Magical Birthday Celebrations – Part 2

Magical Birthday Celebrations Part 2 -

In our last post we talked about Magical Birthday Celebrations at Disney, including Birthday buttons, room decorations and birthday cakes. We also shared some celebration printables designed by Kris [link] to create your own birthday magic. Today I'll give you some more birthday ideas and new printables.

Cards and Presents

Naturally, it wouldn't be a birthday without presents. For my son's 8th birthday, which was also his first  trip ever, we went the easy (but more expensive) route. We ordered a Jedi Mickey gift basket from Disney Floral & Gifts and had it delivered to the room.

Jedi Mickey Basket - Magical Birthday Celebrations -

These gifts aren't cheap, starting at about $45, but they are very easy and quite nice. If you really want to go all out, they even offer full packages, complete with door sash, singing balloons and everything you need to celebrate.

My son's second birthday trip fell exactly on his 9th birthday, so we had a surprise party with a pile of presents, some from family and some “from Mickey”.

Surprise Party - Magical Birthday Celebrations -

Disney-themed gift wrap and gift bags are readily available; I've found them at Michaels, Target, Big Lots and various other stores. I also personalized some of the Disney presents with a card “from Mickey”.

Birthday Card from Mickey - Magical Birthday Celebrations -

Another option is to let the birthday child choose his or her own gift. On our first trip, we let my son choose his own gift from the shops in Magic Kingdom. On the second trip, we chose most of the gifts ourselves, but we gave him some options by providing homemade “coupons” for certain items.

Birthday Coupon - Magical Birthday Celebrations -

Disney gift cards are also a good way to let kids choose within a clear dollar limit.

The printables I used were from the wonderful DISigners at, but our own Capturing Magic designer, Krisi, has made more printables for your own magical celebrations.

Birthday Printables Set 2 - Magical Birthday Celebrations -

This set includes a birthday card, a generic card and boy/girl door hangers. Download Birthday Printables Set 2 HERE.

Birthday Photos

Of course, capturing photos of your birthday celebration is a must. If you're using Disney's Photopass service, look for the celebration borders when editing your photos. This is an easy way to add extra magic to your birthday souvenirs.

Happy Birthday Photopass - Magical Birthday Celebrations -

I'm Celebrating Photopass - Magical Birthday Celebrations -

Extra Birthday Pixie Dust

In our last post I talked about some of the birthday pixie dust our family has created or received but I saved the biggest birthday surprise for last. On the second trip for my son's birthday, after his surprise party [link] we spent the day at Epcot Food and Wine festival. This was a short trip, only three days, and we had planned to spend it all in Epcot. My son is as much a foodie as the rest of the family, so he was fine with that plan. Late in the afternoon on his 9th birthday, our last day, he received one final surprise. For this one, we enlisted a Cast Member to walk up and hand him a message. 

Mickey Surprise Note - Magical Birthday Celebrations -

After reading the message we walked back to the hotel. When we got there, there was a different door hanger on the door. He knew something special must have been “delivered” while we were gone. Inside, he found the bed covered with Halloween costumes and a note.

Halloween Party Surprise - Magical Birthday Celebrations -

Halloween Party Surprise Note - Magical Birthday Celebrations -

He spent the whole night telling Cast Members and guests that Mickey had invited him to the Halloween Party to celebrate his birthday.

Buzz Costume - Magical Birthday Celebrations -

It will be hard to top that one as the best birthday party ever, but I keep trying new things. On the mother-son trip for his 11th birthday, we stayed offsite, so I got creative with Our Pirate Day. We also had some unexpected pixie dust that made the day really special.

It was late afternoon and we all wanted a treat. My parents and I had decided on Nutella waffles from Sleepy Hollow, but my son wanted a candy apple. We went into the Main Street Confectionary shop in search of just the right apple, but none of the standard apples that we saw were quite what he was looking for, so he asked a Cast Member for help. First, the Cast Member saw his birthday button and gave him a Mickey Lollipop. Then, as my son explained his dilemma, he went a step further. The next thing I know, the Cast Members were crafting a customized apple just for him.

Candy Apple Pixie Dust Collage - Magical Birthday Celebrations -

This extra kindness from these Cast Members really helped make this birthday magical. To be clear, I paid for the apple; it was the customization and the wonderful assistance of the Cast Members that was the pixie dust. There are no guarantees when it comes to pixie dust; it's the unexpectedness of it that makes it so special. But if there is something that the Cast Members can do to make your birthday celebration extra special, it never hurts to ask. Politely, of course. Though if you really want to go all out and insure some spectacular pixie dust, Disney hosts birthday parties at Goofy's Candy Co. in Downtown Disney. Call 407-WDW-BDAY to book.

The ideas for celebrating birthdays at Disney are endless, and just as the Disney Celebration buttons cover more than just birthdays, these ideas can be extended for other celebrations as well. What have you celebrated at Disney? Share some of your celebration ideas here.

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