Making a Fast Disney Photo Book

After taking a last minute trip to Disneyland in October, I knew I wanted to make a photo book. Since I had read Tanya's post about the adorable Adorama book she made with her Instagram pictures, I thought about going that route. But this was the first trip where I used my Eye-Fi card, so most of the pictures I posted to Instagram were from my camera. Instagram saves pictures at low quality, so while transferring them to Adorama is really easy, I wanted to do a larger book than the 6×6 Tanya did and preserve the high quality of my camera pictures. So I decided I would just upload the original pictures I posted, along with a few others I didn't get a chance to post to Instagram, to Adorama instead.

The first thing I did was look through my Instagram feed, choose the pictures I wanted to include in the book, and copy the originals into a folder. To make sure I didn't miss including a picture, I took screencaps of Instagram, and marked in Photoshop when I copied the picture over.

Then I skimmed through all my pictures from the trip and added other pictures I didn't get a chance to post while I was at Disneyland. This included a few more character pictures, some pictures that may have been a bit redundant for my Instagram followers (I post a lot when I'm at Disney!), and some pictures Tanya took and posted during the trip. Since I wanted the book to be organized in chronological order, I sorted the pics by date. Then I renamed them based on the theme of that page or spread. This way, when I uploaded to Adorama, they would already be in order and easy to place in the book.

Adorama has tons of layouts for whatever amount of pictures you want to use. So I was able to pick the layout that matched the number of pictures I wanted to use for a page or spread, and just drag the picture over. On one page I used one picture space, while on another page I used 20! If you want a step by step guide on how to make a book on Adorama, check out Tanya's post.

This is my third Adorama book, and as always, it came out fantastic! So lets just jump into the book!

I love how the cover has a bit of a sheen. I decided to pull 4 pictures that screamed,”this was a Halloween Disneyland trip, and I even stepped off property for a bit!” Like other pages in the book, you can choose however many pictures you want on the cover.

On the back cover, I chose to use one of my favorite pictures from the trip, instead of including it inside the book. I like using a large picture on the back of a photo book, I think it's a nice surprise since a lot of people leave it blank.

Adorama has lots of backgrounds and stickers you can use in your book. I wanted to keep the book clean and simple, but sometimes, I wanted to add a pop of color to the background. So I used a few gradients for the background that went along with the pictures. On the first spread, I made an orange gradient to go along with the Halloween theme. I also decided that I wasn't going to include much text in the book, but I did want to include the date somewhere on the first page for that date. I ended up placing the date on an empty space on a picture, and that worked well throughout the book.

I would have made things easier if each spread had 9 pictures, so I could just use square blocks like they would be seen on Instagram. That usually didn't work out, but on this spread, it worked for half of the spread.

For the second page, I liked having 6 vertical pics, because my character pictures perfectly fit. I also pulled the blue/green color from Ariel's dress to make the gradient background.

If I want to post several pictures on Instagram, I usually will make collages using PicFrame. I used several of these collages throughout the book (I always save them at highest quality, so that worked well for the book.) The collage I used on this page had curved edges, so I decided to round the corners on all the pictures on the spread.

The second page of this spread has 9 smaller pictures, so I figured it was ok to use some lower quality Instagram pictures here. They look great in the printed book!

One thing I love about Adorama is that you don't have to worry about things getting cut off in the binding. On this spread, I have several pictures that extend into the binding.

I posted a ton of pics from Soundsational, so about half of my pictures here are just straight from Instagram

I loved the purple/pink hue on the Mad T Party pictures, so I used that for the gradient background for this spread

This spread started out as two 9 square pictures pages, but I needed a more horizontal picture placement for my picture in Walt's apartment. I was able to resize that picture, along with the more vertical picture next to it, and it worked out perfectly.

I said I didn't want much text in the book, but the way I placed the pictures on this layout gave me a bit of empty space. And this was the perfect set of pictures to include a bit of text.

It looks like I used 4 pictures on the first page of this spread, but it's actually another collage I made. So I was able to just add one pic here, easy!

And here's the 20 pic layout I mentioned. By including the mirror layout, this spread has 40 pictures!

We had such a great time at Disney Studios, so I did want to include a bit of text here.

Disneyland's Instagram account used one of my pictures, so I had to include a screencap of that!

It's time for the Halloween party, so back to the orange gradient! I debated whether I should use the gradient when I was using a collage that had a white background, but I got over that lol.

The spread with all the characters we met at the Halloween party is probably one of my favorites

And I went back to the purple gradient and using collages for the last spread of the Halloween party

The next day at Disneyland it rained. So I used a blue gradient to make those colors pop a bit

And I had to include text about my excitement of catching the Rainy Day Cavalcade at Disneyland!

More rounded corners and collages

We had breakfast at Storybook Café at the Grand Californian, and I felt that it's woodsy feel called for a brown gradient background. I also had to include Tanya's Instagram selfie with Chip, since it's way too cute!

On the final spread I included some pictures of the flight to and from LA (my flight home was delayed hours for no reason, so that had to get in the book), along with the hotel. And then the last page is a bunch of pictures from the trip that I couldn't fit elsewhere in the book. That's usually what I like to do at the end of a photo book. And the very last picture on the page is the “Thank You For Visiting” sign when leaving the park.

And there you have it! I love holding the finished product in my hands. It's always great to get those pictures off your computer!

Heather is an annual passholder that loves coming up with excuses to take a trip to the World. Follow her adventures at Disney on twitter and instagram. Visit her website, I Love Characters, to see pictures of the over 200 characters she's met at Disney World and Disneyland.