A couple … what trip was it, maybe January, I forget what trip it is. The photo of my Disney UGG boots that I posted on Instagram, I ran into him in the park and I had been struggling all day to get a photo of these shoes. I wore them all day because I wanted to get a cute photo of these stinking UGG boots and I ran into him as we were leaving. He was taking pictures of … he was in the [inaudible [00:49:41] taking pictures of now closed California adventure, just the sign and stuff outside.


I was like, “Hey …” I was like, “Can you snap a picture of these shoes real quick. My mom is not the best at taking the pictures.” He’s like, “Yeah, sure.” He took my camera, not his camera, my camera, sat it on the ground, turned on the flashlight on his iPhone and took the best photo I’ve ever in my life seen. I was like, “Are you kidding me with this photo right now? I’ve been trying all day to get a decent shot of these stinking shoes.” He … let me pull it up. He’s a really nice guy and he takes really, really great photos. He posts at least a couple a day I would say. He uses a good camera but some of these bounce between iPhone photos too.


Heather W.: He took that really cool picture, didn’t he? Of your iPhone, taking a picture-


Tanya Hickman: Yes, when we were watching the parade, yeah.


Heather W.: Yeah, taking a picture of a float during Paint the Night and he saw your iPhone case at the ears and [crosstalk [00:50:49].


Tanya Hickman: Yes. Yeah, he catches different angles and stuff and ones that you would never really think to take, which is really cool.


Steph Clay: Very creative.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah.


Heather W.: Yeah, I always love reflection pictures and that kind of stuff. I always go like, “Get off,” I get all excited when I can take it myself but I love seeing those and he always has a really cool-


Tanya Hickman: Reflection for everything.


Heather W.: After the rain and yeah.


Tanya Hickman: He lives in San Diego, he doesn’t even live close to Disneyland but if it’s going to rain that day, he is in the car all the way to Disneyland because he knows that is reflection photo day.


Steph Clay: That’s really awesome.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah and he’s really, really nice and he just takes gorgeous photos.


Steph Clay: Yeah, great.


Tanya Hickman: Two separate accounts so I’ll make sure to list both of those.


Steph Clay: Perfect. Okay, Heather?


Heather W.: My next one is … okay, I have this little story about this but when I was flying back from Disneyland last time I was there in November and it was a read eye. It’s like everybody was sleeping and I wanted some water so I went to the back to ask the flight attendant for some water. I was wearing my Disney cruise hoodie and she loved it and we started talking and she’s a huge Disney fan, she’s also a runner so we were talking about that because she does run Disney races. Long story short, we became friends, she’s the nicest person, her name is Brianne and she has an account because she’s a flight attendant and her boyfriend is a flight attendant.


They have one called Plain Crazy Travels and it’s mostly Disney because when they’re flying they’ll either have a layover there or they’ll go there like just for the day or something. They also go to Tokyo Disney, they’ve been so they have a lot of pictures from that. It’s not like it’s all Disney but it’s mostly Disney because she loves Disney. She’s like the nicest person. When I was going to Paris and I was so worried about the flight because I had never done an international flight before, I’d never done a flight anywhere near that long. She and her boyfriend actually came to the airport on their day off just to hang out with me while I waited for the flight [inaudible [00:53:19]. It’s the nicest thing I think they could have done. They were so nice and so she’s a total sweetheart and she has great pictures-


Steph Clay: Yeah, super fun.


Heather W.: She’s definitely I think a really fun account. If you’re flying on the Philly to … she does other ones but this was Philly to L.A. on American [inaudible [00:53:40], she’s really nice.


Steph Clay: Yeah, she’s got some great photos there. This is fun.


Heather W.: It’s funny because I … it was [inaudible [00:53:50] half hour or so but we just stood there talking to each other because like I said, everybody was sleeping, I can’t sleep on planes. I was just like, “I wish I came here earlier.” She’s like, “I know, me too.” She was all excited because she met another Disney fan and she did the races in January and she was there and she actually was volunteering so I saw her when she was giving out water and stuff and she’s doing wine and dine. I was like, we’re friends because it’s all the same things. It’s one of those weird things that you just randomly find somebody and then you become friends.


Steph Clay: You instantly connect, yeah.


Heather W.: Yeah.


Steph Clay: Like you’re long, lost friends, right? Okay, my turn. I … let me see, which one should I do? Okay, we’re going to do one more round after this so you all know, your next one needs to be your best and final.


Tanya Hickman: Okay.


Steph Clay: Best and final answer. I am going to go with, because we have to do it and Grammers Guide without the walls of Disney. I’m picking the walls of Disney, which it’s so interesting to me that it’s a thing.


Tanya Hickman: It is.


Steph Clay: I was late knowing that it was a thing, I think Heather was the one that told me it was thing. The walls of Disney, it’s an account and there are some great walls in Disney to do photos with, for real.


Heather W.: Yeah. If there’s a wall, there exists and account for that one specifically too but this one does all of them. There’s actually one for Disneyland Paris that she just started … someone I know and she just started it like a day or two ago, walls of Disneyland Paris too.


Steph Clay: I think I saw that one when I was searching for this one too. Yeah, super fun, cute things so check out the walls of Disney and you’ll see walls. What I’ve been doing, I’m like, “Yeah, that, I’ve seen that wall and how cute. I should have done photos there.” Great ideas for photo slots. Okay, Tanya.


Tanya Hickman: Which one to choose, let’s go with Jeff Granito Designs.


Steph Clay: Okay.


Tanya Hickman: Yes, we’re going to go with Jeff Granito. Jeff Granito is probably my favorite Disney artist recently … well, not even recently, in the past couple of years. [inaudible [00:56:37] all the stuff at WonderGround but you have seen it on so much merchandise in the parks, so much merchandise. Trying to think-


Steph Clay: Can you spell it for me?


Tanya Hickman: Yes. J-E-F-F G-R-A-N-I-T-O designs.


Steph Clay: Okay.


Tanya Hickman: You will know it the moment you see his stuff.


Steph Clay: I’m positive I will.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah.


Steph Clay: It’s just taking a long time because my internet stinks because I’ve got to turn my internet off on my phone.


Tanya Hickman: All the AP Days merchandise is all his designs, the new [crosstalk [00:57:18] stuff.


Steph Clay: Yeah, totally.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah. he makes tons of merchandise for Disney. He sells his stuff at WonderGround and all that stuff but then you’ll see normal merch like I didn’t realize the candlelight-


Steph Clay: Sure, yeah, [crosstalk [00:57:34].


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, the candlelight processional shirt I had from seven years ago or something was him. The very first Mickey’s Halloween  party shirt I had was from him and stuff that I didn’t even realize he made.


Steph Clay: For sure, yeah. He’s done tons of posters, tons of recognizable stuff.


Tanya Hickman: He does the cups, the cups you drink out of at Disneyland, those are all him. The popcorn buckets, yeah. He has a ton of designs, he did the 45th anniversary of the Magic Kingdom design.


Steph Clay: He probably did my cute Main Street Electrical Parade ears too because it looks like the popcorn bucket.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah. I love his work and you just don’t realize how often you see it everywhere. You don’t realize that it’s … Actually now I can spot his stuff like a mile away because I’m so used to it but yeah, I love his stuff.


Steph Clay: Super cute.


Tanya Hickman: I have quite a few favorite Disney artists but he’s definitely at the top of my list.


Steph Clay: iPhone cases, yeah, there’s tons of stuff here, holy cow!


Tanya Hickman: All the 60th … During the 60th anniversary when they did all the … I’m trying to figure out what they were calling them, where they did all the decade stuff, when they released the … he did all that.


Steph Clay: It’s incredible.


Tanya Hickman: The new Club 33 logo, that’s him.


Steph Clay: Wow.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, so much stuff.


Steph Clay: He is all over the place. Good for him.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, it’s awesome. They picked a good one.


Steph Clay: Yeah, good for him. Yeah, those-


Tanya Hickman: I’ve actually met him before. I went to a signing and he is very, very nice, very nice.


Steph Clay: Even better.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah.


Steph Clay: Yeah. His work is really cool, thanks for sharing that one. Okay, Heather.


Heather W.: You changed my mind, which one [inaudible [00:59:50] because my last one. I’ll go with [Mass [00:59:54] Steps. I think there’s a lot of Disney News blogs but I really like her, she’s honest. I’ve seen them say, “This things isn’t the best thing ever,” type of thing. I met her a couple of times, she’s nice so that’s mass steps, they do a lot of reviews and stuff, videos, they have great videos of things.


Tanya Hickman: Good information.


Steph Clay: Great photos, lots of [crosstalk [01:00:23], oh my Goodness.


Heather W.: Yeah. They cover everything and they go right away when things open and everything. I think that’s one of those good news ones to follow.


Steph Clay: Okay, great. I am following them now, thank you. Okay, my last one is going to be the Walt Disney Family Museum. Yay! Yeah. It’s a [inaudible [01:00:55].


Tanya Hickman: Yes.


Steph Clay: Yeah. It’s super fun, they post pictures and little bits of information from the history and then also events and stuff that they have going on but I really like looking at the old stuff that they are posting and I’m learning about it a little bit. Those of us that don’t get to or have never been to the museum, it’s like little bits of the museum in your Instagram account. It’s WDF museum is what they are.


Tanya Hickman: Yes. If you’re a Disney fan and haven’t been to that Museum, you should try to eventually.


Steph Clay: It’s on my list.


Tanya Hickman: Yeah, it’s definitely worth going.


Steph Clay: The problem is I had no idea that it was up there because I haven’t been there in a really long time. When I was there, I wasn’t as into Disney as I am, the last time I was up there, I think it was 15 years ago. The last time I was in San Francisco. That’s a long time ago. Okay, all right. Thank you so much for sharing all of these fun Instagram accounts. I think we have to do this one again.


Tanya Hickman: Yes.


Steph Clay: [inaudible [01:02:12] road.


Heather W.: Yeah, I still have five more I could have mentioned and that was just some of my offhand type of thing.


Steph Clay: Yes, your quick, not deep looking, right? Yeah, perfect. If you have favorite Instagram accounts that you would like to share, we would love to hear about them, so come post in the show notes or leave us a note on social media somewhere and share your favorite Disney Instagram accounts to follow as well. We would love to find more. That’s fun, is to be able to find ones that we haven’t heard of before and be able to get a little more Disney in our day.


Tanya Hickman: We love hearing of finding new Instagram accounts so send us all your Instagram accounts.


Steph Clay: Yes, send us all the links. Okay. Tanya, will you remind everyone where they can find you?


Tanya Hickman: Yes, you could find at and tanyah666 on all social media.


Steph Clay: And Heather?


Heather W.: My character site is and on social media, I’m heatherw25 and my Facebook character page is I Love Characters.


Steph Clay: Perfect. You can also find me, besides at Capturing Magic, you can find me at, Modern Photo Solutions on social media as well and … let’s see, my class is … will it be at [inaudible [01:03:41] open by the time this goes up? Yeah, registration will be open for the Heart of Photofabulous class. It’s only open for about a week, just over a week and then it closes again. In that class, you learn everything that you need to know about cloud, about backing up your photos from your device and about doing something with your photos. You can actually get something done with your Disney photos and all of that is done directly on your phone.


There is an android version of the class and the android version of the class was actually created for android, on an android device. It’s not an Apple class that has notes, it’s about how to modify it for Android users because there’s a huge different process, different apps, everything for android. There’s an android version as well as an iOS version. Along with the purchase of a class comes access to a private face-to-face group where you can see other people’s pages and as questions from me as well. Be sure to check that out, I believe is the best way to get there, the quickest way to get there, or you can just go to and then click on classes and that will take you there too. Okay.


Tanya Hickman: Sounds good.


Steph Clay: I think that’s everything. Yay! Okay, have a great day, thank you for spending part of your day with us and letting us share in some of the Disney magic that we enjoy. Thank you for joining us and being here, we really appreciate it. We would also love it if you would leave us a review in iTunes and we would love it if you would share this show with some of your Disney loving friends as well. That helps us keep going, the more people we have listening, the better it is for us and we really appreciate it. It makes it more discoverable in iTunes. Thank you, again, we really appreciate it and we’ll see you next time on Capturing Magic.